19 Websites to Learn Creativity Lesson Online (Free and Paid Creativity Courses)

Learn Creativity Lesson Online

The term “creative” has come to stay. It refers to a group of intelligent people who think and create captivating content for film, written content, magazines, documentaries, advertisements, and audio content.

There is a high demand for people with creative skills in the marketing sector. It is believed that we all have some form of creativity in us; we only have to awaken the creative mindset to get started.

There are so many opportunities to learn how to become creative online. These creativity lessons have been made by scholars and accomplished professionals who have excelled in different creative industries. Learning creativity lessons online opens up a whole lot of possibilities because the students can connect and master the processes that have worked excellently for the teachers.

The creative lessons online are presented as video lessons that feature the teachers discussing and explaining how to become more creative in the area of focus. Many of these lessons offer introductory sessions that will help the intending students to understand the value they will get at the end of the course.

Also, learning creative lessons online allows the students to achieve their dreams while learning at their own pace.

Here are the best websites for creative lessons online.

19 Websites to Learn Creativity Lesson Online Reviews

1) Masterclass in Creativity and Film with David Lynch

MasterClass David Lynch Learn Creativity Lessons Online

This comprehensive masterclass in creativity and film has been packaged as one course that can be taken by students at all learning levels. The course features only 12 lessons that last for an average time of 12 minutes only. During the course, the students will be taught all about creativity and film and given learning resources such as workbooks for the exercises.

The rating for this masterclass in creativity and film is quite high, so it is expected that all students who take the course will achieve their dreams. The lessons are presented as videos, the instructors explain the different topics in the course, and guide the students to learn all they need to start a career as a creative and professional.

The topics covered in this masterclass for creativity and film include an introduction to the theme for this course, which teaches the students how to work on their own terms, sourcing for materials and the steps to building lasting relationships with clients.

Other topics include developing ideas, the creative writing process, how to use unique words to communicate and portray the right image, and the aspect of sound and scoring when developing creative content for film and TV.

This course encourages the students to develop their skills to reach the peak of their careers as creative. The learning schedule is flexible, which makes it convenient for people who have full-time jobs.

2) Udemy – Creativity and Personal Development Lessons online

Udemy Learn Creativity Lessons Online

The lessons on creativity and personal development that are featured on this website cover a wide range of topics. This makes Udemy an ideal learning platform for many people who can find the lessons they need regardless of their interests.

The tutors on this site have been checked by the administrative team, and they are mostly professionals, teachers and graduates who have studied different creative fields in higher educational institutions.

Each creative lesson on Udemy has a short description that provides information about the course. This helps the students to make better decisions when choosing a creativity lesson.

Also, other features of the course, such as the duration, number of lessons and the learners’ level, have been indicated to guide the students.

The creativity and personal development lessons on this site are presented as premade video lessons which are of a high-quality and have good audio. The popular topics related to creativity that have been featured include creating writing for TV and film, storytelling, writing books, scripts, and creating other related content for dramas, or stage plays.

The number of students who have already taken a course is indicated on the course page; also, the lessons have been rated by past students on a Five-Star scale. There are also tags on top-rated creative lessons, and the bestsellers. The website is easy to use and all students can learn how to unlock their creativity without dealing with pressure.

3) Skillshare.com – Creativity Lessons Online

Skillshare.com Learn Creativity Lessons Online

Everyone can create an account on this website for free, and then purchase any of the creativity lessons that are suitable. There is a wide range of creativity lessons that cover different topics. The lessons have been created as video lectures that have been labelled according to the different topics taught in the video.

Deciding on which lessons to choose is easy because the search filter presents accurate results based on searches that specify the duration of the course, topics covered, and the category or learners who can take the course, for example, beginners, intermediate or advanced learners.

There are introductory lessons on selected course topics, which are offered for free. These courses help the students form a perception about the course; also, there are options to take the premium lessons which are more advanced and elaborate.

The popular topics on creativity that have been featured on this site include creativity and innovation, lifestyle, creative insights, brainstorming, and fine art. The lessons on creativity last for an average time of thirty minutes or more, depending on the elaborate nature of the course.

Also, many of the teachers offer the students offline learning resources that can be used as a reference when they need to refresh their memory about any aspect of the course in the coming years. The learning structure on this site is well-organised and user-friendly.

4) Coursera – Creativity Lessons Online

Coursera Learn Creativity Lessons Online

The creativity lessons featured on Coursera have been prepared in collaboration with different reputable universities. These affiliations give the creativity lessons some form of credibility that encourages students to take the courses.

There are so many courses on creativity and related topics. Coursera has provided a vast educational platform that can be used by everyone to learn at their own pace, without stress or pressure.

The Universities under whose authority the different creativity lessons have been made are indicated on the course page. Also, the particular column that has been created to help the student determine if the course they are thinking of taking has been made for beginners, intermediate or advanced learners. The number of students who have taken a course is also indicated, and the lessons have been rated on a five-star scale.

Some of the main topics of creativity lessons on this site include how to ignite your everyday creativity, innovation and creativity, modern art and ideas, creativity and entrepreneurship, creative collaboration, and the concept of changing perspectives as a creative person.

Depending on the course and the students’ application, there is a provision for financial aid to be awarded to the students who meet the criteria for consideration. This is an educational grant that allows more students to afford and take the creativity lessons that align with their career plans.

5) Class central – Online Creativity Lessons

Class central Learn Creativity Lessons Online

There are over 400 courses related to creativity on this educational website. The courses cover different topics that are taught by graduates in creative fields, professionals who have done excellently in TV and other media, as well as creative writers who are behind some of the best productions we know today.

Students who are interested in taking any of the creativity lessons can do a search to find the lessons that offer certification at the end of the learning program. Many of the featured creativity lessons have been created in affiliation with reputable universities in the US, and the topics are elaborately covered. The lessons are presented as video files that make the learning process easier because of the high quality of images displayed and excellent audio.

The creativity lessons have been rated by past students, so it is easy to know a course that has been satisfactory after others have completed the learning program. Also, the duration of each creativity lesson is indicated in the course description, this information will help the students to make adequate plans to start and complete the course.

The search function on this site allows the students to choose creativity lessons that come with a flexible learning structure, which helps the students to learn all about the featured topic at their own pace. It is free to sign up and create an account as a student interested in taking any of the creativity lessons on this site.

6) Fiverr.com

Fiverr Learn Creativity Lessons Online

Students who are in search of creativity lessons online will find so many learning opportunities on fiverr.com. On this website, the lessons have been created to offer help and support at different levels.

There is a search feature that can be used by visitors to find particular creativity lessons; this is done by searching based on particular keywords for the course. Each featured gig on fiverr.com has been created by professionals who are checked by the admin team on the site.

Some of the topics under creativity, that have been featured on this site include lessons on how to create teaching plans, interactive designs, coding and programing lessons, and guidelines on how to create podcasts on creativity.

There are also lessons for students who want to develop their creativity in the area of music and artistic performances. For each creativity lesson, the teacher has created a series of video lessons that teach and offer the best guidelines that will help the students to achieve their goals.

Regarding creative writing, there are a handful of creativity lessons that cover topics such as creative writing tips for children’s books, novels, scriptwriting, and bible stories for targeted audiences of different ages. The creative lessons have been rated by past students who took the course; the rating helps to reveal the level of satisfaction previous students had during the course.

7) Futurelearn.com – Creativity Lessons Online

Futurelearn Learn Creativity Lessons Online

The creativity lessons that are featured on this website are focused on creative arts and media lessons. There are thirty courses on creativity, each lesson lasts for a specific time, which is stated on the course description page. The creative lessons follow a flexible learning pattern and can be taken by people who have full-time jobs because it is easy to learn without pressure.

The creativity lessons cover three main topics, which are music, writing, and photography, and visual arts. The lessons have been created by professionals from universities and film schools all over the world. The versatility of the learning program makes it possible for the students to learn from some of the best teachers. The creativity lessons are presented as videos that can be streamed from any location in the world.

The creative lessons last for an average time of three hours every week. And it is free to join the beginners’ course before it starts. The intermediate and advanced creativity lessons on the site are paid learning programs, and some of them offer the successful students a certificate after completing the course.

The learning structure for each course is interactive, the students can learn via the video lessons and by studying offline materials provided by the teachers. Each advanced lesson and the Bachelors courses have been properly described to help the students understand the value proposition before registering for the course.

8) EDX – Online Creativity Lessons

edx Learn Creativity Lessons Online

This is a comprehensive course on creativity; it is for students at all learning levels because the course starts from the fundamentals. On the homepage, there is an indication that shows when the next scheduled course will start; this information will help students to make adequate plans to attend the course. The learning program is flexible; it allows all the participants to learn at their own pace.

The step by step approach used in this course has been created to make it easy for all the students to understand the process required to unlock their inner creativity. The lessons have also been created to help the students identify their strong points and areas they should focus on as creative, based on their talents.

The learning process on the site includes an introduction to the creative tools that should be used in different situations, the techniques needed to unlock the potentials of these tools, and how to apply them to achieve outstanding results.

The creativity lessons on this site have been created in affiliation with The Imperial College London. The duration of the course is 7 weeks, and the students can take creativity lessons for 2 hours or more per week.

This is a free online course on creativity; however, the students who complete the learning program can request a certificate after completing the course, for a fee.

9) Creativelive.com

Creativelive.com Learn Creativity Lessons Online

This online learning platform also features a growing community that offers the students a chance to interact with other students, exchange ideas, and learn more about creativity. It is free to create an account on this site, and there are discounts on the premium creativity lessons that have been featured.

The creativity lessons on this site are taught by experts and experienced teachers who have made video lessons for each topic on the lesson plan. It is easy to navigate the site, the different creativity lessons have been grouped into boldly labelled categories.

There are creativity lessons on photography, marketing, writing, how to use different software, and self-development topics that aim to help the students become more confident in their ability to succeed.

Students who take this course will have access to live events and new content that is added to the site every day.

10) Creativebug.com

Creativebug.com Learn Creativity Lessons Online

The website layout on this site makes it easy for visitors to find the creative lessons they need. There are search features, tags, and different tabs with bold labels that indicate the different featured on the site. This is an educational platform for all students interested in learning and improving their creative skills.

The learning plan on this site has been created to be engaging and easy for all students. With a click, the students can view the featured classes, find inspiration to unlock their creative potentials, and engage in exercises to apply their knowledge during the course.

The video lessons on this site have been created by professional designers, and different renowned artists. The lessons start with introductory classes that reveal all about the entire course, there are hundreds of free videos that are all about creativity.

Also, the students who are interested in exploring their creative abilities can download offline content such as recipes, learning materials, and templates for different courses. The participants are encouraged to visit the daily practice page to find engaging content that allows them to explore their creativity and apply the knowledge that they have gained during the course.

11) Superprof – Online Creativity Coaching

Superprof Learn Creativity Lessons Online

The creativity lessons on this site have been created by experienced teachers who are professionals that want to coach and guide their students to discover hidden creative potentials. The website has been properly organised, and it features tutors who are occupational therapists, graduates from universities, personal development coaches, psychologists, and artists who can help their students to unlock hidden creative potentials.

The online creativity lessons are presented via webcams, before taking a course, the student can view the tutors' profile to ensure that they are a good match. The tutors have been rated on a scale of Five-Stars by previous students, so it is easy to tell which tutors are offering real value to students. Also, the tutors can be contacted to make flexible learning plans that will be convenient for the student and help them to learn at their own pace.

On the site, the tutors have offered the first lesson for each course to the students for free. These are introductory lessons that teach the fundamentals of the topic and acts as a guide to help the students understand the course better.

There are exercises for each creativity course, which is necessary to give the students a practical experience during the learning program. The lessons are priced per hour, and each student can decide the level they wish to begin their studies.

12) ideou.com – Online Creativity Lessons

ideou.com Learn Creativity Lessons Online

The modern concepts of creativity taught on this website are targeted at giving the students’ knowledge, skills, and ideas to achieve great things in their careers. The website features creativity lessons that are packaged as a learning course and sent to the email of the student. The learning program is convenient for people with full-time jobs or other engagements, who can study creativity lessons at their own pace.

The website has a responsive layout; it is easy to browse the different creativity lessons offered to find a good match, based on the course that has caught a student’s interest. There are different learning plans. The students can choose to take the cohort lessons on creativity or the complete online courses that come with a certificate.

The cohort courses last for an average time of 5 weeks; these courses are more elementary and cover the fundamentals as well as other essential aspects of the featured topic. The certificate courses are more elaborate, and they follow a lesson plan that can pass for a graduate course in any university. The certificate courses last for a period of 2 to 3 months.

Some of the topics covered in this online learning program include foundations in design thinking, impactful presentations, insight for innovation, and design strategy.

At the end of this course, the students are expected to have problem solving skills that will make them relevant in the modern world.

13) Madcaplogic.com – Online Creativity Lessons

Madcaplogic.com Learn Creativity Lessons Online

The theme of this educational website on creativity is all about teaching young students about design, animation, and creating content for the younger audience. The creativity lessons are created as exciting learning packages that will engage the students throughout the duration of the course.

The lessons on visual education are also interactive, this allows the students to ask questions and get the best answers that will help them understand the lessons. The course features 16 lessons that span a few weeks, based on the students learning pace.

During the course, the students are taught about the different elements of art, as well as the guiding principles to understand all about art. In addition to the lessons, the students will be guided on how to complete up to thirty art projects that feature practical work based on the creativity lessons.

There is a virtual gallery that displays the students’ works, and the parents can monitor the progress of their children online by visiting the students’ portfolio. The creativity lessons are targeted at helping the students to develop their creative voice and form a pattern that can be used to uniquely communicate their ideas visually.

14) Teaching English

Teaching English Learn Creativity Lessons Online

This is a creativity and innovation course that has been developed and packaged in partnership with the British Council. The creativity lessons on this educational platform are for intermediate learners.

After completing the registration form, the students who plan to take this course can download the learning materials as a PDF file online. The duration of the course is up to an hour, depending on the students’ learning pace.

During the course, the students are introduced to different concepts about creativity. These lessons reveal the steps that can be taken to become more creative in writing, visual arts, and the use of online software for arts and design. There are practical exercises that help the students to understand the different creative concepts they will be exposed to during the course.

The interactive learning sessions involve the teachers and students, professional support is offered to all students to help them gain more knowledge and understanding needed to complete the practical exercises during the course.

In the end, there is a final discussion class that covers the topics of the course and all the creativity tasks done. All students are expected to understand creativity and how it develops individually, to continue developing their individual creative talents.

The reading and speaking exercises are targeted at helping the students improve communication with clients, colleagues, and other creatives.

15) Universal Class

Universal Class Learn Creativity Lessons Online

This online class on creative thinking is a mix of creativity lessons, exercises, and assignments. The learning program will last for an average time of 5 hours per week. The course has been created for people who want to explore and develop their creative abilities.

The learning program is flexible, and this allows people working in different industries to participate in the course and learn more about creativity and how they can increase their chances of success using their creative talents.

During the course, the students will be guided on how to use different creative tools to enhance their already existing talents. There are special creativity focused lessons that help the students to understand and apply the principles of generating ideas for their creative work.

The students are introduced to concepts such as observatory processes, abstract thinking, and the use of imagination to improve their creative abilities. Also, a series of mental tools will be identified and examined, to help the students understand how these tools can be used to create and achieve better results.

Each creativity lesson has been briefly described, and the students can view the rating given by previous students who took the lesson. The number of examinations for each lesson is also indicated in the description. Also, students are given links to related articles that cover different creativity topics.

16) Study.com – Online Creativity Lessons

Study.com Learn Creativity Lessons Online

This is a comprehensive course that features practice and theory lessons. The focus of this course is to teach students how to improve and become more creative in learning environments.

The course is taught by Wind Goodfriend, a teacher, and psychologist with a Ph.D. The lessons featured on this learning program last for less than ten minutes each, it is a flexible learning program that allows the students to learn all about becoming more creative at their own pace.

There are creativity lessons on how to improve memory while learning. This course covers a study of short-term memory and long-term memory, how it works, and leveraging these memory patterns to improve creativity. Also, the students will be introduced to the factors that can limit creativity, and the tutor provides tips and methods to overcome these hindrances to creativity.

There is an extensive focus on the approaches to solving problems using creative mental models. The lessons on this site are interactive and easy to comprehend. The tutor offers each student a thirty-day free trial period during which the student will decide on the course and if it adds the value, they expect. Searching for a course on this site is easy; students can browse the different lessons based on their subjects and topic.

17) Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum Learn Creativity Lessons Online

This is an online platform created to help teachers, young children, parents, and teenagers to find their creative talents and improve it. The team that manages this site has created and offered a wide range of creative tools that have been developed for the different age groups of students who use the site.

The learning program is basically created to be fun, insightful, and engaging. The people who use any of these creativity tools and learning resources can visit the site to explore different ways to improve their creative talents at a convenient time. There is no rush in the learning process.

The adults who use the learning materials on this site can follow the guidelines as presented by the creators and other team members managing the site. However, younger children will need some level of guidance while they use different creative tools to explore their talents.

The themes around which many of the creative learning materials have been designed are predominantly artistic. The online museum features more than a hundred learning materials and tools for the entire public who use the site.

There is a plan to monitor the performance of the people who use the creative resources on this site. The results from these assessments help to highlight areas that may need more focus and improvement.

18) One Community Global

One Community Global Learn Creativity Lessons Online

The creative lesson plan that is featured on this website has been developed to cover the essential topics that can help an individual unlock their inner creative potentials.

The goal of this lesson plan is to stimulate the individuals’ creativity; the tutors have set the process in motion by creating a diverse lesson plan that is engaging and effective. The creative lesson plan is easy to use; there are instructions on the site to guide the users who wish to explore different topics and concepts that can help them to become more creative.

The topics covered in the creative lesson plan have been carefully selected. There are topics in Science, Health, English, Arts and Trade, and Social Sciences. There is a special topic on innovation and technology that helps the users to understand dynamic concepts to improve their unique skills and to achieve better results.

The lesson plan also features other learning materials that can provide additional knowledge in line with the users’ area of interest. The process of learning on this site follows an open source teaching methodology that is suitable for learners at all levels.

19) OECD – Creative Thinking Lessons Online

OECD Learn Creativity Lessons Online

The learning program on this educational platform is targeted at helping the students to improve their creative and critical thinking abilities. This learning platform can be used by students from all over the world. The learning structure has been created to help teachers in different countries to use the creativity lessons to help their students unlock inner creative abilities.

Regarding critical thinking exercises, the students are presented different mental models, problems, and ideas to stimulate their critical thought processes and develop innovative ideas.

On the site, the Rubrics model that has been developed by the team at OECD has been featured, to guide the teachers who use the creativity and critical thinking models to teach their students. For the course, the lesson plan covers a wide range of intuitive topics such as visual arts, science, music, math, innovation, language and literacy, and other disciplines.

The learning program is convenient and user-friendly, this allows all students to learn at their own pace. There is also a provision that allows the students going through the creativity and critical thinking learning program to perform self-assessments to know if they are improving. At the end of the course, the teachers conduct a formative and summative assessment to evaluate the students’ progress.

Choosing the Best Creativity Lesson Online

Learning how to think creatively, and solve problems with critical thinking methods takes time. The progress achieved may vary from one person to another. This is why it is best to take a self-paced approach when learning creativity skills online. Also, it is best to start a creativity lesson online that offers a free introductory lesson.

This free lesson will give you an idea of the course and what you will gain at the end of the course. You should also choose creativity lessons that have been scored excellently by past students in the rating.


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