15 Websites To Learn Drawing Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Drawing Lessons Online

Learn Drawing Lessons Online

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As the Montessori kids, we all have drawn the mountains with a shine rising from behind the mountains and a lake filled with ducks and fishes. In the sky, we have drawn white clouds and birds, and most probably, our moms still have those masterpieces stuck to the refrigerator with a magnet.

But as we grow up, it dawns upon us that our drawing skills are really mediocre.Drawing isn't only for the artists because everyone can yield the benefits drawing has to offer.

According to one, drawing poses positive impacts on strengthening long-term and short-term memory. Drawing is all about blending up the creativity and imagination while shaping up brain health.

When you start drawing, you will see how your motor skills have improved irrespective of the strokes you make.In some cases, drawing enhances the coordination of mind and hand while helping gain focus for the details.

These skills help a person move forward in life with strengthened motor skills. People who draw tend to be sensitive, and their communication skills are higher.

The credits go to the ability to understand emotions and body language.With all these benefits, drawing seems integral and a much-needed skill. In this article, we are sharing multiple lessons for everyone to help attain improved drawing skills.

So, snoop through the options and find the one that suits your routine and skill level!

15 Websites to Learn Drawing Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Drawing Lessons Online

Over the years, this platform has become a top place to find the lessons in different niches, and the drawing lessons are readily available as well. As kids or even as adults, we all have had our favorite characters from movies and cartoons.

Most of us have even tried drawing them but all in vain. With this course, you will be able to draw anyone you like. Be it the cartoons or character from comics, anime, or games; this course will pour all the essential skills in you.

There are more than one lac students enrolled in the course, which speaks volumes about the course results.

The course has been designed by Scott Harris and is available in seven different languages. With this course, you will learn how to draw by implying your memory and hands will stroke the lines efficiently.

Even more, you can draw the hands, face, and bodies in addition to 3D drawings. The best part is that you will learn drawing from pencil and digital drawing tools as well.

By the end of the course, you will be able to draw like a pro.For taking this course, all you need is a motivation to learn, and the drawing resources.

So, what are you waiting for?

2) Lynda

Lynda Learn Drawing Lessons Online

​This course wasn't released decades ago, which means it has been incorporated with new and advanced drawing techniques. Also, the teaching approach is pretty different, and the students can learn how to use Figma.

Over the years, this platform has been used for developing and distribution of the projects, and in the early sessions, you will know how to kick-start the projects.

Whenever the projects are concerned, multiple factors need to be considered, such as drawing, frames, editing, and developing the shapes, while modifying the text.

So, you can easily design the prototype and share the versions with your project members.

The students will be able to draw different versions, components, and take care of the constraints.In the longer run, you will know how to import from the sketches while providing the ability to develop and view an entire Figma project on the mobile phone.

This course is an apt choice for the intermediate people, and the lessons are around two hours. You can watch the entire lesson in one ago or divide the video chunks according to your schedule.

All in all, it's a pretty effective course!

3) EDX

EDX Learn Drawing Lessons Online

The majority of people often focus on the character drawing, but we all started as the nature artists (how we would draw the mountains and lakes for the Montessori classes), right?

So, if you want to take on the nature lover, this course will help you draw science and to crank up the notch, you can learn about culture and science drawing as well.Most people only draw simple, but if you want to draw as the illustrator, that's possible with this course.

The students can learn the interpretation skills while developing the observational skills. The course is pretty engaging, and you won't feel like learning in the school with strict teachers.

This course has been designed as the MOOC course to initiate the drawing of nature.

With this course, the students will be able to learn how to put their nature ideas on the paper, and in some cases, students can learn the passions of art and culture from this course.

The course is designed by top instructors who help students pay attention to the critical factors and focus on essential details needed to design a streamlined learning experience.

By the end of the course, you will have observational skills in addition to the development of sketching. Also, there are rendering techniques that prompt the students to learn about the creation of illustrations and nature.

4) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Drawing Lessons Online

There might be people who like to draw with pencils and charcoal, but if you want to learn to draw from ink, this course has been designed for you. This course comprises of brush and nib use while communicating the introduction in the initial phase.

If you are into drawing and painting, you would know about Da Vinci, and with this course, you will learn how to draw like the legend.

In addition, you will learn how to set up the materials for optimizing the drawing experience while teaching the difference between watercolor brushes and Asian brushes.

You will also learn the nib techniques and brushstrokes. This course has been designed by Yuko Shimizu, who has coined her name in the Japanese illustrations.

The course has been designed with a focus on details, and you will know how to select the top-notch material for making the right textures and masterpieces.

During the lessons, Yuko provides critical feedback, which helps improve the skills as she has been working as an instructor at the School of Visual Arts. She has also written the children's book, which got immense popularity.

So, with this course, you will literally learn from the best!

5) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Drawing Lessons Online

Not everyone has the time to visit the drawing and art schools with the studies and jobs. This is the main reason people are opting for online classes, and if you have been looking for online drawing lessons, this will be an apt choice.

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, and advanced drawer, the course has tips to improve the skills.

The course is designed and taught by Meghan, who has over seven years of teaching experience as the drawing teacher. With this course, students can sign up for the 30-minute critique session, where Meghan provides real-time feedback about your drawings.

As far as the lessons are concerned, there are step-by-step instructions and notes available to enhance the learning experience.

There are some people who like to do the homework, and if you want a similar thing, you can ask for that separately, and once the class is over, homework will be sent over to you.

With this course, you will learn to draw photographs and figures all the same. In the early session, the foundation for learning will be laid down as it's essential to ramp up the drawing experience and outcome.

6) Study

Study Learn Drawing Lessons Online

Whenever the drawing is concerned, there are multiple things that need to be considered, such as depicting the objects and subjects to make the strokes.

Through drawing, people give shape to their imagination and what lies in the core pieces of their brains. People tend to use paper and pen for drawing, but in the modern world, digital drawing tools are implied as well.

Be it the paintings, illustrations, or cartooning, drawing is an integral part of everything, and with this course, you will also learn the composition. Through composition, the students learn how to integrate different components in one painting and to make an engaging outlook.

With this course, you will be able to draw with multiple accessories such as blinder, charcoal, pencils, burnt wood, or the pastels.

The drawing tools are available in abundance, and if you want to hone them all through one course, this platform has the courses for you. The students will learn the line techniques, and if you want to crank up the notch, there are contour drawing options available as well.

By the end of this course, you will know how to make light and dark shades with utter perfection.

7) Reed

Reed Learn Drawing Lessons Online

As beginners, there is a common mentality that we aren't good enough to draw like a pro artist, but have you ever thought that there is always a one-step to take for starting the journey.

So, if you are ready to start the drawing journey, you have come to the right place as this course has been designed for beginners who are interested in illustration and drawing.

The best part is that this course provides a course completion certificate at the end. By taking on this course, you can learn drawing techniques online without sticking to the schedule because self-paced options are there.

Once you sign up for this course, you can gain lifetime access, and you don't need to have any previous background or experience in drawing.There are ten hours of video lessons available, and you can complete the course in two weeks by studying for a few minutes every day.

This course mainly focuses on simple and basic art techniques because that's the way to climb the ladder of artistic videos.

If you are creative and want to replicate your ideas on the paper, this course will bring out your hidden artist, and you will be able to draw with confidence.

8) Drawspace

Drawspace Learn Drawing Lessons Online

There are people and students who have already learned the basic and simple techniques of drawing, and now they want to scale up their drawing game. For such people, this course is a great way to start, and you can learn how to make the contour lines.

These lines will help you draw complex artwork because these lines are the foundation bed.No matter what your drawing goals are, this course will help you achieve them by drawing the contour lines like a pro.

This course comes with a book through which the author has organized the lessons, which makes it easier for self-learning.

Also, this book can be used by drawing teachers to teach their students about the contour lines.With the first lesson, you will get the introduction, but as you move forward, you will learn about the straight lines and how they can be made without the scale.

There are blind contour exercises, and if you do it right, you might be able to draw lines at an angle. In addition, you can learn the long curved lines and lines inside the square because that's how you start the complex drawing structures, right?

9) SuperProf

Superprof Learn Drawing Lessons Online

It is often that no matter how blank you are in your mind, a good teacher can help you get rid of blankness and fill it with knowledge and ideas. The creative people often pass through the block where they don't know how to walk through the creative road.

If you feel the same, this platform will help you get rid of the block and start your drawing passion again.Their professors on this platform have been teaching at the Royal College of Art, London, and from the teacher, you can learn the painting, illustrations, and drawing.

The lessons are available for everyone irrespective of their skill level because lessons are designed with the inculcation of multiple techniques. He has over 15 years of experience in the field.

He has taught egg tempera, mixed media, watercolor painting, oil, drawing techniques, and acrylic painting, which speaks volumes about his talent.

Through this course, you will learn to experiment instead of joining the bandwagon and re-drawing the older ideas. The video lessons are available for groups and on an individual basis.

10) KlineCreative

Klinecreative Learn Drawing Lessons Online

There is no right or wrong age for learning. Commonly, people tend to spend most of their lives in jobs and businesses, which suppresses their inner passion for drawing and art.

On the other hand, there are some youngsters who follow their passion for art and drawing. So, no matter who are you are, you are a beginner, and this course has been designed for beginners.

This is a free online course, and the instructor is John C. Kline. He has passed out from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, which has helped him take a different approach for teaching art and drawing.

Ever since he passed out, he has been involved in teaching the creative minds to replicate their imagination on the paper.In this course, there are video lessons available through which beginners can learn how to make 2D drawings.

He believes that starting from the difficult patterns will complicate the learning process. With this notion in mind, he has been teaching the basics in earlier video lessons and taking the students on the journey of progressive drawing.

11) ArtistNetwork

Artistnetwork Learn Drawing Lessons Online

Art is the talent, and talent shouldn't cost you millions of bucks to learn, right? This is the prime reason that we are talking about this platform as it offers free art and drawing tutorials.

No matter what your skill level or professional level is, there are courses for everyone, and there is high accessibility to ensure your drawing journey experiences no stall.In all the courses, there are drawing skills and techniques which help the artists to scale up their current drawing level.

All the lessons are designed on a step-by-step basis, and the instructions are precise and clear to help students grasp the techniques easily. In addition, there are demonstrations to enhance the learning experience.

No matter which medium you have been looking for, this platform will provide them all to enhance your learning.

If you are a beginner, there is enough information on the basic techniques, while if you are an advanced artist, you can simply revise the techniques and see things from another perspective.

12) LearnToDrawLessons

Learntodrawlessons Learn Drawing Lessons Online

With the busy and hectic schedules, no one has the time to visit and enroll in the art classes or schools. This is why we have come up with this online drawing lesson with which you can learn at your own pace.

There are online videos and other drawing lesson material which is suitable for every person with a knack for creativity and imagination.There are multiple drawing lessons available to suit the different needs of the students.

With a different course, you will learn different designs and compositions, which will improve the quality of your works. On the other hand, the composition will help you put multiple things in one place and creating a frame to develop a homogeneous outlook.

There are multiple elements such as colors, lines, textures, and shapes, and whichever element you are comfortable with, just go for it as there are lessons available for everything.

The students will learn how to create a balance and contrast in a variety of things while ensuring the integration of harmony and quality in the drawing.

13) ArtLessonsOnline

Artlessonsonline Learn Drawing Lessons Online

Learning to draw is on the wish-list of many people, but the intricacies of life burden them with other responsibilities, and they have to hide away their passion and knack for art.

So, if you don't like a similar thing to happen to you, this online course will help you draw, and if you already know the basics, you can improve as this course is designed with the latest techniques.

With this course, you will be able to capture your imagination and draw it on the paper in the most appealing and precise way possible. This course is aimed at sparking observation in you instead of teaching you how to draw the lines.

The course is designed and taught by Murray Charteris, who challenges you to break the chains and involved in optimal learning and exploration journey.By the end, you will also be able to work on drawing demonstrations.

There are multiple video lessons that you can watch and download for later. Every day, there are new videos added to ensure you are learning something new!

14) RapidFireArt

Rapidfireart Learn Drawing Lessons Online

You must have played the rapid-fire games all your life, but with this platform, you can you will play rapid-fire with drawing and art.

Drawing isn't how you drew the apple in your kindergarten because today, there are advanced drawing techniques that tend to enhance the drawings and outlook.

This course has been designed for beginners and intermediates.With this course, you will be able to develop the basic techniques, and with progressive lessons, you can polish them too.

The initial sessions will be the introduction, but in later sessions, you will learn about contour lines, composition, contrast, and saturation. These techniques are considered integral for enhancing the drawing experience, and this course shall help in the journey!

15) ClassCentral

Classcentral Learn Drawing Lessons Online

Being an artist might not be on your wish-list, but having the skills for painting and drawing is pretty appealing and engaging. This is a free online class and is available in the English language to help the majority of people understand and learn.

This course is designed over lessons, visual demonstrations, and discussions to express information about drawing.With the course, you will not only learn about the color theory basics, and in the progressive lessons, but you will also learn multiple perspectives and how to draw the flat image.

If you are interested in understanding the visual composition, that's possible with this course. The best part is that this course is available for everyone who has a knack for creativity.

By the end, you will be able to express your emotions and ideas through drawing while creating the illusions. There are framing rules to help you integrate borders to your drawings and create the collages.

Also, you will be able to understand the myriads of art styles and constructing them. You will get to hone skills enough to land a job as interior designs or devise visual communications.

Choosing The Best Drawing Lesson Online

In this modern and fast-paced world, we are busy with our corporate jobs, while there is hardly any time for recreational activities.

So, if you have the knack of art and drawing, it's high time that you take out some time for yourself and learn the drawing as you have always wanted.

With this article, we have added over fifteen courses to give you a choice and help you get back on the drawing track!

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