12 Websites To Learn Conga Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Conga Lessons Online

Learn Conga Lessons Online

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Drums have a significant impact throughout the musical history of Africa. Instead of the modern-day steel drums, they use wooden drums with leather that are tuned with strings and played by hands.

The rhythm and notes on such drums are simply smoothening and a great addition to any occasion. There are certain types of drums that are being used for this type of music. Conga is one such instrument that is actually a pair of African drums originated in Cuba.

They are also known as Tumbadora and have three different types based on the material used to build them. Playing such instrument with great cultural heritage is not just a complex task but you owe to do justice with the instrument.

You are required hours and hours of practice along with the right guidance and skillset to be able to play such instruments the right way.

If you are privileged enough, the best thing to do would be get an admission in some music academy or school where you can learn from the right experts with purpose-built curriculum and interact with the people of same interests to ensure an optimal level of learning.

However, if you are unable to manage that due to lack of time and resources, there is not much to be worried about. When there is a will, there is always a way and all that you need to have is the right devotion and dedication to learn the instrument.

There are several websites that are offering a wide range of modules that can help you learn Congas online. Some of the top websites that can help you with the lessons are:

12 Websites To Learn Conga Lessons Online Review

1) ArtistWorks

Artistworks Learn Conga Lessons Online

ArtistWorks.com is all about music. They are offering a wide range of features to supplement the online learning journey for students at every possible level. Their website has an engaging interface that is easy to use.

You can find the best possible resources to fuel the passion for your music learning if you are lacking the time or resources to join some music school or academy.

This website has a number of courses with extensive lessons that can enable you to learn any genre of music easily at the comfort of your home.

They also have online instructors available that can help you learn the lessons you want, or guide you through the journey, no matter what step you might be on.

Not only that, they have a blog with latest updates and news about the industry and a huge library of online resources that can help you get all the additional aid you might need.

They are offering percussion lessons by Luis Conte that are impeccable in terms of learning. You can have your creativity inspired, find new ways to create the right rhythm off your hands on drums and much more. They are offering practice styles and soloing exercises to help you learn Conga effectively.

2) Udemy

Udemy Learn Conga Lessons Online

Udemy.com is a well-known name in the world of online learning. It won’t be exaggeration to call it the most popular online learning website across the globe.

They have gained their popularity fairly due to their huge library that pretty much covers every imaginable topic in the world.

You can find multiple courses on a certain niche that are designed for people with different expertise level and can help you learn the course or skill of your choice conveniently.

There are courses for beginners, intermediate and expert levels and there is a star-based rating system on each course that can help you make the right decision.

You can find a variety of courses on Conga on this website that can make you learn how to play those drums optimally. These courses are self-paced and you can learn at your own convenient time.

You can find some extensive courses that can help you learn percussion instruments or simply have a dedicated course for Conga to polish up your expertise and be able to play the conga like a pro.

3) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Conga Lessons Online

LessonFace.com is an innovative website that is cutting the ties of geographical boundaries and making learning possible for everyone. They are devoted to spread the knowledge and have left no stone unturned to do so.

The website has a catchy interface with interactive filters that can help you find the perfect tutor for you.

As the name suggests, the website is giving faces to your lessons and they have featured numerous experts of their fields that have experience in teaching and can make you learn the skill that you have always wanted easily.

The website also offers some courses and extra course materials from these teachers so you can spend your extra time towards learning as well.

There are numerous tutors listed on the website that are ready to help you learn conga online. This way, you can enjoy the luxury of undivert attention from your teacher and focused assistance that will make you closer to your goal.

Not only that, but you can also practice along with the tutor so they can point out your mistakes that you might be making and help you achieve perfection on Conga.

The best part is that you will only be paying for the time you will spend learning and that too at the comfort of your home.

4) SuperProf

Superprof Learn Conga Lessons Online

While you can find several websites over the internet that are offering you access to online tutors that can help you with your learning process, SuperProf.com claims to have the cream of the crop and that is somehow right.

The website offers online tutors that are very best at their field and have extensive experience with teaching as well. They all follow the constructive learning module that is controlled strictly for quality measures and you can have the right assistance that you can rely on.

They are offering a vast number of professors that are professional conga players and have been teaching music for years. They can understand you better and make you see the right path.

Not only that, but these professors will be there to help you with your practicing, your posture, hand positioning and your rhythm on the drums to ensure that you make the best noted out of the instrument and you can feel confident about your learning.

This website provides you a chance to learn from the very best professors at the comfort of your home and with one-on-one sessions.

5) CongaChops

Congachops Learn Conga Lessons Online

CongaChops.com is a website devoted to percussion lessons on Conga and Timbala. They have a simplistic one-page information that has all the information assessible on the front page making it easier for you to learn.

The website is simply best in terms of musical learning as they are offering you access to lessons and training from some of the very best players. They have a specially designed curriculum to help everyone learn Conga the right way.

On this website, you can access Lessons, courses, loops, practice lessons and exercises to help you learn the right percussion tools and make it count towards your playing journey.

Their interface is highly adaptive and you can access the website easily on any type of devices including mobiles and tablets. There are hundreds of audio practice loops on the website that you can use to practice and have the best possible skill-set at your hands when it comes to percussion lessons for Conga.

You can also have access to a member-only forum community where you can discuss the ideas, issues and your learning experience with your fellow students or veterans who have learnt from the website and now are playing conga like pros.

The website features a newsletter and free lesson of the month as well that can help you stay up-to-date with the news in field.

6) CongaMasterClass

Congamasterclass Learn Conga Lessons Online

CongaMasterClass.uscreen.io is another dedicated website that is offering you help with learning the right skills to have proficiency with playing conga.

The website has 24/7 access to lessons and tutors that can guide you through each step of the way. The website is one of the very few portals online that are teaching authentic Cuban style conga.

This Cuban website is all about spreading the awareness and knowledge of authentic Cuban Conga. You can find elaborative insight on the history and playing Conga efficiently.

They have afro-cuban masters listed on the website and have content prepared from them to ensure the optimal level of learning is met and everyone who is enrolled with the website can get a chance to learn and play the right conga.

They have divided their lessons to several categories with sub-lessons and have over 300 video lessons listed on the website. They also have guest artists invited and share the lessons from them so you can enjoy learning with the techniques of your favorite musicians.

7) MusicClassOnline

Musicclassonline Learn Conga Lessons Online

MusicClassOnline.in is a simple, blog-based website that is free to use. However, that does not compromise the learning quality and the content listed on this website as they are powering a wide range of musical instruments, genre and other studies including music.

The website has several learning modules to offer that you can choose from according to your convenience and learning requirements.

They are offering online music classes that you can enroll for with other students or request dedicated classes with one-on-one sessions for you if you are looking to get the most focused attention.

They are also offering E-learning modules that are impeccable in terms of learning and make up for the flaw that might be left with learning through computer.

There are several courses listed on the website as well that will help you to learn if you are looking to have a self-paced program.

They are offering a huge range of options to learn conga online including online classes, and courses that you can choose from.

The website offers lessons from some of the top artists that are renowned for their work in the industry and have the right skillset to guide you through each step of your way and make learning possible for you.

8) LearnByCam

Learnbycam Learn Conga Lessons Online

LearnbyCam.com is a website which is in business since 2010 and have thousands of experienced teachers from over 8- countries.

They are teaching thousands of different lessons on a huge range of subjects and you can learn the skill you might want in the language of your preference.

You can browse through the lessons online, or request personalized session with some of the top artists to have one-on-one sessions and best possible guidance for your learning goals.

You can find lessons and tutors on this website that can help you learn to play percussion online. Percussion is the key of most musical genre and you can’t create a song, especially in African region without it.

Conga being originated in Cuba and having rich cultural history is an important instrument and that makes it hard to learn due to the pressure.

Well, with this website you can have all the guidance and assistance you might require to learn these lessons online. The website offers an interactive learning module that is their signature style and is highly popular among students who are looking to get their hands-on quality education at the comfort of their homes.

9) LearnMusicOnline

Learnmusiconline Learn Conga Lessons Online

LearnMusicOnline.com is a website dedicated to spreading all the knowledge about music and is offering a great deal of resources to make it come true. The website has a simple interface that is more focused towards learning.

You can email them for lessons if you want to have a more personalized approach towards your learning or have specific goals set to learn Conga drums online.

However, the information and resources listed on the website are good enough to make you learn all you need to know about playing conga like a pro.

The website is offering online music lessons including lessons for learning conga that will take you from the very scratch upto the professional levels. The website is offering you insight on each and everything that might be involved.

You can get guidance on picking up the right size and type of Conga for you to having your creativity brushed up and creating some marvels of music with your hands on Conga.

The website lessons can be classified into online music lessons and teachers/instruments. You can choose your lessons according to your preference and start learning conga at the convenience of your home.

10) Srashty

Srashty Learn Conga Lessons Online

Srashty.com is quite new in the filed but has managed to get a place among some of the most popular and advanced online learning websites.

They are offering some highly advanced courses that are unbeatable and are in high-demand in the modern era of technology. However, that is not all as they are covering a wide range of other necessary skills and courses for online learning experience as well.

This is a blog-based website that publishes content from the top experts, focused on helping all those who want to learn. If you are a Conga player or looking to learn Conga, this might be the perfect place to satisfy your cravings of knowledge.

You can find numerous articles on this website with in-depth insight about conga and how you can make your conga playing skills grow significantly.

The website offers ideas for innovation and much more that is going to help you each step of the way. All the articles about Conga on this website are impeccable and have been compiled to keep the understanding and comprehension of students possible.

This helps them have all the additional knowledge that they might require to learn Conga.

11) SimplyHeartToHome

Simplyhearttohome Learn Conga Lessons Online

If you are truly devoted to learning a skill, there is not enough content possible and you always feel like you are missing on something. Well, Simplyhearttohome.com is a blog-based website that features top articles from the experts across the globe that can help you with everyday life skills and make your routine much easier.

The website is offering blogs, and articles with extensive knowledge, tips and tricks on Conga that is going to make your learning journey a blessing.

If you find yourself obsessed with Conga learning and are always looking for more, this website would be the perfect light read for you.

You can read these articles for getting all the extra edge over your fellows and fuel your passion for learning conga online. You can read about the origin, development, most popular styles for playing conga and some innovative techniques that you can learn to mesmerize people with the notes that you can create with Conga drums.

The website and articles are equally good for beginners, pro players and instructors to get the right edge of online learning and an additional help to fuel the passion for learning how to play conga online.

12) Curious

Curious Learn Conga Lessons Online

Human curiosity knows no limits and we are always ready to learn new skills and unravel the hidden mysteries. Music is one such way too connect with the consciousness and have a deeper impact on the soul.

However, Curious.com is about online learning for a wide range of topics. The website is focused on answering your questions and not shoving off all the unimportant knowledge on you with their pre-recorded video lessons.

Their courses are listed on line and they appreciate questioning so you can prepare the questions and ask the answers from them.

The website has a 13-part course with kalani music to play conga drums that will enable you to play conga drums like a pro in no time at all.

You can find a course overview and short description on each part on the website to understand the learning process better and if it will be a good fit for you.

There are achievements to unlock and exercises to take as well on the website to ensure that you are confident about your learning. You can also figure out if you are making any mistakes at some point.

Choosing The Best Conga Lesson Online

Conga is an authentic Cuban drum like instrument that is often played in pairs. It has a great cultural heritage over the afro-cuban region and is still being played in various genres of music by a number of artists across the world.

If you are looking to learn Conga lessons at the comfort of your home and don’t know where to start from, these websites can help you.

We have reviewed the websites based on features, advantages and disadvantages. You can give it a read yourself and make the right decision that you think will suit you.

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