13 Websites To Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

Calligraphy is the art of writing text with some of the highly complexed and intriguing forms. It does not only look enticing, but has a whole lot of other aspects like art, culture and much more embedded to it.

Calligraphy was considered a modern art and many civilizations saw it as one of the most advanced forms of art. You can evidently find a lot of cultures and civilizations that endorsed calligraphy.

It can be considered one of the most diverse and unified form of art that was equally popular among the different times. Not only that, you can find calligraphy in different religions, regions, cultures and much more.

No matter what font, language or writing style was followed, doing it the most beautiful way has always been the priority of people.You can find evident pieces of calligraphy in ancient artifacts, sculptures, important buildings, documents and literally anywhere possible.

Most of the important religious and political buildings can be found filled with calligraphy. From red Indians to Europeans, Muslims, Buddhists or Asian, you can find calligraphy in all forms.

There were ancient techniques, that are evolved to be the much better version of themselves but there is still a long way to relive the boom of calligraphy.

With computers making everything possible and you can get those perfect fancy fonts by clicking the keys on your keyboard, one might ask if why would you be needing calligraphy.

Well, its all about keeping the art alive and the satisfaction of doing things with your hand. Not to mention, calligraphy makes your writing style look a lot better.

If you are into calligraphy and want to learn some of the expert tricks and tips to step up your game, you can get help from these amazing websites including:

13 Websites To Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

Udemy might be your first choice if you are familiar with the concept of online learning. They are undoubtedly one of the top websites over the internet that are offering online learning facilities.

Thanks to their significantly huge library, you can find courses on almost every imaginable topic in the world on this website. The website is home to millions of courses on employable skills, educational subjects, technical courses, arts & crafts and much more.

All you have to do is sign-up for a free membership on the website that will open the doors for you to get access to all these enticing courses. The website also has some unique filters that allow you to search for the right courses that will be best fit for your learning needs.

You can find a handful of courses and that is too in hundreds keeping the library of Udemy in mind on calligraphy listed on the website. These courses range from some exciting courses to beginner’s calligraphy that are for modern calligraphy techniques to some ancient Arabic calligraphy.

These courses are the right help for you to learn all you need about calligraphy and making your writings pop-out.

2) LinkedIn

Linkedin Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

LinkedIn the social media for corporates. This is an essential part of every one’s life who is in the corporate field and wants to stay up-to-date with what’s going on around them.

This uniquely interactive platforms allow you to meet the right people around the world to have the corporate connection you need, get access directly to top organizations and much more. However, that is not all.

They have a dedicated section for online learning with hundreds and thousands of courses to help you learn the employable skills that will come handing in your professional career.

Of course, calligraphy might look as an outdated subject but it is actually not out entirely. In fact, modern times and the enthusiasts for art, culture and history have innovated the subtle art of calligraphy and make it more appealing with the help of technology.

So, if you are looking to learn traditional calligraphy on pen or paper, or looking for some high-end course with cutting edge technology to get the right insight on digital calligraphy, this might be the perfect website for you.

You can find some exciting courses on digital calligraphy listed on this website. They are also offering you with an option to get a free trial for a month to understand the courses and see if narrative suits you.

3) Lynda

Lynda Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

Lynda.com is a platform powered by LinkedIn. It follows a unique approach of making online courses available for all who are into learning. You can find a wide range of professional and employable courses on this website that can help you land your dream job conveniently.

The website is focused on cutting the geographical boundaries and help people in the most remote areas to have their chance of learning the skills that are in-demand and can get you employed.

The website is good for everyone and has solutions for Businesses, Higher education platforms and governments to help everyone get the right edge of online learning.

The website follows a straight forward approach towards online learning and all their courses are compiled on the basis of useful information that can help you learn the right skills you want online.

There are certain courses on calligraphy listed on the website that range from digital to traditional calligraphy.

You can easily find beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses on the website to choose from according to your skill level and make it count.

4) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

This highly popular and enticing platform is another popular website for learning any skill online. The website is filled with multiple online courses that can help you get the right edge of learning and choose the best course for you.

They have an engaging subscription option that allows you to not pay for each course individually but have access to a premium membership that will unlock all the content that is listed on the website for you easily.

The feature makes it easier for you to switch between courses if you think a certain course is not working for you. This will also allow you to have your hands-on multiple courses at once if you like to learn things online.

You can find hundreds of courses listed on the website that can help you with learning calligraphy. These courses are the best way you can get to learn the fundamentals of calligraphy and making your words count.

You can get some original exclusive courses that can help you with learning calligraphy basics in as low as 10 days to some highly extensive courses with deeper insight on modern and ancient calligraphic techniques.

5) Reed

Reed Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

You are wrong if you are thinking that calligraphy is a lost art and it has no scope in the current world. Today, it has grown its value exponentially as one of the scarce arts that are being practiced in the modern times.

Reed.co.uk is keeping the tradition alive to provide the most authentic content with some of the best features online. They are well known for offering these authentic courses that are going to help you learn literally anything online.

But these courses are a great help for your career as most of the courses listed on Reed.co come with CPD points to help you grow your profile and excel in your career significantly.

The website also provides you access to dedicated portals to find jobs or for those seeking the career advice.Reed.co is offering a limited number of courses, but they are worth each penny and moment you are going to spend trying to learn from these courses.

You can find Calligraphy for beginners’ course that is for enthusiasts who are looking to get their hands in the field and want to learn calligraphy as a hobby.

There is also calligraphy diploma course listed on the website that comes with 150 CPD points and you will get the diploma upon completion as well to help you with the professional career.

6) LearnDirect

Learndirect Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

Learn Direct is the platform that might not be for you if you are into multiple courses. But this is one of the most authentic platforms when it comes to online learning.

The website is all about convenience of learning brought to your desk. It provides you with all the opportunity to learn anything at the highest academic levels at the comfort of your home.

This website has an easy to follow process to enroll with the courses. All you have to do is meet the requirements for a certain course that you want to join and you can get enrolled with most elaborative and authentic courses online.

LearnDirect is offering a 225 hours course on calligraphy that has 15 modules. This course will allow you to learn all there is out there about calligraphy.

This course contains the information from basic paper calligraphy to some highly advanced techniques of digital calligraphy that you can get your hands on. The website also offers you certification upon completion.

This is a complete online learning program for you if you are not looking for something just as a hobby. The best thing is, you can choose to either pay in full or have some installments for your learning course.

7) Study

Study Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

This unique website is anything like the other online learning platforms out there. It is a combination of traditional studies embedded with the interactive online learning modules.

The website is bridging the gap between traditional studies and online learning by making it possible for all to get their hands on the right information and educational value they require.

It started off as a website to help students with their academic career but has grown to be one of the biggest online learning platforms. In addition to thousands of online courses that you can find on this website, this website houses numerous micro and nano degrees as well.

They are partnered with various renowned educational institutes across the world and offering their curriculum online for students to learn efficiently. This provides everyone with an opportunity to learn from their favorite institute online and not have to worry about the geographical boundaries.

You can find some courses that can help you with the basics of wester calligraphic arts to some highly advanced courses that will also help you with getting a degree. You can find effective plans, courses, credit hours for your school on the website as well.

8) Calligraphy

Calligraphy Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

This is a dedicated website devoted to help all the aspirants to learn calligraphy online. The website is in existence since 2009 and has helped thousands of students learn calligraphy ever since.

They have an engaging interface that can catch the attention of anyone and keeps you interested in the learning process. Their learning methods are most suitable for beginners and intermediates that want to learn calligraphy online.

The best part is, all of this is for free and you don’t have to pay for the learning material on website. They can also assist you getting your hands-on top-quality gear and tools that will make your calligraphy learning journey much more convenient.

The website offers you access to interactive lessons that are going to be the right help for you if you are looking to learn basics of calligraphy for personal satisfaction of that art craving.

You can learn easily how to create your personal alphabets, headers, have the liberty to play with some exciting fonts and much more.

The fun doesn’t end here and if you have signed up for a membership on this website, you can get guidance and feedback on your work for indefinite time.

9) Calligrascape

Calligrascape Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

This is another dedicated website that offers learning online for free. If you want to learn calligraphy from the experts and don’t want to put a dent on your wallet, this might be the best opportunity for you.

This website offers an interesting one-page interface that has all that you need to learn about calligraphy. You can have access to videos with calligraphy lessons that pretty much cover everything from the basic to advanced calligraphic lessons.

You can also get your hands on the top insight from the expert in the form of words that will make the whole learning process even more comprehensive.

Along with all those videos and guidance on the website that is available to access for all, you can also find some resources on the website listed that will be an additional help to your learning journey.

These resources include the insight on tools used by the top experts.You can also get your hands on the best paper you can use for calligraphy and also some of the nibs that are suitable for different styles of calligraphy you are looking to learn.

The website also has a store from where you can source all these products and add value to not only your learning but have the right dedication and tools reflect in your work as well.

10) LHCalligraphy

Lhcalligraphy Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

This website is a complete package of help for anyone who is looking to get their hands on a complete online learning platform that can be their guidance for the best calligraphic lessons.

Well, you don’t need to tire yourself more over it. This website got all you looking for. You can sign for their newsletter as well that will allow you to receive regular updates about the calligraphic world.

Not only that, the website also has a store dedicated to calligraphic supplies that are of top-quality and will help you getting the cherry on top of your talent.

Coming to the lessons, the website is a combination of teal pink with white that makes your artistic senses feel alive and you know that you are at the right place if you are looking for something creative, artistic that is out of the box.

You can find a number of courses to choose from that includes flourishing foundations to help you with the basics, calligraphy practice plans to help you keep your fluids going and much more.

There is a wedding calligraphy section on the website that can help you learn the art of handwritten calligraphy for exquisite luxury looking invitations and much more.

11) LearnBrit

Learnbrit Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

This is another website that is focused on home made arts & crafts. The website is your right dose of artistic ventures as it allows you to learn multiple courses at once place.

There is a long list of courses being offered on the website that include Home, food, beauty, fashion and more. You can also get some cool courses on illustration, lettering, photography, design fiber arts and other classes with the relevant topics.

Not to mention, they have some great calligraphic courses listed for you as well.Calligraphy has a scope fare wider than a pen and paper and it has been evident across the human history.

Calligraphy has been used on utensils, monuments, buildings and many other places of significance throughout the known history of developed civilizations.

Although, modern times have changed and it feels outdated to have calligraphy over a building but it opens a whole range off new doors of possibilities for you.

This might be the perfect place for you if you are looking to learn calligraphy and a whole lot of non-traditional applications like calligraphy on cakes, dressing, or creating hand-made cards for your loved ones.

12) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

We have been looking at and reviewing the most websites so far with pre-recorded video lessons and written resources that can help you learn calligraphy.

These courses generally target a wide range of students that have different goals set for their learning journey. If you take your learning seriously and want to have better guidance, insight and knowledge of calligraphy, those might not be the most perfect options for you.

Take Lessons is the next leap in the world of online learning as it allows you to get the guidance from some of the highly expert and experienced teachers online.

This way, you don’t have to feel stuck if you cannot grab a particular concept with those pre-recorded videos. Take Lessons have multiple online teachers listed that can help you learn calligraphy with one-on-one sessions.

This is worth each penny being paid for as you will be paying for the time you will spend with these teachers learning the calligraphy.

These teachers can guide you with the basics, help you improve your skills and rectify your mistakes that you might be making in the real time and that too online.

13) CenterOfExcellence

Centerofexcellence Learn Calligraphy Lessons Online

Center of excellence is a UK based website and looks royal by the first impression of their website. They are rated highly over multiple online rating platforms for their over the edge learning programs and a wide range of non-traditional courses that are not being offered by any other website.

The website allows you to get yourself enrolled with any course you might want and get access to it right away. The best part is they focus on dedicating their resources and knowledge to one course and have singular courses on any topic you might want.

You can get the right calligraphy diploma course on this website that has 150 hours of study and 10 modules. This way, you can learn calligraphy at your own preferred pace and the most perfect way.

With each course description, you can find a detailed insight on what you will learn with each module and who can benefit from these courses. You can also get an elaborative insight on the possibilities that this course is going to unlock for you.

The website offers you with choice to pay once, or have the courses financed for you as well. Each course on the website is accredited with CPD and you will earn 150 CPD on completion of calligraphy course with them.

Choosing The Best Calligraphy Lesson Online

Calligraphy has left imprints on our world that are not easy to neglect. You can find calligraphy’s impacts over most civilizations that hit their boom and had a thing for arts. Calligraphy is still believed to be an advanced form of arts that is not easy to master.

However, if you are willing to learn calligraphy online, no matter what your goals are, these websites can help you. Whether you are looking to improve your hand writing, create exciting hand-made cards or learn digital calligraphy to land your next job, these websites can help you do that.


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