6 Websites to Learn Directing Lesson Online (Free and Paid Directing Courses)

Learn Directing Lesson Online

The recent advancement in science and technology has changed the way you use the web. With the influx of smart devices and phones, the Internet has been made easily available and accessible to over 4 billion-plus users globally.

The web is filled with endless opportunities as it provides you with a broad platform to further your profession, accomplish your set goals and live your dreams.

Available on the web today are various channels through which you can be tutored online from the comfort of your home fundamental lessons on a diverse range of vocations and professions in entertainment (for example; acting, directing, scriptwriting, etc), multimedia, Information, communicating & technology (ICT), finance, marketing, and advertising, etc.

Although a significant number of individuals still remain skeptical about taking online lessons, this mindset has gradually changed these past years especially with credible, authentic and certified web institutions coming on board to set the pace in providing first class and high quality online learning services.

If you have desires to take directing lessons online, then you are in for a real treat because this article is a detailed guide containing valuable information on some directing lessons available online, & a comprehensive analysis of each lesson.

6 Websites to Learn Directing Lesson Online Reviews

1) MasterClass Ron Howard Teaches Directing

MasterClass Ron Howard Learn Directing Lessons Online

With favorable rankings of 4.5/5 stars this online directing lesson by Academy award-winning director and actor Ron Howard who is known for directing critically acclaimed movies such as A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Inferno, The Davinci Code, Angels and Demons, Frost/Nixon, etc.

This online directing lesson by Ron Howard comprises of 32 lessons in total with each lesson involving all the different elements involved in film directing, taking a total of twelve minutes.

During this time period, Ron Howard will tutor his students in various areas of script analysis, editing, cinematography, sound design, etc.

This online directing lesson also promises to teach all it's enrolled, students on all levels of film directing, from the beginner level, intermediate level to professional level with each phase comprising of an extensive scheme to ensure sufficient impact on you the learner.

This directing lesson format follows an inclusive online training, with the program of study for each masterclass lesson composed by the tutor. The student community allows you to interact and share ideas with other students.

2) Udemy Online Directing Courses

Udemy Learn Directing Lessons Online

Udemy is an online learning platform that is basically a directory for top-performing lessons on filmmaking. All the courses listed on its catalog has been specifically picked to ensure that you are provided with high performance and fully vetted courses through which you can get the most value from.

To get started using Udemy's online learning platform, you need to simply search for the specific course you will want to get tutored in, and in this case, the course to search for will be ‘directing'. Afterward, you will be provided with a broad list of different top-performing courses from which you can select from.

With user-friendly options, you can filter your courses on the basis of ratings, language, topic, etc. Each course costs $10.99 which is rather affordable and reasonable considering the rich information you are exposed to.

Depending on the course you pick, you will be tutored by an expert instructor on all the basics of filmmaking, professional directing, video publications, content creation, & publication on Amazon video direct, etc.

3) Indie Film Hustle TV

Indie Film Hustle TV Learn Directing Lessons Online

Indie Film Hustle is an online learning website that gives you unrestricted access to a multitude of their online programs which are lectured by top experts and experienced professionals in the film industry.

This online learning platform on directing provides tutorials with the use of educational materials such as seminars, workshops, series, documentaries, and other informative content on different facets of film making, including movie production, screenwriting,

Indie film hustle TV promises to teach all students on


How to write a quick script that is creative, unique and interesting.


How to bolster your story by creating fear, suspense, tension, sadness, anxiety or cause any other emotional response in your viewers by using equipment right to portray your narrative in the best way possible.


How to guide and instruct actors and any other character either as a major or supporting character.


How to edit your movie post-production using the right professional tools and applications.


How to self distribute or pitch your film to interested parties & generate earnings.


AFTRS Learn Directing Lessons Online

A.F.T.R.S is an acronym for “the Australian Film Television and Radio School". It is an institution that caters to the learning needs of interested participants both online and on campus. All their courses are lectured by certified, renowned and well-experienced professionals & experts in all fields of practice.

A.F.T.R.s offers full-time, part-time, on-campus and online courses either on a short term or long term basis. These courses include; Directing, Animation & Visual Effects, Editing, Screen Music, Film making, Sound, Documentary, Screenwriting, Production Design, etc along with other multidisciplinary courses such as makeup and special effects, radio & podcasting.

They can recommend a course for you to study based on certain criteria such as your career choice, certificate type, your current level of education or work experience, & interested discipline.

A.F.T.R.S webpage is also designed with user-friendly features that allow you to customize your search results based on various parameters such as discipline, course level ( Bachelor, Postgraduate, Short courses, etc, ), delivery (On campus, online & on-campus ) or online.

5) Skill Success

Skill Success Learn Directing Lessons Online

Skill success is a website that is solely oriented on teaching you all the key elements to succeed not only as an independent film director but in the film industry.

This online directing program allows you to take a peek into what it has to offer, by opting in for the free option which gives you unrestricted access to all their videos and content.

If you feel enlightened and adequately informed after the first free trial, you can then proceed to buy the programs single class which costs $199.

This option will give you the opportunity to be lectured from an well trained and certified professional with years of working experience as a creative screenwriter, film director, movie producer and editor of numerous wonderful films.

It is safe to say that online tutelage from this learning platform is in line with what you will get from a standard directing institute.

This learning platform promises to teach you all the things you need to do and how to get it done, in order to produce your own film as an independent film director.

Below is a brief outline of the course curriculum covered by skill success:

• Introduction to screenwriting

— Writing your story

— Portraying your story on film

— Understanding your ideal audience

• Basics of film production

— Drawing up a schedule

— Film essentials

— Choosing your cast

• Fundraising

— Budget planning

— Expenses

• Film Production & Directing

— Photography

— Cinematography

• Post Production

— Editing

— Marketing & Distribution

6) Ben Sasso

Ben Sasso Learn Directing Lessons Online

Ben Sasso is a contemporary online learning website that is designed to cater to a variety of different elements that makes for great directing in any shoot.

As a distinct online class with various disciplines, this particular course has been structured to immerse you on how to direct your actors into mastering their individual roles, through the use of body art ( that is creative postures and mannerisms).

You will also be given easy tips on how to:

—Cultivate real feelings between your actors.

— Achieve jaw-dropping poses.

— Capture a variety of expressions & moments when shooting.

After you sign up & enroll for classes on this online learning platform, you will be taught essential tips & illustrations on:

Preparing For A Shoot

— Working with your clients

— Suppressing any concerns or jitters your clients may have

— Getting your clients to trust you

On Set

— Ensuring a relaxed environment where your clients feel engaged & excited

— Involving your clients in the entire process

— Setting realistic goals

— Setting & maintaining an enthusiastic mood

— Taking charge of the chain of events

Posing Techniques

• Countless variety of single poses

• Tips on bringing your creativity & imagination to life

• Proper directions and instructions during every shoot

• Numerous poses for different moods

• Varying degrees of facial & body poses

• Superb directing hacks to capture unique moments & expressions

• Shooting couples in a passionate & vibrant tone

• Taking spontaneous & energetic shots

• Enhancing natural flow & sequence between couples.

Choosing the Best Directing Lesson Online

Learning Directing Lessons online is one of the quickest ways to further your career ambitions as a filmmaker. Online learning accords you with so many benefits as it is not time-consuming, requires minimal input of energy, cost-effective, and convenient when compared to you getting enrolled in a community college or university for a full-time degree program on a long term basis.

Choosing the right platform through which you can learn, share your personal experience, upload your work(s), and interact with other like minds plays a pivotal role in creating an environment where you do not only learn but have fun.


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