3 Websites To Learn Country Dance Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Country Dance Lessons Online

Learn Country Dance Lessons Online

A country dance or a country-western dance is a form of dancing where a group of people, usually in couples, dance together in a single or more sets. Originating from Europe, country dance has now become a huge part of dancing culture.

Unlike most other dances performed by couples, country dance usually involves interaction/dancing with your partner, with the progression of you ending up dancing with everyone else involved in the set. Country dances are performed in many different styles and mostly done with country music.

Although mostly popular in Europe, people living in other parts of the world also seem to enjoy the act.Dancing is a healthy hobby, both physically and mentally. It requires you to move your body frequently and it’s been shown in many researches that dancing actually helps alleviate stress.With all the benefits that dancing offers you, you could be an enthusiast in dancing yourself.

You could be interested in country dancing for a wide variety of reasons.In this article, we will discuss about the websites that can teach you the art of country dancing online, eliminating the hassle of joining a physical class. So, let’s get started!

3 Websites To Learn Country Dance Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Country Dance Lessons Online

Udemy is a major online learning platform, providing a large number of online courses to its users. You can search for any online course on the website and trust Udemy to give you a whole list as a result. The surprising part is that while providing you with huge number of courses, Udemy will also make sure to provide you with great quality on each and every course.

The website offers a wide range of online country dance courses. The courses listed on Udemy are for both total beginners and for users looking to learn country dancing at an advanced level. Some courses will teach you all the basics about country dancing while some will teach you advanced country dancing tips.

Udemy also has some great features for its users. If you end up picking a wrong course for yourself, Udemy has a 30-day money back guarantee, which is applicable to all the courses.

All the courses are rated by other users who have finished the course, helping you in your decision of picking up a course. Udemy also provides a great filter option, where you can sort out the courses exactly according to your requirements.

Overall, Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms. It provides flexibility and a bunch of online courses to its users, while also maintaining great quality.

2) LearnToDance

Learntodance Learn Country Dance Lessons Online

As the name suggests, Learn to Dance is a great website only featuring online dance lessons. They cover almost every popular category of dancing lessons. You can learn hip hop dancing, ballroom dancing, club dancing, and many more! But most importantly, they offer online country dancing to their users.

The website offers both free and paid courses to their users. Their free courses are mostly mini-dance lessons while the paid courses fall under the premium category. Their premium courses are carefully revised to ensure they offer the best quality to their users.

Learn to Dance provides online country dance lessons in the form of videos, covering all the basics and teaching you in a very easy and simple manner. The website also offers free basic tips for learning how to country dance.

The lesson offered by the website is made specifically for complete beginners, and are divided into multiple videos. These videos teach you basic country dancing in simple and easy steps.

With everything the website is able to offer you, Learn to Dance is a great choice for beginners to get started. They teach you all the basics of country dancing. In addition, most of their content is completely free and accessible to everyone. The website has a lot to offer, and is definitely one of the better choices.

3) AddictiveDancing

Addictivedancing Learn Country Dance Lessons Online

Addictive Dancing is another website purely dedicated to teaching online dancing lessons. They offer a wide variety of dancing courses. They offer online course as well as courses on DVD.

The website provides an interactive way of teaching online dancing courses. From beginner to mastery lessons, they offer courses for every level to their users. They make sure to provide an easy means of learning for beginners. With quick access to all the tutorials, dance lessons can be learned in a matter of minutes.

Addictive Dancing offers a step-by-step guide for many dance lessons to its users for ease. They have a “all-access-plan” which basically gives you access to all of the available dancing lessons at a price. This access plan can be bought for a monthly or yearly basis.

They provide country social dance lessons which are very easy to follow. You can learn country dancing at your own pace with video lessons.

In short, Addictive Dancing is a solid choice for anyone looking to learn how to country dance. They offer you a lot of courses, featuring simple and easy video guides. But if you are sick of learning the basics and want to improve your dancing skill even more, they provide you with a mastery course for country dancing as well.

Choosing The Best Country Dance Lesson Online

Country dancing is a fun and healthy activity. It has a lot of benefits to offer, and can reduce the stress and tension for both mind and body. Dancing can also give you increased strength and endurance in muscles, and more flexibility and agility.

As mentioned above, dancing clearly has a lot of benefits for the human body. We have reviewed and come up with a list of websites that can teach you how to country dance.

We have made sure to provide you with only the best online learning websites. These websites will help you become a true master of country dancing. All you need to do is pick any one of these and start learning!


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