7 Websites To Learn Digital Citizenship Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn digital citizenship lessons online

learn digital citizenship lessons online

The internet has always played a critical part in the development of technology. Due to its powerful influence over the whole world, the internet is used by pretty much every person in the whole world for a number of different reasons.

It can be used for countless reasons, ranging from pure entertainment to using it for business purposes. The internet has improved our way of life, and has done a lot for the advancement of the world.

Digital citizenship is a term used to represent the responsible usage of technology by anyone using a computer, any digital device, or the internet. Nowadays, every student needs to use the services provided by the internet.

This is one of the reasons to why digital citizenship is such a vital topic for students. But it is not only limited to teaching it to students, as other people might use the internet for their daily and important tasks. The term basically applies to everyone using the internet frequently and efficiently.

Digital citizenship is responsible for teaching the proper usage of the internet, along with giving you a strong grasp at understanding the internet. Today, we will be taking a look at a list of websites that will teach you everything about a digital citizenship.

7 Websites To Learn Digital Citizenship Lessons Online Review:

1) Udemy

udemy learn digital citizenship lessons online

Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms, providing a huge bunch of online lessons on a selection of topics. They have been teaching online lessons to students for multiple years. Every student has had a positive outlook about the website after trying out their online lessons.

They have a whole section for selecting a specific category for an online lesson, after which you will be presented with a great number of courses on said category. You can pick the course of your liking, and start the course anytime, while being anywhere in the world.

The digital citizenship course offered by Udemy teaches the basics about internet maturity. It mostly focuses on teaching the best use of the internet for education and career, and the appropriate use of the technology.

You will also learn how to protect yourself and stay away from online threats and dangers such as malware, hacking, ransomware, etc.

2) LinkedIn

linkedin learn digital citizenship lessons online

LinkedIn learning is a great and innovative website that offers online courses for every type of career. They have instructors with real-word knowledge and experience on the topic. They have a whole library of online courses, covering various topics.

Loads of online courses are added to the website every week, you can choose from any of these courses and start your journey for learning. They also provide a one-month free trial where you get access to pretty much all the content that the website has to offer to you. You will also receive an online certificate on a specific course after completing it.

They have a variety of digital citizenship courses available. Each of them features a different expert on the topic. You can read the course details before choosing any, as it might help on the process of selecting a course.

The online courses are taught in a step-by-step instructional video, making the course very easy to learn. This is an effective method of learning, especially for beginners.

3) Lynda

Lynda learn digital citizenship lessons online

Lynda is one of the leading online platforms the provides the facility of learning multiple courses online. The main goal of Lynda is to assist people learn their courses and develop skills that will help them reach their maximum potential.

They offer you a free month, allowing you full access to their courses. You can learn a number of different online courses, which include courses related to software, business, or any other creative skill. You will learn all of the online lessons in instructional videos. You can view these anytime, and anywhere through the use of internet.

Lynda offers plenty of digital citizenship courses done by different experts. Some of the courses are fully focused towards teaching students about the safety usage of the internet.

You will not only learn how to become a digital citizen- but you will become a good digital citizen. You will be able to use the internet in humble and dutiful ways.

4) FutureLearn

futuelearn learn digital citizenship lessons online

Future Learn offers an interactive way of learning new skills through the use of their online learning platform. They have top class educators, who are ready to teach their students new skills online. These instructors consist of both teachers from great universities and industry experts.

Their flexible way of teaching online courses allows you to develop your own career, and learn new skills that are a part of your hobby.

They also provide online programs and degrees which takes learning to a whole new level. You will learn alongside people coming from different regions sharing the same goal as yours.

Their online course on digital citizenship teaches you how to become a digital citizen. The duration of the whole course is about 3 weeks. You will learn the basics about the digital citizenship along with a brief introduction on the topic. You will also learn about the proper and fitting use of the internet successfully.

5) Reed

reed learn digital citizenship lessons online

Reed started their services back in 1995. They are a UK-based website providing a bunch of online courses on different topics. The platform is both for teachers and students. The website also offers recruitment solutions, and HR consulting. They are also known for recruiting jobseekers and employers.

They have courses on a surprising number of subjects. You can also avail career advices on the website. They feature both paid and free courses. Because of this, a number of students are inspired to take their online courses and develop new skills, or improve them.

You can find multiple digital citizenship courses on Reed. These are taught online, and are self-paced. Self-paced lessons help the student learn and understand the course at his own speed. You will learn how to maximize the ability of using the internet in an effective manner. You will also improve your social skills.

The courses are available for both Windows, and smartphones. The only other thing you need is a reliable internet connection!

6) Sophia

sophia learn digital citizenship lessons online

Sophia is a website created for teaching students a variety of skills and help them achieve success. Along with providing online courses, they also offer free college resources like test preparations, and refresher courses.

The online courses are all self-paced, which help the students in learning at their own pace. The courses are also available through any device, granted it has internet access. They feature college-level courses for the students which are taught by fantastic teachers.

They have a great digital citizenship course listed on their website. The course is actually free of cost to enroll, and is reviewed by a number of students who have already tried out the course. A complete duration of 60 days is required to complete the course.

The course offers multiple ways and tips for students to become a responsible digital citizen. You will discover the issues of safety, security, and etiquette while using the services of the internet. Overall, the course is very well organized and pretty easy to understand.


fcps learn digital citizenship lessons online

FCPS stands for Fairfax County Public School. The school primarily focuses on children and students, helping them to create a brighter future for them. They only attend to students from kindergarten through 12.

The school was invented right after the civil war in 1870. They have been growing since, and are now one of the largest and most popular schools in the U.S. They thrive to become the best community where students are inspired by their teachers, and learn new things.

FCPS provides a digital citizenship course designed for parents and teens who are in grade 7 or more. The parents of younger children can also apply for the course as they might find useful stuff in the course.

The course starts off by giving you a complete introduction. This can help in telling you what you will be getting into after starting the course. The course is divided into 4 modules in total where the first module is only for parents.

Choosing The Best Digital Citizenship Lesson Online

Usage of the internet can prove to be both beneficial and harmful. People (especially students) need to use the internet for various important reasons. To use the services of the internet effectively, one must first understand and learn how to properly use it.

This is where digital citizenship comes into place, as it directs towards the accountable use of the internet. There are many ways you could potentially harm yourself, or your valuable data while using the internet, even for a good reason.

In this thread, we moved ahead to gather a list of websites that will teach you everything about digital citizenship, and about the appropriate use of the internet.

These websites are reviewed by us, and every single one of them offers a great way for you to get started on learning digital citizenship!


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