6 Websites to Learn Bowling Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Bowling Lessons Online

Learn Bowling Lessons Online

Bowling may not be a super competitive sport, however it is one of the most widely known ones. Whenever a few friends get together it isn’t uncommon for them to choose going to a bowling alley as their next hangout.

The throwing sport is fun and is also good for you as throwing a heavy bowling ball can be a good means to get your arms exercised.

In bowling, the person whose turn it is at a moment is called the bowler, and his goal is to get as many as the ten pins placed in front of him to fall over.

The game is generally quite easy to play and understand, however it is quite difficult to master. Figuring out how to throw the bowling ball, when to throw it and other stuff like that is key to getting strikes on every single turn.

There are many towns where local teams compete in tournaments as well, and obviously the team with best players will win. Bowling isn’t something that can be mastered in little time, luckily though, there are online lessons that can help you master it.

6 Websites to Learn Bowling Lessons Online Reviews

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Bowling Lessons Online

This is a course available on the popular lessons based website known as Udemy. Udemy helps people like you who wish to improve their skills by providing them with affordable lessons that can be taken at any time once purchased.

You can choose form the selection of bowling courses they have, however this one in particular is one that catches the eye of many.

All this course requires of you is a basic understanding of how bowling works, while also requiring you to be in a bowling alley while taking it so you can have access to all the required equipment.

This is a normal lesson and doesn’t feature anything too extra that other courses don’t have, however what causes people to take an interest in it is Walter Ray William’s inclusion in it.

He is considered to be the best professional bowler by many currently and in history, and even those that don’t think of him that way have him in their top 10 lists.

He will teach you all the tricks you need to become a great bowler and stand out from everyone else in the entire bowling alley.

2) Coach Tube

Coachtube Learn Bowling Lessons Online

Coach Tube is a site similar to the others that provide students with lessons regarding different topics. However one difference that it has from the other sites, is that it focuses entirely on sports.

This means that there are also bowling related lessons on the site, 72 to be exact.

The amount of courses related to bowling that you’ll find here is more as compared to most others, and what’s great about these lessons is that a lot of them have been provided by ex-professional players and coaches that have won many a few rewards over the span of their careers.

There are courses that feature on multiple things, such as release, your techniques, the way you run up before releasing the ball and everything of the sort.

A few courses will be focusing on all these things at once, meaning that these will obviously feature multiple different topics that will be taught over multiple different videos.

Other than the usual, there are also some classes that children can take in order to gain an interest in bowling. Once they’ve developed an interest, the course will be going further and providing them with coaching.

3) Study

Study Learn Bowling Lessons Online

Study.com, as anyone would be able to guess from their name, is a place where people from anywhere in the world can come to study about certain things.

Now you would assume this meant things like math, history, sciences and languages along with anything else a person would learn about in school, and even though that is true, that isn’t exactly the case.

They have lessons that can teach children and adults alike about sports, games and other activities such as riding vehicles etc. They allow you to study about anything and this includes bowling.

They have a fine collection of bowling courses that you can use to teach yourself or your children about anything you’d need to know in order to become better bowlers.

They have lessons that can help become better if you are a beginner, while there are also smaller and simpler ones that can help you get introduced with the sport and its rules.

These courses are usually in the form of text or flashcards and aren’t that long, however what they do provide is a variety of quizzes that you can take to see what you’ve learned.

4) Bowling200

Bowling200 Learn Bowling Lessons Online

Bowling200 is an online platform dedicated to helping you learn everything you wish to about bowling. They focus on everything bowling related and have something for most people.

On their site, you can find a collection of video and text lessons and tutorials that can help you more than you would think on your journey to becoming a good bowler. One of the first lessons that you’ll see on the site is about the fundamentals of releasing the ball perfectly.

This course obviously focuses on making your release almost perfect, so it will be teaching you about ways to keep your wrist firm and steady, while also keeping it straight so that the ball doesn’t go wide from its track.

Other than this the course will also be focusing on a few extra yet important and related things such as the positioning of your thumbs on the bowling ball and the different release techniques that you can use.

A thing that most other sites won’t focus on is the importance of mental focus when playing bowling. Keeping yourself calm and composed is important and the course will tell you how to do that exactly.

5) Bowling Techniques

BowlingTechniques Learn Bowling Lessons Online

Bowling Techniques is a site that focuses on, as you guessed, bowling techniques. They have lessons regarding everything that you need to do in bowling along with what specific type of technique works best with specific things.

They have videos that can help you work on your release and teach you about perfectly releasing the ball. Other than this there are also some that will focus on helping you control and master your arm swing.

This can be very important, as arm swings help you maintain the right amount of speed and spin on your throw, allowing you to perfectly place where the ball will be headed. However techniques aren’t necessarily all that they focus on.

They have a collection of video courses that can teach you important things like learning how to bowl on a regular, competitive basis.

These courses focus on helping you prepare for tournaments by teaching you the commonly used rules along with keeping the right, composed mentality so you don’t feel any sort of pressure.

Other courses focus on small but effective things like using the arrow lanes and other helpful things like that, which are small and effective.

6) National Bowling Academy

Nationalbowlingacademy Learn Bowling Lessons Online

The National Bowling Academy is another website that focuses on everything bowling related. They have instructional lessons in the form of videos that can be accessed at any time from their simple and easy to work with site.

Their courses have been provided by expert bowlers who are very good at what they do and are quite capable of teaching you how to play. Their instructional videos cover pretty much everything that you need in order to become a good bowling player.

Unlike a few other sites and lessons that will just teach you how to play and be done with it, they have something for pretty much everything, even things like what type of ball works best in certain situations.

Although many bowling alleys have their own equipment ready to be used at any given time, a lot of pro bowlers or just good ones in general prefer to have their own personal equipment, and the site will be encouraging you to do the same.

Their specific video on choosing the right equipment will help you improve the variety of bowling balls that you have and teach you how to maintain them all.

Choosing the Best Bowling Lesson Online

As already mentioned, bowling is quite a popular sport, which is something that should go without saying.

The lessons above, whether you are practicing to defeat your friends the next time you go out for bowling or wish to participate in competitive tournaments, will help you be prepared for anything bowling related.

They can help you become the best bowler out of everyone in the bowling alley and they are easy to follow above all else.

However if these aren’t the ones you feel are right for you, that is no problem at all, since there are many others to choose from all over the internet.


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