14 Websites To Learn Djembe Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Djembe Lessons Online

Learn Djembe Lessons Online

Music has a relation with our cultural history that goes far beyond the civilized world as we know it these days. In ancient times, certain instruments were used for different purposes. These instruments were separated like harmony musical instruments, drums used for announcements, or war drums and sticks to play the war music.

Each instrument has its due importance that cannot be denied and they were associated with the purpose. However, with times music has developed so much as it is considered the food for the soul. In today's world, we see numerous musical instruments being used from different cultures, originality, and genre all put together to create some truly mesmerizing tunes.

Djembe is one such musical instrument that is far too historical to remember the exact origin. It is believed to be invented in 1200 AD in Western African regions. The word itself is a derivation of the ancient African term that means "Everyone Gather together in Peace" making one thing clear as this instrument was a peace instrument, used to celebrate the music of harmony and prosperity.

You might still see African's playing this instrument around the fire, dancing in groups and the tunes over this instrument are truly impeccable.Djembe is a Goblet Drum like an instrument that is rope tuned and played with bare hands. It is played individually or in groups usually to celebrate peace, prosperity, and unity.

If you are into African folk music and enjoy the beats of a good drum, this might be the perfect instrument for you to learn. Although, you might not have the time or resources to join the classes in person. Well, there is nothing to be worried about, there are some websites that can help you learn Djembe lessons online including:

14 Websites To Learn Djembe Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Djembe Lessons Online

Udemy is the Hogwarts and Harvard of online learning. Whatever course you can think is possible to learn online, you can find it on this highly diverse website. Their library is so huge, as we tried to search for several random subjects and got some cool online courses on it listed on the website.

The sign-up process is also pretty simple and with a single login, you can easily manage all the courses that are listed on the website and you have purchased them to learn from.

Also, once you pay for a course, you get lifetime access to the course material that allows you the liberty to learn at your own pace and have the opportunity to revise anytime you want to.

You can find a huge variety of Djembe courses listed on the website that range from choosing the best Djembe for you to learn all that is required to make the right tunes out of it. You can find courses for all expertise levels and age groups easily on the website.

These courses will enable you to get the right posture, how to play the right way and much more including some amazing tunes that you can learn online on Djembe.

2) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Djembe Lessons Online

SkillShare is another website that can help you with online learning. The library on this website is somewhat close to Udemy but it has salient features that make it one of the biggest competitors of the website.

SkillShare offers both free and premium content on a highly vast range of topics listed online that you can benefit from. The premium courses are offered with premium membership that does not restrict you to a single course or topic. You have to pay monthly for the subscription and it will allow you to have access to whichever course you want.

That means, you can switch between the courses easily or learn multiple courses at the same time if you wish to.You can find some really amazing courses on Djembe listed on this website that start from the beginner level and have some advanced tricks that will help you grab the skill right away.

There are some amazing tools on the website that will help you cover Bass tones, playing positions, picking up the notes on Djembe and a lot more.

3) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Djembe Lessons Online

This is a highly dynamic website with an engaging teaching method and lots of filters listed online. The website presents you with the opportunity to choose not the course but an experienced trainer that can help you learn the skill you desire.

The website has several filters that can help you choose the best trainer for you including Categories, the price being charged, their availability at your convenience, and skill level you are at. This method provides you with the right opportunity to not only learn from the experts first-hand but also get a deeper insight into your learning through personalized, one-on-one sessions.

You can find some highly experienced trainers with expertise in African folk music and Djembe listed on the website that can help you learn from them the right way. With these one-on-one sessions, you can get the right assistance that you require and take the learning from where you need it.

No matter which level you are at, or if you are facing any sort of problems during your learning journey, these experts are always here to help you.

4) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Djembe Lessons Online

TakeLessons.com is another popular website that is cutting ties with traditional online learning. The website presents you with the opportunity to learn from the experts online, and not have to rely on some pre-recorded course materials that are supposed to be focusing on a lot of students.

This way, you can have the right attention focused on you and your learning journey. You can get assistance on your mistakes, have guidance on learning the right techniques, and much more with one-on-one sessions with these experts.

Not only that, but the website is also super cool in terms of learning as Djembe is a part of African folk culture and is still widely endorsed, played, and appreciated in most parts of the West African region. What another way could be better than to learn from the experts that know the core of techniques, origin, and all the amazing parts about Djembe.

This website provides you with the platform where you can interact with these skilled trainers that can guide you through every step of your Djembe learning journey. You can improve your notes, get assistance on the right positioning, or start from the very beginning on this website easily.

5) DjembeFola

Djembefola Learn Djembe Lessons Online

Djembe is not just an instrument like all others. It represents a culture, and a whole music genre of its own. You can see that Djembe is mostly being played alone, in groups without any other instrument and the tunes over this traditional instrument are just outstanding.

This dedicated platform is devoted to helping people learn Djembe with authentic techniques and knowledge. Their motive is to preserve the art of Djembe and make it worth everyone's while.The website is offering several cool courses on Djembe including Djembe Basics, Djembe pro, and much more.

The website has an adaptive interface so you can use it for your online learning on your Phone, Tablet, or PC easily without having to face any hurdles. The website brings authentic African Djembe lessons online and makes it possible for everyone to learn no matter wherever they are.

You can also get assistance from the community on this website that is highly active, whenever you find yourself in a fix with some question or some issue you might be having with your learning. There is chat support on the website as well to help you with any errors or issues during your online learning journey with the website.

6) DjembeGuru

Djembeguru Learn Djembe Lessons Online

Djembe and Dunun are considered sister instruments and both are widely played, and loved in the African region. They play an important role in African folk music and have been in the culture for centuries.

If you are looking for online pre-recorded lessons because you are unable to manage a regular time to take lessons and yet you want the personalized touch to your learning, this might be the perfect website for you.

The team is comprised of merely 3 people that do not only help you with the lessons but are always eager to help you with any questions or issues you might be facing with your learning journey.The website features Fara Tolno, a renowned Djembe artist that can help you learn some of the highly advanced Djembe techniques and much more.

There are hundreds of Djembe training videos listed on this website that focuses on Lessons, references, techniques, and archived classes so you can learn from the students and their experience as well. On this website, you can learn all the right techniques to create the rhythm of a Djembe and get the best out of your Djembe and hands.

7) AfroDrumming

Afrodrumming Learn Djembe Lessons Online

African folk music and drumming have a connection that goes far beyond the known history. Africa is one of the most ancient human habitats and it is hard to guess the origin of music linked with it. From war music to celebrations, and announcements you are going to find a drum throughout the African civilization.

This unique website is all about Afro drumming. It covers a wide range of drums, their playing techniques, and some beautiful notes you can create off these drums.They have a dedicated section for Djembe with easy lessons that will let you start from the beginner level and have the right skill set to play Djembe confidently.

These lessons and all the resources on the website are free to access as they are focused on promoting the afro drumming culture and making it available for all the aspirants to learn from it easily. The website also offers gear reviews that can help you choose the best Djembe out there that is going to suit you.

You can also find a store on this website with impeccable products that you are simply going to love, as they will add value to your Djembe experience.

8) AfricanDrumming

Africandrumming Learn Djembe Lessons Online

African drumming has been a part of their culture for centuries. It goes beyond the known human history and there is no certainty about the origin.

However, with globalization and in this fast-moving technological world, African drumming is being endorsed widely as it presents the perfect tunes to add to any genre of music and many people are willing to learn it.

This Australian based website is a vast and extensive website with hundreds of resources that can help you get the right aspects of African drumming easily. The website offers access to a shop where you can source all the gear related to drumming and Djembe at the convenience of your home.

Not only that, but you can also easily join a class online and learn Djembe along with other students across the world who are willing to learn. The website offers training, events, and workshops and corporate team building activities that include Djembe lessons to promote the African drumming culture and spread positivity.

The best part about this website is that they offer relative tours & retreats so that everyone can get the best of Djembe and African drumming.

9) AfricanDrummingOnline

Africandrummingonline Learn Djembe Lessons Online

African Drumming is all about creating the right rhythm and notes that are irresistible for the audience. Well, if you are looking to learn Djembe online and that too for free, this might be the perfect place for you.

The website offers a simple, one-page interface that has extensive resources listed online to help you with all the information that you might need to learn and play djembe the right way. No matter what level of expertise you are at, this website is going to be the perfect place for you to step up your Djembe game and be the drummer you always wanted to be.

You just have to log in for free on the website to start your learning journey. While you can find a lot of free content off youtube, this website helps you save the time and spend it efficiently where it counts the most. You can jam and practice along with these videos as they are designed to help you play along and participate.

This way, you can practically learn some super cool rhythms and techniques that will allow you to feel confident in your learning journey.

10) DjembeRhythms

Djemberhythms Learn Djembe Lessons Online

If you have a little knowledge about Djembe, this website got a buffet of rhythms for you that you can play, practice, and learn from. This way, you can master all those amazing rhythms that you have always wanted to be able to play.

Not only that, but the website also got some beginner lessons that will help you with the placing of your hands, choosing the right Djembe for you or get all the basic insight to the level where you can practice those Djembe rhythms.The website has a catchy interface that contains numerous blogs, notations, and Roots Jam books.

You can also have access to a dedicated FAQ section where you can read the most common questions that people might have during their learning journey and learn effectively from them. The website offers you to sign-up for their newsletter for free and gets access to the latest Rhythms and Djembe news on your email conveniently.

11) Bmusician

Bmusician Learn Djembe Lessons Online

The website is dedicated to helping people learn Music and being able to play their dream instruments. While many people prefer to join the music schools, some don't have the luxury to be able to join them.

There might be time or resource issues, yet music attracts us all the same way, and this website is providing everyone with the right opportunity to learn their dream instrument and play it the way they have always wanted to be. The website has several renowned gurus that help you with the lessons, or you can get personalized guidance from them.

There are also some class recordings on popular instruments like Drums, Cajon, Morsing, Ghatam, Tabla, and of course, Djembe. You can find Djembe lessons on the website classified into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. These courses are going to help you play the basic Djembe tunes and rhythms with the passion, and enable you to make way for your own creativity.

You can learn to play popular rhythms or choose to create your own tunes once you have learned from the website courses.

12) DjembeSounds

Djembesounds Learn Djembe Lessons Online

This website interface is minimalistic, it might not have bells and whistles attached to it, but this is a great website if knowledge is what you are looking for. The website offers free Djembe lessons online along with some other drumming lessons.

You can find a wide range of video lessons that will help you with the basic techniques, tips, and tricks about the drumming and you can use them to move forward with your djembe journey.

The website also got a wide range of tunes and rhythms that you can use to learn from and practice to polish up your skills and move along the steps of learning Djembe effectively. The website also holds regular workshops that are a great help for those who are willing to participate with the community and learn together to make their knowledge count.

This way, you can not only help others but also get help from some of the top aspirants as they might have faced the same problems in their past that you are going through now.

13) FreePercussionLessons

Freepercussionlessons Learn Djembe Lessons Online

As the name suggests, the website is dedicated to the Percussion instruments lesson and offers them all for free. That means you can get your hands on some top-quality lessons on multiple instruments like Timpani, Snare Drum, Mallet Instruments, Bass Drums, and hand drums, and that too for free.

The website has a wide library of courses on all these instruments including some truly commendable courses on Djembe.Djembe lessons on this website are recorded by Aldo Mazza, who is well known for his work for music and is adored by millions.

These lessons include all the knowledge that you might require from choosing the right drums for you, hand positioning, some efficient techniques that will enable you to play Djembe effectively and more.

You can always request for specialized lessons on the website as well. There are also some highly informative video lessons on some of the most popular rhythms as well.

14) OkMalta

Okmalta Learn Djembe Lessons Online

This is a blog-based website that covers most of the lessons about a vast range of topics. The forum is free for all to use, and there are profiles, blogs, games, video lessons and so much more listed on the website.

On this website, you can find some popular Djembe players that can help you learn Djembe online and you can get the most out of your learning experience. Djembe is a healthy activity to learn as music brings out the best of you and helps you create something that is mesmerizing for not only yourself but all others.

This website is offering Djembe lessons designed and explained by Mr. Norman who has certain expertise when it comes to music. His hand positioning techniques notes over Djembe and the rhythms he creates are truly impeccable. Now, you have the chance to learn from the very best.

You can also get access to a few free video tutorials here that will help you understand what you are signing up for in a better way and you can make the right decision for yourself.

Choosing The Best Djembe Lesson Online

African folk music is connected with drums for over centuries and there are certain types of drums being used. Djembe is one of the most popular instruments in the Afro Folk culture is being widely played, and loved across the world.

The rhythm and tunes created over Djembe are simply irresistible for anyone to not move their body. If you love music and are looking to learn how to play Djembe, but don't have time or resources to join a music school, you can do it online while sitting at home.

These websites can be all that you need to learn Djembe online, and you can make the decision on the right website for you by going through our extensive reviews.


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