14 Websites To Learn Computer Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Computer Lessons Online

Learn Computer Lessons Online

Since 19th century, computers have come a long way since the first one was developed. Although originally made for the sole purpose of performing calculations at higher rates, computers can now be used for thousands of other things.

They are an important part of everyone’s daily life now, as they are used in schools, hospitals, offices and other places of the sort where people tend to spend their day. In short, they play a crucial part in how the world works now.

People know how to use computers and do what they want with them, however increasing this existing knowledge can open up a lot of job opportunities for said people. A job in the field of computers can be a good one as most of them are fun and pay handsomely.

Things like programming, networking and more are all just some of the many jobs in the field of computers, and to help you learn more about them, there are thousands of online courses available for selection that you can take at any time.

14 Websites To Learn Computer Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Computer Lessons Online

There are more than 3000 courses regarding the different aspects of computers on Udemy, most of which focus on unique topics that others don’t.

From simple courses that can provide beginners with a better understanding of how computers work to those that can help you pursue a career in programming, the variety of topics that the site’s courses is vast.

Their beginner courses that teach people about computers are mainly for children or people that have little to no knowledge about what computers are and how they work. These lessons can help people become familiar with every major component of the computer along with what they do.

These kinds of lessons usually aren’t that long and can help you get familiarized with the different aspects of working a computer and other different things like viruses or malwares and how they can affect the working of your computer.

Speaking of viruses, there are also a few courses on the site that can specifically teach you more about them along with how you can get rid of them.

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn Computer Lessons Online

Coursera attempt to provide people with courses from only the best tutors in top educational institutes from all over the world, so the students that wish to learn from their site have access to only great quality lessons and nothing less.

On their site, they also feature lessons that can provide certifications upon completion, something that you will find in a few of their computer lessons as well.

There are over 1700 courses available on the site, meaning that there are more than enough courses for you to choose from. One of the many important topics that their computer lessons cover is computer science.

These types of courses can teach you about a variety of important things, such as working with and creating programs and algorithms.

They will also be providing you with detailed knowledge of things like OOP, which stands for Object-Oriented Programming and other things like trees, which are data structures in computers.

Like this, the wide variety of courses on the site cover other interesting and important computer based topics.

3) LinkedIn

Linkedin Learn Computer Lessons Online

LinkedIn is a very popular online platform, in fact it is the biggest professional network in terms of people that have used the site.

LinkedIn also provide people with lessons regarding different topics that they can use in order to broaden their knowledge or kick-start their careers.

LinkedIn features way more computer courses than anyone could ever possibly need. The popular site has almost 24,000 courses regarding the different aspects of computers on their site, a number that is large enough to cover any specific topic.

From courses that can introduce you to computers to those that can help you earn money through them, LinkedIn’s wide variety of courses can teach you about pretty much everything to do with computers.

They also feature lessons that teach you about using and maintaining computers.

These will help you get more out of your computer in terms of work and will also help you fix any minor issues present in your computer if they ever occur, meaning you won’t have to trouble others when there’s something wrong.

4) edX

Edx Learn Computer Lessons Online

Founded by two of the most renowned educational institutes in the entire world, edX is a combine project of Harvard and The Massachusetts Institution of Technology. It features thousands of different courses, all of which cover different topics. 

All these courses are provided by tip institutes from all over the world, including of course Harvard and MIT as well. Using their collection of fine lessons, you can study regarding almost any topic, including those that focus on computers.

They have only a couple short of 900 lessons regarding computers on their site, while more are added frequently to keep their students provided with the latest courses.

They have lessons that can teach you about all the fundamentals of computer science so you can get a better understanding of other things such as programming. 

They also feature courses regarding graphics which you can take in order to get a better understanding of making graphics and art on your computer. Some of these types of lessons also teach you how to work with graphics software.

5) FutureLearn

FutureLearn Learn Computer Lessons Online

Future Learn have 164 lessons and counting on their site that can help you learn more and more may not look as if they are many, however they cover pretty much every important topic related to computing technology that you could think of.

Speaking of computing technology, they also have courses available in their selection that can teach you more about how the different parts of computers play their own about what computers are and how different aspects of computers work.

All of their courses are provided by only the best cultural and educational institutes from all the different parts of the world. Their computer courses specific, important roles to ensure that your computer runs perfectly.

Sure you know what’s happening on your screen, however these courses can teach you about what’s happening behind the scenes, inside of your computer. 

These types of courses are useful as they can not only teach you more about how computers work, they can also increase your general knowledge. Similarly, the site’s lessons cover other important subjects.

6) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Computer Lessons Online

Many of their courses cover computer hardware and software. These won’t just be covering the names of different types of hardware and software, they will also be teaching you about how each of them performs their task.

They also have a good amount of courses regarding coding that can help you develop a foundation if you wish to get in the field of coding programs.

SkillShare is a company that promote the growth of people’s talents and traits by providing them with video lessons from qualified tutors.

They encourage students from all over the world to take the courses available in their collection in order to grow their knowledge, while they also encourage tutors and institutes to provide these lessons to the students.

On their site, they have lessons covering a multitude of topics. They have thousands or at least hundreds of courses on almost every single topic, including all those related to computer. They have 1,330 of these computer courses and all of them can help you

7) Reed

Reed Learn Computer Lessons Online

Reed is an online platform that was started all the way back in 1995 as a recruitment site, the first one in the entirety of the United Kingdom in fact.

Although they still are a recruitment site at heart, their site has gone through many a few changes since its development and now focuses on a couple of other things as well, including lessons.

They have hundreds of thousands of courses that cover a large amount of different topics, one of the topics being computers.

There are 12,249 courses on the site, meaning that there is one that can match your exact needs even if you are the pickiest of learners.

There are a few different types of courses on the site as well, such as those that can help you build or maintain your own computers.

The lessons that teach you about building your own computer will be teaching you all about the important parts of computers along with all the specific hardware you should focus on depending on your budget and personal preference.

8) Alison

Alison Learn Computer Lessons Online

Alison are one of the smaller platforms that you can take lessons on, however they are ideal if you wish to study more about computers.

They have only a couple thousand courses on 9 different categories available on their site, and all though not many, these courses are excellently designed and very easy to learn from.

No matter how hard the topic might be, Alison’s courses have been designed to make them easier and more fun to study. All the courses on their site are free of cost, including their computer lessons.

These computer lessons may not be many in quantity, however they cover a wide variety of topics, including things like networking.

Their computer networking courses can help you learn about the basic or more advanced topics regarding the subject, depending on your own skill level.

All their courses are self-paced as well, meaning that you can study whenever you want. Their site is also accessible on smart phones, making it possible to learn when you are away from your computer or not home.

9) Study

Study Learn Computer Lessons Online

Study.com is a place where you and any other person in the world can come to study about important things, regardless of the topic. There are lessons for pretty much any topic on the platform, especially something as important as computers.

The courses on the site can provide you with a little more variety in topics as compared to other sites, as there are lessons meant specifically for children and people in different professions as well.

For example, there are courses that can teach you more about the use of computers in science and how scientists use computers during every day of their work to keep track of different things.

The courses meant for children cover slightly complicated things, such as how computers work, however they do so in a way that it is easy for the children to understand. As mentioned, there are also courses meant for teachers.

These cover a variety of different topics such as teaching tutors how to teach children and how they can use technology to teach.

10) FreeOnlineTrainingCourses

Freeonlinetrainingcourses Learn Computer Lessons Online

Free Online Training Courses, as you can pretty much guess from their name, are a site that feature free training lessons regarding a variety of different things.

One of the sections of their entire site is devoted to computer training. This section includes simple and completely free courses for those that aren’t really familiar with computers and want to get a better understanding of how they work.

These courses are much simpler than most of the other ones you’ll find on others sites and will be covering things like organizing your favorites and installing or uninstalling software along with other things of the sort.

The courses on the site are mainly provided through text and pictures. Most of them are not lengthy and all of them are completely self-paced.

Using these training courses, people can learn about some of the simple but important things such as setting and organizing their favorites or bookmarks, a feature that most browsers provide to make accessing sites that you visit on a regular basis much easier.

11) CoursesOnline

Coursesonline Learn Computer Lessons Online

Courses Online are an online platform, and from their name, it is pretty easy to guess that they provide their users with courses.

You can find courses regarding multiple topics on their site, and you will especially be able to find computer lessons on their site in abundance.

Their computer courses cover more professional topics, featuring courses mainly meant for university students or those that wish to pursue a career in the field of computers.

One example of this can be their courses about computer networking which can be found for both beginners and advanced students. These courses discuss networking in full, from fundamentals to most of the small details (depending on the site that you’re using).

Some of these courses can also be used to gain certificates and start a career for yourself in networking. Similarly, the site features lessons for other things like cyber security and how you can get a job in that field as well. Most of the courses on this site are quite lengthy, with some even lasting years.

12) U.S Career Institute

UScareerinstitute Learn Computer Lessons Online

U.S Career Institute is more than a lessons website for students, it is a platform where people trying to find careers for themselves can find the right field for themselves and learn more about specific types of careers.

They’ve been providing training to people for over 35 years now, making them one of most experienced companies that can help you with the matter of learning more about computers.

The site will be talking about computers in a bit more advanced manner as compared to some other websites, as it will be trying to help experts to find the right career path in the field of computers, while it can also help beginners become experts.

As mentioned at the start, computers are now a part of our everyday lives and are probably used in your workplace as well.

Improving your knowledge regarding computers can not only help you with your current job, it can also help you find a better one if you feel like your current job isn’t best for you.

13) Harvard

OnlineLearningHarvard Learn Computer Lessons Online

Online Learning from Harvard is another platform designed by the experts at Harvard University to provide people such as yourself with all the help that they need in order to grow their knowledge regarding specific things.

The site mainly features studies and courses that have been conducted in Harvard itself, meaning that you can rest assured if you are doubtful of the quality of lessons.

Many different courses regarding Computer Science are covered on the site, for example there are some that can teach you how to create video games using the help of computers while there are also some that can teach you about using specific programs to conduct different kinds of research.

The lessons that mention game development are obviously for people that have a slightly more advanced knowledge of computers and how different programs work.

People that don’t have this knowledge obviously wouldn’t be able to understand what the lesson in trying to teach them. Similarly, other advanced, career-starting lessons are featured that can help you out.

14) ClassCentral

ClassCentral Learn Computer Lessons Online

Class Central is a search engine that anyone in the world can use in order to find the best lessons that match their exact criteria.

You can search for the exact kind of computer lesson you’re looking for and you will be able to find it using the sites advanced search engine.

It will provide you with the top rated courses that match your search so finding the right lesson for yourself can be made a little easier.

Since it is a search engine, you will be able to find any specific topic regarding computers, meaning that there is more than enough of a variety of topics regarding computers on the site that you can choose from in order to pursue a career in a specific field of computers.

One of the topics you’ll find in abundance using the site are related to programming. These cover topics such as introducing you to the concept of what programming is and how you can do it using yourself using different yet somewhat difficult to learn methods.

Choosing The Best Computer Lesson Online

It goes without saying that computers are a necessary part of our lives now. Almost everything in the world is now reliant on computers, even things like utility stores and other small businesses that keep the community running.

Computers are here to stay, and with the right type of knowledge, you can really help your chances of finding a good job in the field of computers.

From coding to cyber security, there are all kinds of different, high paying jobs related to computers, all of which you can learn more about using the courses on the sites listed above.


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