14 Websites To Learn Crocheting Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

Clothing has been a necessity for humans. Ever since the beginning of civilized cultures, we have been using one or another kind of clothes to cover our bodies. It is a fact that human skin is not fully capable of handling harsh weather and environment conditions like other surfaces.

We always needed clothes to cover our bodies and get safety and comfort through these materials.Humans have discovered crocheting a long time ago, though in its early age, there were ropes and other materials that were weaved together to provide the cover and comfort.

However, it has evolved ever since and today we can see that crocheting is a proper dressing technique. We all might have memories of our grannies crocheting those vibrant sweaters or gloves for us. There were many clothing articles like gloves, sweaters, scarfs, shirts that were and still made through crocheting.

However, there are certain discoveries but the skill of crocheting remains same and is highly popular among all ages. For those of you who are looking to learn crocheting, it might be a worthy investment for your time to learn crocheting.

It also serves you as a right hobby to spend your time positively and do something creative while you sit by the fire and have nothing much to do.

You can learn all the crocheting skills easily online. There are multiple websites that can help you with your learning journey and some of these websites are

14 Websites To Learn Crocheting Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

Udemy is the right website for you if you are looking to learn virtually anything online. This website presents you with an opportunity to learn whatever skill you want online.

They have a vast library with thousands of online courses that are impeccable in terms of learning, information delivery comprehension and building up the right skillset. These courses range from beginner to advanced levels and they are divided in lessons to ensure an optimal learning experience.

The sign up on Udemy is totally free and they offer you with regular promos, deals and coupons that are going to help you with your learning and not be hefty on your pocket.

There are several highly informative courses on crocheting listed on the website. These courses can help you learn all the skills that you might require to craft those perfect winter clothes.

From fundamentals to advanced skills of using multiple colors and etching patterns on those clothes, you can find help on almost all the topics related to crocheting. The best part is, once you pay for a course, you will have lifetime access to the course material.

2) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

This is another great website that helps people learn the skills they want online. The reason for popularity of this website is that they are offering a unique and interactive membership-based subscription that charges you on a monthly basis and not for each course that you will be taking.

This means, that you can enjoy all the courses at once and learn from multiple courses at the same time. This also allows you an opportunity to switch between courses anytime you feel like a certain course is not working for you.

The website is also offering a 2-months free trial period for their premium membership so you can try these courses before committing to anything.

Despite the long trial period, their retention rate is quite high and you can see hundreds of students are enrolled for each course that is listed on the website.

The website also allows you liberty to enjoy all the basic perks of an online learning website. There are multiple courses on crocheting listed on the website that can help you get all that you need to know about crocheting.

There are certain filters on the website as well that you can use to filter out the courses for right skillset, and other requirements that meet your criteria.

3) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

No matter how good a pre-recorded course may be. They have a fundamental flaw with them that they are being designed to cover a vast range of students, their questions and learning goals.

Hence, they are not focused at a single individual. While you can learn a lot from such online, pre-recorded courses, there is much more that you are not learning and is left behind.

TakeLessons.com is covering the gap between online and traditional learning by helping you with the chance to learn from the experts directly. The website has thousands of expert trainers that can help you learn any skill you want with one-on-one sessions.

You can find numerous experts listed on the website that can help you learn crocheting efficiently. These experts will guide you through the process, make you understand how things work and also help you with any mistakes or errors that you might be making during the process.

This is the best method to learn crocheting online as you can get help with your personalized goals that you might have for learning online.

4) ShopMyBlueprint

Shopmyblueprint Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

While there are other websites out there that can help you learn multiple skills online. Those websites have a wider library with millions of courses on all the subjects and crocheting might not be that significant for them.

This website however is dedicated to crafts and offers you a creative and practical approach towards learning the right craft with perfection. You can find courses on all Intermediate, Beginner or advanced levels on this website.

The website covers a wide range of aspects like finishing, designing, essential techniques to get the things done and much more.

You can find a wide range of crocheting courses on this website that can help you craft some basics like gloves and mittens. There are also some advanced courses on the website to help you learn crocheting for multiple purposes like teddy bears, cushions, pillow covers and much more.

This dedicated website is the right choice for you with lots of creative ideas and how you can turn them to reality by help of crocheting. You can get your hands on some cool crocheting techniques, get new ideas and carve your niche.

There are also some highly advanced crocheting courses that can help you craft those enticing laces and patterns that you have always wanted to.

5) Anniescatalog

Anniescatalog Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

The websites we have reviewed so far, are multi-purpose websites that have a diverse range of courses listed on them. Those websites publish different courses and cover the basic needs of crocheting as well. 

This website however is a whole another story. This dedicated website is handled by Annie as the name suggests and is all about Crocheting, sewing, knitting and needle work.

The interface of this website is highly enticing and you can see the creativity popping up from the colors of the website.Crocheting has been an important part of American culture and Lena Skvagerson, the instructor on this website will enable you with all the required tools, and skills to get the job done right.

You can find a huge variety of crocheting courses on this website that are unmatched in terms of creativity and advanced techniques. These courses will enable you to create some of highly advanced masterpieces with crocheting that you have a hard time believing that you have created those at first.

You can also find a vast range of resources like Creative studio, online classes, Stitch guides and more. There is also a store on this website where you can score all the top-quality supplies and have them delivered at your doorstep.

6) CenterofExcellence

Centreofexcellence Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

This website might not have multiple courses on a single niche listed online but it definitely has all the learning material embedded into a single course that will take you from beginner to advanced level efficiently.

The website offers an innovative learning material that offers complete diploma courses with different modules and lessons. Each course is divided into further lessons, to make the learning process easier and comprehensive for the students.

Needless to say, you get a diploma upon completion that is accredited from trusted bodies. The crocheting diploma course listed on the website gets you an accredited certificate along with lifetime access to the course material so you can revise anytime you feel like it.

You can see an elaborative description on the course page on the learning modules, what will you learn and who this course fits well.

The website offers you option to pay in full for the course, or finance this course without having to pay anything extra. This way, you can have the premium online learning experience and not have to worry about costs.

7) Joann

Joann Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

Speaking of crafts and creative skills, this website is online Harvard for the subjects. You can find a whooping range of online courses on crafts, decorations, stitching, knitting and of course crocheting listed on this website.

The website offers you access to join online classes, get assistance from pre-recorded courses online or have one-on-one sessions. They also organize regular events to help students with their learning journey. This way, you can interact with other students, polish your ideas and get the most out of your creative mind.

The website is offering courses on crocheting for different skillsets and age groups. You can not only learn crocheting yourself but also introduce your children or parents to a creative hobby that can help them spend their time positively.

These course on the website enable you to have all the necessary skills that you might require to crochet with different materials and different type of things. You can learn to crochet for clothing, decorative stuff and some interactive house stuff.

8) Creativiu

Creativiu Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

Their slogan is, Netflix for crocheting and they live up to it. This website is your one stop shop if you are looking to learn crochet effectively. They have divided the classes to 60 minutes to make the understanding process much smoother and efficient.

 You can have a free trial for a month and then pay a minimal monthly fee to learn from this amazing website.The website enables you with the right information and knowledge to help you read and execute different crocheting patterns perfectly.

This way, you will neve be confused with anything and you can not only read but also follow the same patterns to create your own items with a personalized touch. The website has courses that will allow you to learn over 25 different stitches.

These courses include all the information on how to create those traditional and creative stitches perfectly to create the perfect item with your crocheting skills.

There are also private mastermind groups where you can discuss any questions that you might have in your mind and have them answered by your fellow learners or experts easily. The website has an adaptive interface and you can use it on any device, let it be your phone, tablet, PC or your Smart TV.

9) Crochetcoach

Crocketcoach Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

The name says it all. This dedicated website is all about crochet supplies, some creatively designed crochet products and how to learn crochet. The interface is highly dynamic and interactive that catches your attention and gives you a feeling that you are in the right place if you are looking to learn something creative.

The website has multiple resources listed online to brush up your creativity and allow you access to multiple tools that will aid your learning journey.

Crochet Coach has step-by-step lessons listed online that will provide you with all the insight that you might require to craft a patter correctly. They can help you with some of highly advanced curated patterns for all levels that will be the right tool for you to show your creativity and make it count in crocheting.

The community on website is ever-helping and you can share your work or ask questions wherever you feel like you are getting stuck.

Along with all these cool features, you also get access to an extensive library that has hundreds of resources to help you learn crocheting perfectly. They also offer a unique and new pattern every month for you to learn.

10) CraftyMinx

Craftyminx Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

This dedicated website with minimalistic interface is all that a beginner might need to be introduced to the world of crocheting. The website is a whole crochet school that covers everything from scratch to finish.

On this website, you can learn how to choose your crochets, which threads would be right for each knit, and how you can master some great designs with most complicated crochet techniques.

The learning journey on this website is interactive and easy to follow. Each course level helps you grow a step more in the world of crocheting and get yourself confidence that you have learnt the necessary skills by exercises after each level.

Not only that, you can also get assistance on most common mistakes that are made in crocheting and how you can fix or avoid them in the first place.

The course module has several exams during the learning process that will help you evaluate your learning and make you feel confident about your growth so far.

The website has elaborative description of each lesson and its content listed on the website so before starting, you can have a better idea of the course material and if it will suit your needs.

11) Coursecraft

Coursecraft Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

This is another dedicated website that offers multiple courses on different range of crafts. The website is based out of UK and follows strict quality standards of online learning as you can expect from any UK based website.

Their learning modules are highly informative with practical approach towards making students understand the actual concepts and grab the fundamentals easily.

Their learn to crochet course is a basic course that suits beginners best as it helps people have a firm grasp over basic crochet concepts and techniques. The course is right for all those individuals looking to have firm foundation on the basic crochet techniques.

The course is designed by a crochet enthusiast who love to teach people crochet. The video tutorials include double, and triple crochet techniques that are easy to follow and you will be able to understand some cool knits fairly easily on this website.

12) Interweave

Interweave Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

The name of this website tells the story. It is all about weaving, beading, crochet and other thread related crafts. The website has multiple courses listed to help you learn all the thread related skills that you might want to learn online.

Being a dedicated website, attention is paid to smallest aspects and you can see that this website will help you learn how to crochet perfectly.

There is also a shop on this website that can help you source top quality crochet supplies at the comfort of your home with trust and authenticity. You can find numerous crochet courses that can help you learn argyle, zigzags, stripes, braids and much more.

You can get access to featured crochet artists, some top knitting magazines, online workshops to learn from other people’s work, an extensive range of pattern collection to get inspired and much more.

This is probably the only website that allows you to download video lessons that are going to help you with the learning process wherever you are.

13) Crocheting101

Crocheting101 Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

The website is 100% free and is dedicated to teach crocheting online. It offers a dual-module learning material that comprises of a book and videos to help you learn all there is about crocheting and making it count.

You can learn some of the basic skills to some highly advanced crocheting techniques that will help you with your skills the right way. The website also has an offer for you to buy a crocheting kit with all the accessories and required tools to craft the perfect items with your creativity and skills you’ve learnt online.

There course material is divided into several chapters, each with a pre-defined goal and elaborative information on the topic.

You also get a practicing exercise upon completion of each chapter to test your knowledge and evaluate the skills that you have learnt so far.

There is a dedicated project gallery on the website that has completed projects from students and experts that you can learn from or try to copy and practice those commendable knits.

14) Craftla

Craftla Learn Crocheting Lessons Online

This website is all about knitting and crocheting. The website is dedicated to these crafts and offer you a premium, no carp and straightforward insight on how to get the things done perfectly.

Looking to start crocheting and find your way to perfection, this is the perfect place for you to be.

The website has some really complex knitting courses to offer that are going to make you understand the basics of crocheting and how you can master some of the highly advanced techniques to craft those beautiful and complex looking items with crochets.

The website also has a store for your convenience that can help you get your hands on the premium crochet material kits that include all the tools, accessories and threads with colors that are going to leave a remarkable impression to your work.

There are numerous courses listed on the website that are focused on certain knots, techniques and skills for you to choose form and learn from the very best. The courses are offered in mandarin and English with subtitles option so you can choose the language you are comfortable to learn with.

Choosing The Best Crocheting Lesson Online

Crocheting is a skill that has been in existence for quite some time and it remains a handy craft when it comes to decorative or clothing skills.

You might be a craft student, looking to get some better insight on crocheting or an enthusiast who want to spend their time positively and learn some creative skills.

Whatever goals you might have set for yourself to learn crocheting, these websites are going to help you understand all you need to know about crocheting and practice it perfectly.


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