6 Websites To Learn Concertina Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Concertina Lessons Online

Learn Concertina Lessons Online

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A concertina is one of the many musical instruments used today. In construction, it is just like the accordion. The difference is that unlike an accordion, concertina has buttonlike keys on both ends, and a more restricted range compared to accordion. It is a free reed musical instrument which was actually developed individualistically by both England and Germany.

Sir Charles Wheatstone was responsible for developing the English version of the musical instrument in London, 1829. On the other hand, Carl Friedrich Uhlig was the one to develop the German version. The German version was made after 5 years of the English version, in 1834.

The concertina is used widely for various purposes in the musical word. Different forms of the musical instrument are used in classical music, traditional music, as well as tango, and polka music.

Although a certain level of skill is required for playing a concertina, developing that skill level is not that hard. Anyone can learn how to play a concertina, if he spares enough of his time and dedication in the process.

Today, we will be helping you by giving you some of the best websites that will teach you how to play a concertina effectively.

6 Websites To Learn Concertina Lessons Online Review:

1) TakeLessons

takelessons learn concertina lessons online

Take Lessons is a popular online learning platform that has been giving their services to students since 2006. They provide online courses with each having its own approach to teaching, which makes up for a diverse learning experience.

The website originally started in only offering music lessons to users. But they have gradually progressed to a point where they now feature plenty of teachers, with different backgrounds and experiences, teaching multiple courses.

Take Lessons have personalized courses, which basically points to every lesson being self-paced. They also let you customize your own lessons.

This helps every student learn with their own style and at their own pace. Even if a student somehow manages to find a wrong course, Take Lessons also gives him the option of a complete refund.

You can find an excellent concertina course on the website. The online lessons are taught by the teacher in a real-time one -on- one class. You will have to reserve a spot according to the teacher’s calendar before starting an online class. You can also select the time frame of your online classes ranging from 30 to 120 minutes long.

2) IrishConcertinaLessons

irishconcertinalessons learn concertina lessons online

Irish Concertina Lessons was made by Caitlin Nic Gabhann for providing online concertina lessons to everyone. She is a professional concerinist and a brilliant dancer. She has won many rewards for her skills on playing a concertina.

The website allows you to take online lessons from Caitlin without ever needing to leave your home. You can have unlimited access to all of her lessons. You also get the option of managing your lesson all by yourself, which basically means that you can learn at the time of your own liking.

If you have any questions regarding the website or the online lessons, the website gives you the option of asking those questions directly from Caitlin.

The online concertina lessons are made for all skill levels. Even if you are a complete beginner, or someone who knows how to play a concertina, these lessons can help you improve your skill even further.

The online lessons come in the form of pre-recorded video lessons. This gives you the advantage of having full control on the lessons. You can pause, rewind, fast-forward, and re-watch all the online lessons at any time.


oaim learn concertina lessons online

Online Academy of Irish Music, or OAIM in short, is a website that is made for Irish music lovers. They reach everything related to Irish music culture and instruments. They thrive to connect people from all over the world with traditional Irish music.

Their online platform features online lessons that are taught through video streaming. These online lessons are available to everyone, living anywhere in the world. To access their high-quality lessons, all you might need is a webcam, a computer or a smartphone, and a reliable internet connection speed.

Their team comprise of some of the best professional musicians of Ireland. Each of them has had a successful musical career.

These do not even require you to know how to read music as all of the online lessons feature sheet music. Due to this fact, even a total beginner can easily avail from these lessons.

OAIM offers a great concertina course. The online course is taught by two professional players of concertina. They have another concertina course specifically made for advanced players as well, which will help them expand their skill even more so. The course covers everything about playing a concertina quite effectively.

4) ConcertinaAcademy

concertinaacademy learn concertina lessons online

Welcoming you with a pretty basic interface, concertina academy is a website for teaching concertina lessons. Pauline de Snoo is responsible for creating the website. The whole purpose of creating Concertina Academy was to give people the opportunity of learning concertina lessons through the use of the internet.

The online lessons are done by professional teachers that are well qualified. These teachers were trained at Fontys University, and the University of Newcastle, located in UK. They have plenty of content regarding a concertina.

The website has video lessons, DVDs, play along books, and sheet music. All of these are available to help you learn how to play a concertina more effectively.

Apart from all the video lessons, private lessons are also available for students. These private lessons are done through Skype. Concertina Academy inspires students to promote self-learning and practice by themselves, while the teacher gives advice on how to improve.

The video lessons are available all the time. You can keep repeating any given video lesson and practice until you are familiar with the exercise. These video lessons are a great start for beginners looking to learn how to play a concertina.


lrngo learn concertina lessons online

LRNGO, or Learn-Go, is an online learning marketplace where people from all over the world come and join each other in an attempt to learn from each other. The good part is, all of the process is completely free. The platform also allows people to earn by teaching others.

Using this platform, you can locally meet people living near you, or you can video chat as well. You can learn from other people, take a class on a certain subject, or teach others. All of this is possible thanks to Learn-Go.

After signing up, you will need to search up the subject you want to learn, along with inputting your location. The website will prompt you to people living near you looking to teach the same subject. You can also look up for the same subject at their online classes section.

LRNGO offers multiple concertina courses, taught by different people. You can choose from any of these teachers based on their course’s price, and their qualifications. Once you have made up your decision, you will be able to take online classes from your preferred teacher and learn how to play a concertina.

6) AineKerr

ainekerr learn concertina lessons online

The Aine Kerr Music School was made after being inspired by the traditional Irish and classical music. The online school has been providing users with Irish music lessons since years. The website has content for all of the music lovers.

The music school has online lessons for all ages, with all skill levels. They offer students the opportunity of learning, and understanding music. They also help them perform music at a professional level. The students will learn how to read and play music with different instruments.

Their online course covers a wide range of traditional Irish and classical musical instruments. These include a piano, accordion, guitar, violin, flute, concertina, and many more. You can learn these online courses while remotely being anywhere in the world.

The concertina course offered by Aine Kerr is 8 weeks long. The course covers every basic and fundamental techniques required to play a concertina. The courses are effective especially for complete beginners. They will be able to learn everything about a concertina under the spam of 8 weeks.

After completing the course, you will be able to play pretty much everything on a concertina. With some practice, you will be able to read and play your preferred music!

Choosing The Best Concertina Lesson Online

Music can help bring happiness to life, and make us feel alive. Many people consider music to be an integral part of life. Some of them can’t even think about living their life without music.

To become a musician, one must learn how to play a musical instrument. What better way than to start your journey by simply learning how to play a concertina.

The above-mentioned websites are some of the best options for learning how to play a concertina online. We have reviewed each and every one of these websites, and would definitely recommend trying them out for yourselves!

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