14 Websites to Learn Breathing Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Breathing Lessons Online

Learn Breathing Lessons Online

Breathing is obviously something that we all need to do in order to live. If we don’t inhale oxygen every few seconds our body starts to collapse, that’s how dependent human beings and land based animals are on oxygen.

However what people don’t know is that there is more to breathing than to just doing it for the sake of surviving. Breathing is actually one of the most common and calm forms of meditation, as it allows you to make your entire body completely stress free if you are doing it the right way.

Meditation is a very important thing to do every once in a while. It relaxes both our body and our mind and ultimately makes us feel much more relaxed than we already might have been.

There are thousands of different breathing patterns and techniques that have been designed to help people meditate and calm themselves down. Luckily for you, a majority of these can also be learnt online so you can learn how to relax yourself from home.

14 Websites to Learn Breathing Lessons Online Reviews

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Breathing Lessons Online

Udemy can provide you with almost 1100 different lessons that can teach you about breathing and its effects in different scopes. Whether you’re a singer, a practitioner of Tai Chi or Qi Gong or just wish to clear away any minor breathing disorders, it doesn’t matter.

Udemy have a variety of different lessons that can help you with your breathing no matter who you are and what you are trying to do. Their lessons are able to teach you all that you need to know about breathing and its different patterns that can help you relieve stress, while also teaching you about the techniques used by people for many centuries like Tai Chi.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong are both quite old and widely used techniques that can be implemented to calm both the body and the soul, allowing you to develop a sense of peace in your mind.

A lot of these courses can also take you on a journey to discover yourself while practicing different breathing methods, helping you find more about yourself.

2) Lynda

Lynda Learn Breathing Lessons Online

Lynda.com is LinkedIn’s attempt at providing students like you with the knowledge that you would need in order to perform different tasks.

Although mainly focusing on business and school related topics, Lynda also have more than enough courses that can teach you about peaceful respiration. Speaking of business, Lynda.com also has breathing related lessons that can help you calm yourself in an instant using just the act of breathing when in meetings or near colleagues.

This is because a lot of people tend to be shy or suffer from anxiety, and when they try to communication with their colleagues, their breathing patter starts to bounce all over the place and they start to have trouble even standing up.

So preparing these people for this exact situation, the site provides courses that can teach you quick and simple breathing related tips in order to calm yourself.

Other than this, their lessons cover the conventional topics, such as relieving stress through breathing exercises and other things of the sort so that you can keep yourself tranquil.

3) Skill Share

Skillshare Learn Breathing Lessons Online

Skill Share is a place where anyone can learn about nearly anything. This also includes the art of relaxation through breathing.

There are exactly 5,730 different courses available on Skill Share that can teach you everything you need to know about breathing patterns and techniques.

The huge amount of courses means that there should be something on their site that matches the exact criteria of what you’re looking for, and using their search filter feature you can match that criteria even more easily.

All the lessons available on their site are video lessons that feature experienced tutors who can teach you about meditation and different things through respiration. These lessons, or at least a majority of them, take on a spiritual approach, and teach you more about yourself and your body.

This includes things like how our mind and body are one, and how the two work together. Other than this there are other lessons as well that teach you what you need to know in order to calm yourself using just your breath.

4) Reed

Reed Learn Breathing Lessons Online

Reed.co.UK is as you would expect, a website that originated in the United Kingdom. It features courses regarding a variety of topics, including breathing related exercises.

The site is mainly about teaching students using studies from educational institutes, which is why you’ll find that there aren’t many breathing courses on it as compared to the other sites that have been mentioned so far.

There are a total of 497 lessons though, meaning that there should be enough for you to make a choice from. There breathing lessons will teach you about the traditional things such as calming yourself in specific situations, such as when you might be presenting or taking a test in a classroom and your breathing decides to become more rapid than ever.

They have both podcasts, text based, and video lessons that can teach you all about breathing exercises.

What’s great about these lessons is the fact that they are easy to follow and have been supplied by experts in the subject, meaning that you can learn both quickly and effectively.

5) Study

Study learn Breathing Lessons Online

Study.com are called that for a reason, as they allow you to study about almost any topic. They have a large collection of different breathing related lessons that can be accessed at any time in order to learn more about everything breathing related, whether it be about medical conditions, exercises and other things of the sort.

Their courses can teach you pretty much all you need to know. What breathing is, what irregularities in breathing patterns are and how you can use different exercises to prevent these irregularities from occurring, along with other things.

Their lessons can be in the form of flashcards, videos or even plain text. Regardless of what form their lessons are in though, all of them have been designed to be easy to study with.

From lessons that can teach you about breathing exercises in general to those that can help you regulate your breathing when it goes haywire, there are lessons of every sort on Study.com. A few of these are for children that suffer from respiration related issues.

6) Universal Class

Universalclass Learn Breathing Lessons Online

The Art of Breathing is a course available on Universal Class, which is an online platform that focuses on teaching you about things of the sort.

The lesson teaches you about what breathing is, and how we as human beings are not fully utilizing its true capabilities in our everyday lives. Everyone knows that breathing is a very common thing in our everyday lives, however not everyone knows just how it can help us in more ways than one.

The course focuses on the benefits that can be caused by breathing properly with the right patterns and how implementing these patterns can be very helpful.

There is a variety of different topics covered in this single lesson, each focusing on the different and important part of breathing exercises.

The first couple of topics are an introduction to both the importance of the exercises the lesson will explore along with an introduction the lesson itself. After these the course will be teaching you how to implement said exercises in your meditation.

7) The Breathing Class

Thebreathingclass Learn Breathing Lessons Online

The Breathing Class is an online platform that is all about teaching you and others around the world everything you wish to know regarding respiratory patterns and exercises.

They acknowledge on their site just how important meditation and exercise through breathing is and why everyone in the world should be trying it out. This is why they try to provide you and others with classes of great quality that can be taken live through video chat applications.

A lot of people that need these classes are shy or awkward in public which is why classes in a studio can be a little much for them.

Instead The Breathing Class provides them with an easy alternative which is to take video classes from home with a BREATHE™ instructor that can teach you all you need to know while providing you with the personal attention that you would need in these kind of lessons.

You will be taking 90 minute classes through video call on a regular basis while also being provided with assignments.

8) breatheology

Breatheology Learn Breathing Lessons Online

Breatheology is a place where anyone can learn about breathing drills and how they are so helpful. The name of the book from which the course is inspired is called Breatheology, The Art of Conscious Breathing.

The book focuses on the positives of conscious respiration and how implementing different, recommended patters in your breathing can be life-changing in a positive way. The course focuses on ‘’ The Breatheology Method’’, which is to help you unite every part of your body and help them work as one to achieve physical and mental tranquility.

The book and course focus on many things, some of the main ones being about teaching you all about powerful breathing and about different lung exercises that can help you greatly.

On top of this, they also teach you meditation techniques that have been proven to be effective. The site acknowledges how important these breathing lessons are for people’s lives, and in light of the recent events that have occurred due to the COVID-19 virus, it is donating them for free.

9) Mindfulness Education

Mindfullnesseducation Learn Breathing Lessons Online

Mindfulness Education Group are a website that focus on teaching you about things in detail, which is why their lesson on breathing will also be in quite some detail so that things are much more easy to understand for you.

The course is all about teaching you when and how to slow down and enjoy a small break of just breathing to clear out any stress stored inside of you.

It’ll teach you how to release any tension stored inside of yourself and about the wide variety of benefits that releasing said tension brings you.

There are 6 total sessions in the lesson and in each of them you’ll be learning different, helpful things. The first one, as is the case with the majority of lessons, will be an introduction to the lesson and what it will teach you.

After this, you will be focusing on activating your bodies system which has been designed to make you calm. The rest will follow in its footsteps and teach you everything.

10) Franklin Method

Franklinmethod Learn Breathing Lessons Online

As mentioned in its title, this course will be lasting for a span of 10 weeks and will be teaching you about the things you need to know in order to make meditation through breathing a regular part of your life.

The Franklin Method is a site that tries to provide people with courses on nearly everything based on studies and beliefs of the sites own experts, something that they call the Franklin Method.

The courses goal is to provide each student with control over their body so that they can remain stress free and perform functions in tense situations without their tension rising.

The 10 week course will be providing you with 10 video lessons a week which you can take in order to learn everything you need to step by step. Along with this, the course also offers those that successfully complete it with a certificate.

It must be said that the lesson is easy to follow and can really help you on your learning journey.

11) The Breathe Effect

Thebreatheffect Learn Breathing Lessons Online

The site is an easy means of learning everything about respiratory meditation and why it is so important. It will provide you with everything that you need to know in order to gain control over your body and mind.

The first thing that you’ll be learning once you open their site is why breathing is such an important part of our lives, and how we are not utilizing it to its fully intended extent.

The site will teach you how and why different stress inducing situations can cause our breathing patterns to bounce all over the place, but more importantly it will provide you with the help you need to prevent this from happening any time in the future.

The site provides you with a quiz that you can take in order to see what is wrong with your breathing. Depending on the final results, the site will determine the issue and give you a guide on the things that you can try to prevent it from happening again.

12) Alsu Kashapova

Alsukashapova Learn Breathing Lessons Online

Alsu Kashapova is an online platform created by a woman of the same name. She has been a person that wants to spread self-love all over the world ever since she was only 15 years old.

Her site is all about providing people with ways to love themselves for who they are along with giving them tips on how they can do certain things better. One of the main forms of self-love, as everyone knows, is to take care of yourself.

And one of the main forms of taking care of yourself is meditation and relaxation. She explains how there are moments in everybody’s lives where they feel like they are completely exhausted or filled with stress but can never take breaks to catch their breath.

She explains how bad this can be for you, and how you can prevent any major damage because of this.

She explains how you’ll need absolutely nothing in order to complete these exercises, as unlike other ones, all you’ll need for this is your breath. The course is easy to follow and can be helpful for maintaining tranquility.

13) Buteyko

Buteyko Learn Breathing Lessons Online

This is a very simple and straightforward course that can be very helpful for maintaining calm inside your own body.

The course will have you taking lengthy classes on a regular basis, each class focusing on different topics and exercises that you can use to meditate using only breathing patterns.

There are multiple different seminars, each one being different when it comes to their main focus. The first one is completely free, available on their website, which can get you familiar with everything you need to know about the history and theory of the Buteyko Breathing Method.

Their method has been designed by experts that have made it as calming as possible, allowing you to remove any stress inside you and helping you prepare for any situation.

There are many stressful situations in your daily life, regardless of whether you’re a student or an adult. The lessons on this site can help you overcome them.

14) Breathe Away

Breatheaway Learn Breathing Lessons Online

Breathing Courses are pretty much simple and easy to follow as you’ve seen in other websites and lessons mentioned so far. This one is no exception, and in fact might be easier.

The site explains how bad breathing habits can be the cause of a lot of disturbances in our daily life, such as stress, insomnia, sleep apnea etc. but more importantly and fortunately, it also explains how you can get rid of these habits in order to make your life much more peaceful.

There are a total of 12 different courses on the site, each covering something different yet all of these different things will be just as important. Videos, audios and graphics, the site features courses in every form and shape so that you can take them in the way you prefer.

Instead of teaching you about the different exercises and techniques that you’d need for implementing a more stable breathing pattern, these courses will be helping you develop much better breathing habits that you’ll be using every time you breathe without noticing.

Choosing the Best Breathing Lesson Online

In short, there are more than many different breathing lessons out there that you can take in order to learn all about relaxation through respiration.

When you love anything, you wish to take care of it as much as you possibly can, which is why you should love yourself and do the same. Taking care of ourselves is a very important part of our daily lives.

There are more ways than one to take care of yourself and these lessons provide you with one of the most effective and easy to work with methods out in the world.


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