30 Websites to Learn Conservation Lesson Online (Free and Paid Conservation Courses)

Learn Conservation Lesson Online

Learn Conservation Lesson Online

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Many human activities and other factors have been putting the natural resources around us at risk. Hence, it is important for us to learn how to protect them and this is why conservation is an essential subject that everyone should consider learning.

Basically, conservation is all about protecting and taking care of the soil, wildlife, air, plants, water, and minerals. It teaches us about biodiversity and the ecosystems and how our actions can go a long way in saving the world.

If you would like to learn about conservation, there are tons of conservation lessons that take from the comfort of your home. Apart from covering a wide range of areas related to the conservation, the lessons also equip the learners with various ideas that they can use in their daily endeavors to protect our natural resources and make the world a better place to stay. Besides, these courses are great for the career progress of people in this industry.

These online conservation lessons are available on different websites. However, you do not have to worry about finding the lessons as this article will provide you with reviews of 30 different online platforms through which you can learn conservation lessons online. So, take the time to check out the websites below.

30 Websites to Learn Conservation Lesson Online Reviews

1) Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation

MasterClass Dr. Jane Goodall Learn Conservation Lessons Online

If you want to learn about conservation from an experienced and passionate individual who has traveled around the world, Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation is one of the best conservation lessons.

Available on Masterclass.com, this lesson provides you with in-depth knowledge of the actions you can take to conserve the environment. Similarly, Dr. Jane Goodall will show you some of the findings from her scientific study on the behavioral patterns of chimpanzees. You will also learn the important lessons that these patterns have taught us.

To ensure the application of the lessons, Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation will show you some local methods you can use to protect the ecosystems. This detailed course comprises 29 different modules that will discuss different areas of conservation.

Apart from the introduction, a few of the other modules in this program include Dreams of Africa, Chimpanzee Behavior, Animal Intelligence, Chimpanzee Development & Learning, Humans & The Environment, Industrial Agriculture, Advocacy Strategies, Making Global Change, and Reasons for Hope.

To complete the whole course, each student will need to dedicate 5 hours to learn the modules. Also, you can access this course and other courses on Masterclass.com for a monthly fee of $15.

2) Udemy Lessons on Conservation

Udemy Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Udemy offers a wide range of lessons that focus on teaching learners about conservation. Currently, the website has 84 different courses on the subject and they are taught by different seasoned professionals that have been in the field for many years. Hence, this website makes it convenient and fast for you to learn everything you need to know about how we can take care of and protect our environments.

It is worthwhile to note that these conservation courses come at varying prices. While some of them are entirely free, you may have to pay about $12 or more for others. Also, they focus on different aspects of the subject and also require different timeframes.

Therefore, take a look at these available courses and decide the ones that best suit your needs. A few of the conservation lessons on Udemy are Learn Biodiversity Conservation, Ecosystem ecology, WOLVES The DOG Ancestors - Learning Animals Nature Dog Human, Basic Hydrology, Agricultural Fence Design (NRCS Standard 382), Natural Resources - Water/Hydrosphere, and Human Meets Nature: Key Concepts in Environmental Philosophy.

3) Conservation lessons on Coursera

Coursera Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Coursera is one of the best and most popular online platforms that offer courses to all and sundry. This website has a large database with more than 160 courses on conservation. These conservation lessons are all provided by some of the best institutions in the world.

Some of the topnotch conservation courses on Coursera include Chimpanzee Behavior and Conservation from Duke University, Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation from the American Museum of Natural History, and Ecosystem Services: A Method for Sustainable Development from the University of Geneva.

Others include From the Big Bang to Dark Energy from the University of Tokyo, and Systems Biology and Biotechnology from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. When learning these lessons, you will have access to tons of video lectures, discussion forums and other vital resources. In addition, the instructors are professionals with a vast wealth of experience.

The majority of these courses do not have stringent prerequisites; hence, anybody can learn them irrespective of their experience or field of expertise. Also, most of the courses are free; however, you may need to pay a token to get a certificate.

4) Conservation lessons on Lynda

Lynda Learn Conservation Lessons Online

There are currently lots of courses on Lynda.com that are related to conservation and various other topics surrounding it. The courses are anchored by various individuals and institutions that have a good understanding of what the subject is all about.

Therefore, learning conservation lessons on Lynda is one of the best ways to understand the concept as well as the steps that you can take to contribute your quota to protecting the ecosystem.

Most of the courses on Lynda come in the form of short videos that explain various conservation concepts. Similarly, depending on the courses that you want to take, you may be able to get other important resources that can help you learn fast.

Upon completion of any of these courses, you will be able to help others make necessary changes that can improve the environment. There are free courses while some require you to pay relatively cheap amounts. So, look at the array of lessons available. Find the one that suits your needs, and join other learners today to be equipped with everything you need to know about conservation.

5) Conservation Lessons on Superprof

Superprof Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Superprof provides a series of courses on conservation. Learning about conservation via this platform is so easy and straightforward as you can easily search for the course you like and find a reliable and verified tutor to teach you.

Basically, the website will consider your location and show you some of the most competent tutors that are close to your location. Afterward, you will link up with the teacher to schedule your class and start learning about conservation.

This website allows you to check out the resume of each tutor so that you can learn about the experiences, expertise and other important things that may affect your decision. Also, you can read the reviews of the students that have learned from the tutor to know whether such a tutor is suitable for you or not.

Although the average of conservation lessons on Superprof is $47, you may be able to find a tutor that offers excellent conservation lessons at prices that are lower or higher than that. So, register on Superprof to explore various subjects that affect conservation.

6) Ecology and Wildlife Conservation

FutureLearn Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Join the Ecology and Wildlife Conservation to start learning about the process of protecting the wildlife against all sorts of problems. This 2-week program requires each learner to dedicate a total of 4 hours for timely completion.

To show you more reasons why we need to conserve our environment, this course will expatiate on some of the moral and economic benefits of conservation as well as the harmful effects of some of our actions on nature. You will also learn about how nature conservation can play a pivotal role in preserving our lives as humans.

Offered by the University of Leeds, this free course will also let you know about how ecosystem collapse can occur as a result of coral loss. In addition, Ecology and Wildlife Conservation will help you realize the way new technology has been improving biodiversity and nature conservation.

This program is designed for any individual that wants to learn about how humans can preserve wildlife and ecology. However, current or prospective students and teachers of zoology, conservation biology, or biology will gain a lot from joining the class.

7) Ecology Studies - Conservation Biology and Biodiversity - Revised

Alison Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Ecology Studies - Conservation Biology and Biodiversity (Revised) is a free online course that is entirely dedicated to teaching interested individuals about the essence of biodiversity and why we need to preserve it.

From the beginning of this lesson, the tutor will assist you to know the way the loss of biodiversity has been putting the ecosystem and human existence under threats. Afterward, you will learn about the necessary actions that can make sure that the ecosystem is protected.

This Alison course comes with having 3 basic modules which are The Biodiversity Crisis, Importance of Biodiversity, and Preserving Biodiversity. The fourth module assesses the understanding of the learners.

More than 1,000 students have enrolled in this course and the reviews are awesome. So, you are likely going to enjoy being a part of this class that explains a wide range of subjects related to ecology and biodiversity to you. If you are a professional in the field or just curious about the topic, this course is for you as it is open to everyone.

8) Conservation courses on Reed

reed.co.uk Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Overharvesting, overpopulation, loss of habitat and various other factors have resulted in some significant negative impacts on the ecosystem. As a result of this, this website is offering different courses that primarily focus on shedding more light on how various activities have been destroying nature and what can be done to put an end to the destruction of the ecosystem.

On this website, there are over 70 courses with each focusing on different aspects of conservation. The outlines of these courses include environmental waste management, environmental sustainability, eco-building, and global environmental issues.

The vast majority of these online conservation courses are self-paced; therefore, you have the chance to learn whatever you want anytime you deem fit. The average duration of the courses is about 1 year. Also, you will get certificates of completion after meeting all the requirements of the courses.

Furthermore, some of the courses require an exam or other forms of assessment as a part of the requirements for completing them, so make sure you check out the basic features of the course before joining it.

9) Conservation courses on Wyzant

Wyzant Learn Conservation Lessons Online

If you are looking for a platform that allows you to learn directly from experienced and skilled tutors, Wyzant should be one of your topmost options. This website has a large pool of tutors and let you have unrestricted access to their years of experience, expertise, and charges. You can also take a look at the reviews of their previous learners to know the quality of the services that they can offer you.

A few of the best conservation tutors on this website include Barry M., Jim S., Eric B., Marta B., and Eric J. depending on your previous understanding of biodiversity and nature conservation, these tutors will introduce to various conservation terms and take you through lessons. There is no one-size-fits-all on this platform as each tutor determines their charges per hour.

You may find someone whose charge is about $30 per hour while others may charge you over $100 for the same duration. Overall, check out the Wyzant platform and go through the list of conservation available to choose someone that can teach you what you want to learn about this subject.

10) Distance Learning Portal

Distance Learning Portal Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Distance Learning Portal presents you with different distance learning courses from some of the leading universities around the world. These lessons save you the stress of traveling to these schools or leaving your work as you can learn everything you need to understand about conservation and obtain a certificate from the comfort of your home.

One of the courses on this website is Protected Area Governance and Management from the University of Tasmania which is found in Australia. This 2-year course costs over 37,000 EUR per year and is designed for experienced professionals in the field. Some of the courses you can consider are Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control from the University of Strathclyde (Scotland), Environmental Law and Practice from De Montfort University, and Sustainability and Ecology from Centre for Alternative Technology (Wales).

Other courses include Biodiversity and Systematics from Stockholm University (Sweden), From Fossil Resources to Biomass - A Business and Economics Perspective from Wageningen University and Research, and Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology from Colorado State University (USA). Although you can find free conservation courses, the majority of them are paid programs.

11) Conservation & Protected Areas Management in Africa

EDX Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Conservation & Protected Areas Management in Africa is a special online course that is centered on the preservation of nature conservation areas that are found in Africa. This edX course will also explain the issues that Africa is dealing with regarding conservation. With the aid of this course, you will learn what protected areas mean and their essence in safeguarding the health of the continent.

The topics covered by Conservation & Protected Areas Management in Africa include protected areas concepts, planning, governance, and effectiveness of protected areas, sustainable funding, specificities of protected area management, and so on.

During the program, students will be provided with several learning resources such as several tutorial videos, quizzes, assignments, as well as exams. There is no prerequisite for the program, so anyone can join as long as they have an interest in the subject.

This environmental course has a duration of 13 weeks and requires an effort of 2 to 4 hours every week from each learner. Though the course itself is free, any interested student can get a paid certificate after completing the course.

12) Sharks Global Biodiversity, Biology and Conservation

Class Central Learn Conservation Lessons Online

The University of Queensland in conjunction with Cornell University presents Sharks Global Biodiversity, Biology and Conservation. Offered via edX, this free online course expands the knowledge of the learners on sharks.

Scientists and researchers will help you learn about conservation, biology, and biodiversity of sharks as well as chimeras and rays. Similarly, you will be briefly taught about the sensory biology, ecology, and anatomy of a lot of living species that relate to sharks.

This program is anchored by Ian Tibbetts, William E. Bemis, Joshua Moyer, Elizabeth Balko, Betty McGuire, and Warren D. Allmon. By teaching on different areas of the course, these tutors will collectively assist you to monitor the movements of shark.

You will also learn about how these animals behave and survive in their habitat. The four modules of the course include The Big Picture - Biodiversity and Evolution, Thinking like a Shark - Brains and Behavior, and Miracles of Evolution - Functional Morphology and Physiology. Notably, this program is free but you have to pay $199 if you want to get a certificate.

13) Architectural Conservation and Historic Preservation

swayam Learn Conservation Lessons Online

This lesson is entirely dedicated to shedding more light on historic conservation and preservation. It helps the learners to understand the connection between the past, present, and future of conservation so that they can note that current issues and opportunities available in the areas.

In addition, this course introduces the students to the ideas, terms, and definitions that are related to conservation so that they can understand the various types of heritages available. This course is taught by Prof. Sanghamitra Basu who is versatile in the area.

This course is designed for different individuals including conservation architects, civil engineers, tourism managers, architects, archeologists, urban planners, urban designers, historians, and lots more. Moreover, it is mostly recommended for postgraduate learners with previous knowledge of conservation and preservation.

It is an 8-week long program that will run from the end of February 2020 to the middle of April 2020. The course has 8 outlines with each focusing on some particular aspects of the topic. Using appropriate examples, each student will be shown varying evidence to ensure that they have a vivid understanding of the course.

14) Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

colostate Learn Conservation Lessons Online

This special course describes applied ecology, human activities, and quantitative techniques in relation to the conservation and management of wildlife and fish. It is aimed at helping students to be able to conceptualize and create ideas that can help them get rid of various environmental issues that their communities are facing.

As the name suggests, the program will provide several resources related to conservation biology, wildlife biology as well as fisheries and aquatic sciences.

Upon completion of this course, each student should be able to conduct a critical analysis of various environmental challenges. Besides, they must have developed the right skills required to solve problems in their careers with non-governmental agencies, natural resources organizations, and other organizations that deal with conservation, fish and wildlife. It should be understood that the program is structured in various ways with several outlines and requirements.

So, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students will learn different subjects that are in line with the conservation of wildlife and fish. Depending on the particular level of the students, they may participate in coursework, thesis and more in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course.

15) Wildlife Conservation Courses

adlonlinecourses Learn Conservation Lessons Online

The discussions around endangered species, nature preservation, and related subjects have gradually become more rampant as time goes on. It is now the duty of everyone to work together to ensure that we protect nature and conserve the ecosystem from the looming dangers.

If you would like to learn about wildlife conservation, this website offers you 18 different courses that are based on wildlife conservation and how we can protect our environment.

These courses include Animal Management, Marine Conservation, Vertebrate Zoology, Applied Animal Science, UK Wildlife Law, Ornithology, Wildlife Management, Applied Animal and Environmental Welfare, Herpetology, Marine Studies, and Primatology.

Each course requires an average of 100 hours of study. The costs vary widely depending on the type of course. While the costs of a few of these programs are higher advanced diplomas can be as high as $3000, the certificate courses are relatively cheaper at around $300.

The tutors are seasoned experts that are well versed in the field. So, register for any of the courses on this website and expand your knowledge of wildlife conservation.

16) Wildlife Conservation Course Online

careerlinecourses Learn Conservation Lessons Online

The primary aim of this online course is to equip you with an understanding of how to protect threatened wildlife. Costing $595, Wildlife Conservation Course Online requires each student to dedicate 100 hours to learning.

With the help of this course, you will learn about the different methods you can use for the flora survey and wildlife survey. You have the option of writing an exam after completing the course.

Taught by Theja Abayarathna, this program has 10 lessons which include Introduction to Wildlife Conservation, Approaches to Conservation of Threatened Wildlife, Marine Conservation, Planning for Wildlife, Fauna Surveys, and Recovery of Threatened Species.

17) Level 3 Conservation Certificate

learndirect Learn Conservation Lessons Online

The Level 3 Conservation Certificate is designed to make you aware of the damages occurring in the ecosystem and teach you the skills required to play a major part in conserving the environment.

This course is meant for everyone that is curious about conservation or wants to build a career as a wildlife officer, estate ranger and other related professions.

It has 8 modules with each focusing on a specific area of the course. These modules will cover Introduction to ecology, Forestry and deforestation Fish Management, Pollution and lots more.

To gain access to study materials, register and get a certificate, each student must pay a one-time fee of £382.49. Students can also consider other payment options.

18) Conservation Training

Conservation Training Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Established in 2009, this website has been working for over 10 years to make sure that interested learners have the opportunity to acquire important knowledge related to conservation.

It provides an all-encompassing view of conservation in several languages. The programs are anchored by experts from UNDP, IUCN, CBD, UNEP, and other leading international and local organizations.

This website offers several courses that are worth about 400 hours of learning the challenges of conservation and the techniques for protecting the world. Coral Reef Restoration, Introduction to Mangroves, Successful Vegetation Management Practices in the Sagebrush-Steppe and Advanced Studies in Coral Reef Resilience are some of the programs available on the site.

19) Wildlife Conservation BEN206

Wildlife Conservation BEN206 Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Wildlife Conservation BEN206 is a detailed course that is centered on helping conservation professionals improve their careers. Whether you are into taking care of wildlife or work with an agency that deals with wildlife or manages wildlife preservation, this course is ideal for you. Structured with ten different lessons, this program requires a completion time of 100 hours and is primarily self-paced.

After payment of the course fees, students will gain unrestricted access to resources that are divided into 10 separate lessons. Apart from the introduction, other lessons include Recovery of Threatened Species, Approaches to Conservation of Threatened Wildlife, Marine Conservation, Vegetation Surveys, and Planning for Wildlife.

20) Conservation Courses

edgeofexistence Learn Conservation Lessons Online

The section of this website is entirely based on providing free online conservation courses to all interested individuals. These courses are designed by Edge of Existence in collaboration with United for Wildlife. They involve tons of resources that are suitable for everyone regardless of their previous knowledge of the conservation of wildlife.

Starting with the Introducing Conservation programs, you will kick off your learning with the basics of conservation biology, as well as how humans relate to their environment. You can also explore the Species and Spaces course to know about the species that wildlife professionals and other individuals need to save. During the course of these programs, learners will work together with their tutors to guarantee effective learning.

21) Conservation Course

elearnca Learn Conservation Lessons Online

This course explores the way we can make use of the natural resources on this planet to ensure that the future generations are not deprived of the things they need for survival. With a focus on how these things can be achieved, students will be shown the actions they need to take to protect these resources.

The course is divided into 8 parts. The first part acts as an overview of ecology. Afterward, the program will discuss other modules such as A Perspective of the problems of environment, Water and the soil, Pollution, Management of vegetation and bird, etc. To be a part of this course and get the needed learning materials, you have to pay 850 CAD.

22) Exploring Conservation

nationalgeographic Learn Conservation Lessons Online

This is one of the best conservation lessons you can join as it is provided by the well-known National Geographic Society. Exploring Conservation is targeted at teaching the general public how they can help in protecting the world. Researchers, educators, and scientists from the Zoological Society of London and United for Wildlife created the course.

This free online course boasts of having 6 lessons that are fundamental to what the public needs to know about how they can preserve the earth's resources. These lessons are Introduction to conservation, Prioritizing species and spaces, Understanding illegal wildlife trade, Ocean challenges and solutions, and so on.

23) Environment and wildlife courses

ACS Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Do you want to learn about wildlife and the environment? If yes, this is the right platform for you. There is an array of lessons on this website. Some are specifically designed for people building a career in the field while others are for individuals who are just interested in the topic. Irrespective of where you belong, there are environment and wildlife programs on this platform that are suitable for you.

A few of the courses are Advanced Certificate in Environmental Management, Advanced Certificate in Parks and Leisure, Earth Science, Zoo Keeping, Primatology, Marine Studies, and Climate Science. Notably, these programs have different durations, requirements and modules.

24) Wildlife Conservation

learningcloud Learn Conservation Lessons Online

This online course is aimed at improving the ecosystem by teaching students how they can play a pivotal role in safeguarding threatened wildlife. It begins with a general introduction to some essential concepts that relate to ecology, biomes, wildlife management, habitat, ecosystem, life span among others.

This 10-lesson course will also shed more light on other aspects like island biogeography, flora survey techniques, habitat fragmentation and use, and surveying marine life.

Upon completion of this program, the learners should be able to explain different techniques that can be utilized to protect wildlife. Furthermore, students should know how to create an implementable plan for saving threatened wildlife.

25) Conservation and Environmental Management BEN201

acsedu Learn Conservation Lessons Online

The earth is blessed with different environments, and each deserves some levels of conservation. This course will show you how you can conserve each environment. Conservation and Environmental Management BEN201 will also introduce you to land degradation, pollution and other environmental challenges that the world is dealing with today.

The outline of this course features Pollution and Industry Effects On The Environment, Vegetation Conservation and Management, Water and Soil, Marine Conservation and Management, and Animal Conservation and Management. The payment plan for the fee is simple as you can either choose to pay once or twice. The one-time payment is £325.

26) Colorado State University Lessons

Colorado State University Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Colorado State University presents you with top-notch conservation lessons that are designed by experienced and highly skilled tutors. Currently, there are several courses available for students of all levels, so everyone can find something that suits their needs.

If you want to learn about how to pass across your conservation message to people, you can join Conservation Communications Graduate Certificate, Conservation Communication Fundamentals or Conservation Managers-Media Communications.

Other courses available on this website are Rangeland Conservation and Stewardship, Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Conservation Actions - Natural Resources Certifi,cate etc.

27) Wildlife Forestry Conservation Training

ICS Canada Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Wildlife Forestry Conservation Training is a Canadian lesson that deals with the management of forest, parks as well as wildlife. Similarly, it allows the learners to know more about wildlife law enforcement as it applies to Canada.

Furthermore, it provides more insight into conservation challenges and safety concerns when working in the field. At the end of the training, each learner would have known the wildlife laws at different governmental levels as well as the employment opportunities available in the field.

Although each student can complete the course within 6 months, it's self-paced; hence, everyone can learn whenever and wherever they want. This training is more targeted at wildlife and forestry conservationists, but any interested student can take part in it.

28) Lessons Learned from On-the-Ground Conservation in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

tandfonline Learn Conservation Lessons Online

This website provides an article that takes a closer look at the various lessons derived from the actions taken in D. R. Congo and Rwanda to deal with different conservation challenges in the areas. Issued in the Journal of Sustainable Forestry, this article was authored by Andrew J. Plumptre. It examines the effects of the genocides and civil wars that occurred in these countries on their environments.

In addition, this article assesses the efforts of the staff of the conservation centers during the moment of the survey. It also considers some important issues that affect their welfare of the staff.

29) Conservation and Land Management

TAFE Digital Learn Conservation Lessons Online

These TAFE Digital courses conduct a critical assessment of the way that the activities of humans have degraded certain lands. Also, they provide the best approaches that can be utilized to rehabilitate and manage the lands.

These programs are available at different levels such as Conversation and Land Management at Certificate II and Certificate III. Additionally, there are diploma lessons that are designed for learning about the assessment of sites, management of degraded areas and so on.

Before joining any of these programs, take the time to check their curriculum to understand what they are about. This is to ensure that your learning goals are met.

30) Wildlife and Forestry Conservation Program

Penn Foster College Learn Conservation Lessons Online

Wildlife and Forestry Conservation program is one of the many programs from Penn Foster College. It specifically focuses on the management of forests, park, and wildlife. It also equips learners with the knowledge of wildlife law enforcement and various conservation challenges.

This lesson via Penn Foster College makes learning convenient for you as you can access the resources anytime you want. Also, you will be able to work with many seasoned tutors and other staff who are committed to ensuring that you understand what you are learning. So, join this website now to boost your career or widen the horizon of your understanding of wildlife and forestry conservation.

Choosing the Best Conservation Lesson Online

With the reviews of the websites provided above, it should now be easy for you to learn conservation lessons online. Whether you want to build or improve your career in the field or just curious about the things happening in your environment, you can find a particular website that offers what you need.

Also, these websites and lessons involve lectures that are delivered through different methods. Therefore, it will be easy for you to select what specifically fits your schedule, knowledge and learning objectives. So, join other keen learners and explore how we can work together to protect the ecosystems and improve biodiversity.

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