23 Websites to Learn Cooking Lesson Online (Free and Paid Cooking Courses)

Learn Cooking Lesson Online

Learn Cooking Lesson Online

You can learn how to cook from world-class chefs without traveling anywhere. There are online courses that teach students how to cook different meals. You can find world-class and renowned chefs who have packaged simple and easy to understand courses for different meals.

The course programs are mostly designed to last for a few weeks because learning how to cook should be a gradual process to get the best results. However, the length of cooking courses online will depend on the food in focus.

It is easy to learn how to cook online with an online course because the videos are of high-quality. Also, the audio sound in many reputable online cooking videos created for students is clear and audible. With these settings, it is easy to listen and understands the instructions narrated by the chef on how to cook amazing meals.

It is also possible to find online cooking lessons that focus on deserts, dinner meals, or how to make pastries. But if you want a general cooking course, these classes are also available. The flexibility allows students to improve their cooking skills and learn how to cook new meals.

Here are the best online cooking websites you should visit.

23 Websites to Learn Cooking Lesson Online Reviews

1) Cooking Master Class with Thomas Keller

MasterClass Thomas Keller Learn Cooking Lessons Online

Thomas Keller has created a comprehensive MasterClass to teach students how to cook different seafood, desserts and sous vide. This is Thomas Keller’s third cooking MasterClass, and he has packaged 17 lessons that last about 12 minutes each.

The cooking lessons in this course have been prepared for beginners and intermediate cooking students who are interested in learning new culinary skills. Thomas Keller focuses on teaching his students the principles that must be followed to get a good result consistently.

The course starts with an introduction to the different cooking methods for seafood and sous vide, and it ends with different tips on how to serve desserts and seafood.

The master chef also demonstrates how students taking the course can get better results when they cook at the right temperature. Each student who takes this course will get a workbook that helps them to practice the cooking methods according to the lessons.

2) Master Class with Gordon Ramsay

MasterClass Gordon Ramsay Learn Cooking Lessons Online

This is the second Master Class prepared by renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. He has created this master class with a focus on teaching students how to prepare the best restaurant meals.

The master class features 15 lessons that are presented as high-quality videos that last for about 12 minutes per lesson. The master class starts with preparatory lessons and proceeds to teach students how to achieve an amazing food presentation that can be done in private homes.

This online cooking course is for anyone who would like to prepare tasty meals that are usually found on the menu in top-class restaurants. Gordon Ramsay has selected 13 special dishes that are served in restaurants; he takes the students on a learning journey from the preparation of the appetizers to the main course.

The lessons have been simplified for all students, and it reveals how the meals can be prepared with ingredients that are sold in regular markets.

3) Master Class with Wolfgang Puck

MasterClass Wolfgang Puck Learn Cooking Lessons Online

Wolfgang Puck has created this online cooking course to teach his students the culinary skills that can make them more confident in the kitchen. Wolfgang Puck is a legendary chef who is known for his experimental prowess in the kitchen and willingness to try new things. Puck made the headlines when he discovered how to make delicious salmon pizza without the use if Bagels.

In this amazing online cooking course, Wolfgang Puck invites the public into his kitchen to learn the best techniques that can be used to prepare starters, the main side meals, and desserts. He goes further in this online cooking course to teach his students how to make different exotic cocktails.

At the end of this course, Wolfgang Puck aims to empower his students with culinary skills and in-depth cooking knowledge that can motivate the students to discover and create new recipes.

This course is divided into 16 lessons that last for about 12 minutes each.

4) Master Class with Massimo Bottura

MasterClass Massimo Bottura Learn Cooking Lessons Online

It is such a thrill to know that Massimo Bottura, the popular Italian chef, has created a cooking master class to teach students his excellent cooking methods. This master class is for everyone who wants to learn how to cook modern Italian meals.

The course is presented as 12 lessons that last for about 12 minutes per lesson. The video lessons have a sharp picture display and excellent audio. Massimo Bottura has created this cooking course for aspiring chefs at all levels of training.

The theme of this course is focused on the methods of applying modern cooking techniques and recipes to improve traditional Italian meals. Massimo Bottura takes his students on a learning program that teaches them how to correctly prepare meals and get consistent results by using the right heat energy and ingredients. Each student participating in this online cooking course gets a cookbook during the program.

5) Master Class with Alice Waters

MasterClass Alice Waters Learn Cooking Lessons Online

Alice Waters is such a darling; she has graced our TV screens for many years as a professional chef and teacher. In this master class, Alice Waters reveals the secrets of excellent home-cooked meals. She has prepared this online course, which features a total of 16 cooking lessons.

The video lessons are shot with high definition cameras and excellent audio. Alice Waters with a preview of the course, and shows her students how to recognise and select the best organic ingredients in the market.

This online cooking course takes the students through a learning journey that covers the cooking methods required to process raw foods and preparation of different meals in the home.

Alice focuses on teaching her students how to get the best results with the use of healthy cooking methods. Alice also teaches about the best kitchen tools for home-cooked meals as well as the herbs and spices that can bring out the unique taste in meals.

6) Master Class with Aaron Franklin

MasterClass Aaron Franklin Learn Cooking Lessons Online

In this comprehensive cooking course that features 16 video lessons, Aaron Franklin teaches his students about the best cooking methods to prepare Texas barbeque. There is hardly a restaurant that does not offer the meal Texas barbeque in their menu. It is a favourite among the customers.

So many people are interested in learning how to cook their chicken right. The skills learned in this course can be used for private cooking in homes or commercial services.

The secrets to cooking the Texas barbeque lie in the ability of the chef to get the right smoke and fire. These are the methods taught in this master class. Aaron Franklin is the famous owner of the Franklin Barbeque, a very popular restaurant where the line of customers waiting to buy barbeque is always very long.

The course features 16 video lessons, and each student is given a cookbook during the program. The students taking this course are taught how to cook pork, brisket, and steak.

7) Udemy Online Cooking Courses

Udemy Learn Cooking Lessons Online

Udemy features a number of cooking courses that give the public an opportunity to learn essential cooking skills. The cooking courses sold on Udemy are prepared by top instructors from all over the world. Many students have a preference for the cooking lessons on Udemy because they can learn from different chefs.

The cooking lessons are designed with a structure that allows students to learn using a convenient schedule. The video lessons on the educational site cover a wide range of cooking areas such as seafood, dessert, dinner meals, side dishes, and pastries.

Students also have the opportunity to learn how to cook Asian meals such as Thai food, Indian cuisine, and Chinese meals. The duration of each course depends on the cooking area in focus.

For example, some cooking lessons for Asian cuisine last for up to 4 hours, while other courses about the preparation of desserts may only last for 30 minutes. The courses have been rated by past students so it is easy to make a choice and get value for your money.

8) Top Chef University

Top Chef University Learn Cooking Lessons Online

Top Chef University has created a mobile app that can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android operating systems. The app features different cooking lessons that are presented as videos that can be streamed online.

The cooking videos on this online platform are high-quality; they feature different top chefs cooking meals while narrating the step by step process to students.

After downloading the app and signing up for an online cooking experience, students are given access to 200 video lessons that show chefs cooking different meals. The duration of the entire cooking program is about six hours. However, students can pause their lessons and resume when it is convenient.

Students can also track their progress by taking quizzes about the cooking videos they have watched to tests their knowledge. The interactive videos are presented by eleven top chefs who give detailed instructions on how to prepare meals.

9) Take Lessons for Online Cooking

Take Lessons Learn Cooking Lessons Online

On this educational site, students from all over the world can start learning how to cook different meals. The video cooking lessons offered on this site can be streamed online. However, they are not downloadable; instead, the instructors offer downloadable content such as cookbooks and instructional guides to help the students get better results when they try different recipes.

The site has created an online cooking section that allows chefs from all over the world to prepare and upload online cooking courses that have been focused on different cooking areas such as how to make Italian meals, Asian meals or American dishes.

The lessons are accessible to all students; it is easy to choose a good course on Take Lessons because the cooking instructors have been rated by their past students.

10) The Kitchn Cooking School

The Kitchn Cooking School Learn Cooking Lessons Online

This is one of the popular online cooking schools that offer students a wide range of learning options. The online cooking school relies on high-quality videos to teach students about the best cooking methods for different types of foods. The Kitchn cooking school welcomes students at all levels.

Beginners who would like to learn from scratch can choose the right courses and start their learning experience. Also, expert chefs who are interested in learning new cooking methods can take the course and improve their cooking knowledge.

The Kitchn offers cooking courses that cover areas such as how to prepare ingredients for different meals, tips on creating recipes and how to use already existing recipes, planning a meal, the right type of groceries and the best methods that can be used to get excellent results when cooking for a group of people.

11) BBC Cooking Lessons Online

BBC Learn Cooking Lessons Online

This is an exclusive online channel on the BBC website that is dedicated to teaching people how to cook online. The cooking lessons in this program are presented by your favourite British and European chefs. This is a comprehensive cooking program that covers a wide area of interest.

The lessons are presented as pre-recorded, high-quality videos. The fantastic thing about taking these cooking courses is that the videos are crisp clear and have excellent audio.

The cooking courses featured on this site cover areas such as quick-cooking methods, healthy cooking methods, frying foods, cooking methods that will benefit single people, discussing the ingredients and different recipes.

Also, there are video cooking lessons created to teach vegans how to make different vegan meals. Students who take this online cooking course will learn tips and techniques used by master chefs to get excellent and consistent results.

12) NY Times Cooking

NY Times Learn Cooking Lessons Online

This is an online cooking website sponsored by the New York Times. The scope covers areas related to cooking, such as different amazing recipes that can be cooked in residential homes or on a commercial scale, cooking guides that can be used to get the best results, and creative suggestions that anyone can try at home.

There is always so much to learn on this site, the editors have enlisted the services of many chefs who contribute essential cooking guides and tips to help the students who are learning how to cook. The site is also excellent for experienced chefs who are looking for new and exciting recipes to thrill their customers.

Some of the highlights on this cooking site include lessons on how to cook on-demand meals for dinner and favourite dishes that can be found on the menus during festival seasons. The cooking tips on this site cover how to cook soups, pasta, chicken, bread, yoghurt, and so much more. There are also special cooking ideas on how to make meals children will enjoy eating.

13) Dinner Tonight

Dinner Tonight Learn Cooking Lessons Online

This online cooking website is the home of amazing recipes, healthy cooking tips, guides, and high-quality cooking videos to teach everyone who wants to improve their culinary skills. The chefs in charge of the site make it easy for beginners to learn amazing cooking methods by offering the latest tips and ideas for different recipes.

The cooking ideas that can be learned on this site include tips for cooking vegan meals, vegetarian meals, fried foods, and cuisines from different parts of the world. The site also features creative ideas on how to make snacks, dessert, side dishes and meals that children will enjoy eating.

Each meal featured on this site includes a comprehensive list of the ingredients and the recipe, which shows the measurement for each ingredient. The instructions have been documented in an easy to understand format. Also, the chef presents an analysis of the nutritional value of the meal to guide the students who are learning.

14) American Test Kitchen

American Test Kitchen Learn Cooking Lessons Online

The experienced chefs on this website offer students an opportunity to learn how to cook a variety of meals online. The master chefs have prepared countless online cooking lessons that cover different recipes. The students can choose an area of interest and focus on learning the best culinary skills to achieve the best results consistently.

This online cooking school offers its students over 230 online cooking lessons that are presented as videos with high-quality pictures and audio. The students are taken through a learning curve that teaches them how to apply cooking techniques and why different results are obtained.

The cooking lessons are divided into different simple steps to help the students easily comprehend what must be done to get the best cooking results. The lessons cover how to cook weeknight meals, takeout dinners, sauces, and snacks, among many other options.

15) MIT Online Cooking Course

MIT Learn Cooking Lessons Online

This is an open educational platform that offers the public a chance to learn how to cook different meals. The site layout is user-friendly; this makes it easy for students to find different instructors who are offering cooking guidelines for meals that catch their interest. The instructors on this site have been vetted by the editors, and they are experienced chefs and teachers.

The lessons cover guidelines on how to cook cuisines native to different cultures. The lessons are presented as high-quality videos and excellent audio. Students can find instructors who have created online courses to teach them how to cook pasta, Chinese cuisine, and meals native to other Asian regions.

16) Delia Online

Delia Online Learn Cooking Lessons Online

This is one of the popular online cooking websites that offers its audience a generalised platform to learn how different meals are cooked. The site focuses on how meals are prepared for different occasions.

Students can learn how to cook the best meals for breakfast, dinner, or delicious snacks. There is a section for students who are interested in learning the best methods for cooking chicken. Other meals and desserts such as cakes, pancakes, and soups are covered in this online cooking school.

The site features an information centre that teaches the audience about different foods and potential causes of allergies when some particular foods are eaten. This section also features the best tips for freezing foods, conversion tables, and different food recipes.

There is also a part of the site where people can find essential tips on the different cooking methods for preparing eggs. It is a comprehensive site, responsive and easy to use.

17) Bluprint Online Cooking Classes

Bluprint Learn Cooking Lessons Online

This is one of the popular online cooking schools; many people use this site because there is always something new for students. The chefs shoot many interesting and insightful videos about cooking different meals, which are posted on the site.

It is also a great place for beginners, intermediate and advanced chefs who are looking for new and exciting recipes to try out. The chefs on this site aim to encourage all the users and make them more confident in discovering new and unique recipes.

The cooking lessons on this site cover areas such as baking and making pastry, cooking Italian pasta, Mexican foods, Asian meals, Latin American foods, roasting, and how to make different types of stews.

The cooking lessons are created as video lessons that feature the chef who narrates the steps to follow when cooking a meal. There are different learning options, for example, students can select one from a collection of eight methods of making stews, or decide to learn all the methods.

18) Rouxbe Cooking Lessons Online

Rouxbe Learn Cooking Lessons Online

Rouxbe is a website created to teach a broad audience on how to cook online. The website is managed by a team of chefs who have a plan to grow the largest culinary online school. Rouxbe has had over 500 students since its inception, and the online cooking school offers membership to deserving chefs who become a part of the community.

The learning program offered to students is structured as an online course during which the students are guided by the instructor. The membership program gives the beneficiaries access to the vast culinary ideas, methods, and tips of the expert chefs.

This online cooking school has built a virtual community of students who can learn how to cook different meals from any part of the world. The course features interesting topics that are structured to keep the students engaged while they improve their culinary skills.

Students can enrol for the six-month course which includes a professional certificate at the end of the course. The certification program focuses on foundational and professional cooking methods.

19) Foodist Kitchen

Foodist Kitchen Learn Cooking Lessons Online

This online cooking school uses a different approach to teach people how to cook different meals. The course includes a comprehensive program that covers how to use different culinary skills.

Participants in this course will learn how to cook different meals without the use of recipes. This online school will be a good match for people who are interested in learning how to cook different homemade meals.

Beginners are welcome to take this online cooking course. The instructors are also ready to share their knowledge and cooking tips with intermediate and advanced chefs. The cooking methods also involve the use of strategies and the chef’s experience to help students become more confident when they are cooking in the kitchen.

The lead instructor on this site holds the opinion that people who rely on recipes hardly get the expected results. Instead, learning how to cook without the use of recipes can encourage more people to enjoy cooking as a habit.

20) Skill Share - Online Cooking

Skill Share Learn Cooking Lessons Online

Skill Share is a creative and responsive website that offers its audience a chance to learn how to cook different meals. The site has provided a platform for different chefs to upload their instructional videos about cooking different types of foods.

On this site, beginners can get started on their journey to become expert chefs. The video lessons include step by step instructions on how to cook meals with confidence and consistently achieve the best results.

The video lessons on this site are interactive. The narratives and explanations of the chefs in videos are easy to understand, also, the processes are done in simple and elaborate ways to make it easy for the viewers to follow the cooking process and get it right. On this site, anyone can learn how to make foods using cooking methods such as baking, frying, steaming, as well as how to make desserts, and a variety of cuisines.

21) One Pot Chef

One Pot Chef Learn Cooking Lessons Online

This is one of the popular YouTube channels about cooking. The channel has over 800 subscribers, and it features fresh content daily to keep the viewers engaged. So many people have learned how to cook different meals by viewing the videos on this channel, and all they need to do is subscribe.

There are hundreds of videos on this amazing cooking channel. The videos are high-quality and have clear audio to help viewers follow the cooking process.

The videos on this cooking channel feature the best methods that can be used to cook different meals in special ways. For example, you can find unique cooking methods that are suitable for the preparation of rice, pork, chicken, or beef. The videos also cover the preparation of desserts and baked foods.

22) Online degree

Online degree Learn Cooking Lessons Online

Online degree offers free cooking lessons for beginners. The lessons are presented as videos that feature expert chefs cooking different meals while explaining the process. This is a free online cooking course, and it features 24 video lessons that can help anyone become an expert chef with outstanding culinary skills.

This online cooking course is structured to make it convenient for everyone to participate. There are no schedules or timelines; anyone can learn how to cook at their own pace.

During the course, students learn about different cooking techniques, the ingredients and how to achieve the best flavour with the use of herbs and spices. At the end of the course, students will become more confident while cooking in the kitchen and willing to try new recipes.

23) Super Prof Cooking Lessons

Super Prof Learn Cooking Lessons Online

This website is created to help students find a cooking tutor and learn different culinary techniques. The search starts with entering a location, and the results show the tutors who are in that area and the types of foods they can teach the student how to cook.

The site is particularly for students who need private cooking lessons. However, the teachers on the site offer different learning experiences. For example, a teacher based in Washington may specialise in teaching students all about food handling, while another teacher is ready to teach students about cooking Indian cuisine. The courses can be organised in the teachers home, or via webcam, the decision is based on a mutual agreement between teacher and student.

The variety of options is a good idea. Students who may be beginners or advanced learners can use the opportunities on the site to learn several cooking methods from different expert chefs.

Many of the teachers on the site offer the first lesson for free. This will help the students to determine whether the course is right for them. The duration of the lessons depends on the cooking methods, techniques or meals that students will learn how to cook.

There are cooking lessons that last for fifty hours, while others are only 12 hours. It is also quite easy to get value for your money because the teachers have been rated by previous students. The teachers with a five-star rating usually get more patronage.

Choosing the Best Cooking Lesson Online

Learning how to cook online is convenient. So many people have always wanted to improve their culinary skills, but they have not had the time because of work. The cooking schools online offer a flexible learning opportunity for beginners and advanced students who need to improve their culinary skills.

Online, the learning opportunities are endless. The students can become much better by learning from different experts. The advantage of using online cooking schools is that the students get an opportunity to learn from renowned chefs whom they may never meet in person. It is also a good thing that some of the best chefs in the world are willing to share their culinary skills, tips, and ideas with everyone.


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