10 Websites To Learn Bouzouki Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Bouzouki Lessons Online

Learn Bouzouki Lessons Online

A musical instrument is a tool created for the purpose of making musical sound. These instruments came into existence, after people moved from making sounds through the use of their bodies to using various objects for making musical sounds.

Musical instruments are made in a variety of different styles, and shapes. Each one of them are used to make different sounds.

The bouzouki (also known as a buzuki or buzuci) is a common musical instrument. The instrument has a long neck, and a round shape at the bottom. Steel Strings are attached to the instrument, just like a guitar. It is quite a popular instrument in Greece.

The bouzouki is mainly divided into two types. The first one is the trichordo which has three pair of strings, while the other is the tetrachordo which has four pair of strings. Today, the instrument plays a very important role in modern Greek music.

You can learn about playing the bouzouki from plenty of different sources, as playing the bouzouki is not that hard.

In this article, we will be taking a look at a number of websites that will teach you how to play a bouzouki online.

10 Websites To Learn Bouzouki Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn bouzouki lessons online

Udemy is the biggest global marketplace for learning and teaching. It has been doing a great job of connecting students worldwide to the finest teachers, allowing the students to be able to pursue their dreams.

The website provides access to a huge library of courses, covering almost every topic. You can find a large number of learning resources and instructions on Udemy. Anyone from anywhere in the world can learn different courses and develop new and improved skills.

They have passionate teachers from all over the world. All of them are motivated to teaching their students. Apart from giving a whole environment of learning and teaching, Udemy also has a lot of features for its users that truly makes the website one of a kind.

There are different filter options available to help you sort out courses in a specific language. You can also sort out the course according to skill levels.

There is an option for filtering out free and paid courses, and an option for only showing courses that feature quizzes, practice tests, and coding exercises.

You will learn how to play different songs on the bouzouki and understand Greek scales and rhythms. You will also build an understanding for basic music theory. All you need for the course is a bouzouki and a plectrum through which you will play the instrument.

2) Wyzant

wyzant learn bouzouki lessons online

Wyzant is a great online learning platform, providing students with a number of expert teachers. They provide skilled teachers, with different backgrounds. Each teacher has a different way of teaching his/her students.

They have a variety of different courses available. Almost every course has the option of either learning online, or meeting up with your teacher and taking physical lessons from them.

Their online lessons are also 1 -on- 1 which helps in creating a unique interaction between a teacher and a student.

Before starting your journey for learning, you will have to specify the kind of course you want to take by mentioning the topic. You will then be moved to a number of experts in that field offering to teach you. Now, you will need to select a tutor, based on his qualifications and hourly rates.

After choosing the teacher of your choice, you need to book a lesson from him by taking a look at his schedule. You can choose to meet with him, if you’re close enough. Else, you will have to take online private lessons from him.

The course provided by the website has been done by a completely qualified teacher. He has been performing music for over 20 years now. You get the chance of learning from him, all thanks to Wyzant!

3) LessonsAustralia

lessonsaustralia learn bouzouki lessons online

Lessons Australia is an Australian website founded back in Brisbane, 2017. Although the website is quite new, it has grown trust by providing its community of students with a fantastic learning marketplace.

It provides an effective way of searching about a specified topic easily, and get the chance to learn from music experts.

You can search for teachers by specifying a criterion. You can also set a customized approach to your lessons, allowing you to reach your goals easily. The website makes sure to verify all of their teacher’s backgrounds to enhance the learning experience.

The website provides you the option of taking both local and online lessons from a list of qualified and experienced teachers.

They have a Good Match Guarantee feature, where the website encourages you to book your first two lessons with confidence. In case you did not like the match, they will offer you a full refund for both the lessons.

The Bouzouki private course can be taken through the use of a webcam, either at the comfort of your own home, or at a learn-in studio. You will learn all the basic techniques and musical theories which will help you be able to play a bouzouki efficiently and with ease.

4) MontrealAcademyofMusic

montrealacademyofmusic learn bouzouki lessons online

The Montreal Academy of Music is an online school that has been serving online courses to its students for over 25 years. They have a whole team of certified music teachers. In addition to teaching, they also hold annual concerts and thrilling festivals for their students.

The music lessons provided by the school are entertaining, and personalized for both kids and adults. They also offer professional studio recordings, and preparation for musical Colleges and Universities.

Their online lessons can be customized to meet the individual needs of each and every student.

They provide online real time lessons with a private teacher, allowing you to learn the course while being remotely anywhere. The only requirement is a mobile phone, or a webcam with a computer or a laptop to be able to take online 1 -on- 1 music lessons.

The website features an expert Irish bouzouki teacher. The online lesson is made for both a beginner looking to get started, and an intermediate who wants to develop advanced skills for playing a bouzouki.

The online bouzouki lesson will be taught according to your preference, helping you to stay motivated, and boost your individual skills on playing the instrument.


oaim learn bouzouki lessons online

OAIM, also known as the Online Academy for Irish Music is a website devoted to teaching Irish music. They are mainly based in Doolin, Co. Clare, which is the heart of traditional music in Ireland. Through the use of video streaming, they teach Irish music to students all over the world.

The best part about the website is that there is no need to be able to read music before starting any online lesson. All of their online lessons come with the standard ABC notation download, sheet music, and mp3’s.

OAIM offers a simple way of learning Irish music, especially to those who do not have any access to a reliable and professional Irish music teacher.

Their team of expert teachers comprises of some of the Ireland’s finest skilled musicians. Although they are mainly grounded in Ireland, their community consists of people from all over the globe.

They do not sell any individual courses, and feature a whole membership plan. After giving the membership fee, you will have access to all of the website’s content.

You can also avail the 14-day free trial, which will give you a full 14 days access to premium content, and can be cancelled anytime.

You can get access to all the Irish music lessons including bouzouki lessons if you buy their monthly or yearly membership plans. Unfortunately, the bouzouki course is for those who already have some kind of knowledge and experience playing the bouzouki.

6) Karantinis

karantinis learn bouzouki lessons online

Named after its founder Manolis Karantinis, the website provides an interactive way of learning about bouzouki through video lessons. All the guides, instructions, and video lessons are done by Karantinis.

Manolis Karantinis is a musician, composer, and above all, a bouzouki enthusiast. He has developed an amazing skill and experience on playing the bouzouki from Athens which is located in Greece.

He has a very unique style of playing the instrument, making him one of the most recognized bouzouki players in the whole world.

The website has courses starting from beginners, intermediates, to even advanced players. The entire production of the website was done by a very small team of musicians, living in London.

The video lessons begin after giving a basic introduction about the bouzouki. Manolis will teach you about the basics, like how to hold the bouzouki, the purpose of a plectrum, and how to use it.

You will also learn some basic exercises that will help you develop the skill for playing a bouzouki.

After teaching the basics, he will move on to teach you the chords, modes, styles, and techniques. By the end of the course, you will be an adept at playing the bouzouki, with the ability of being able to improve further by practicing yourself.

7) Etsy

etsy learn bouzouki lessons online

Etsy is a worldwide marketplace where various kinds of people gather to make, buy, sell, and collect exclusive items.

Etsy is not like a physical warehouse; it is actually a complete community where millions of people interact with each other. The platform authorizes sellers to help buyers find and buy what they love.

Not only do they support selling items at an incredibly low price, but they also feature powerful tools, and education. You can even buy online courses and all the stuff related to bouzouki.

Their method of online shopping is very secure, meaning sellers and buyers can connect with each other without any concern.

Fortunately, people also sell online services in the website. One of the listed online service is to learn a song on bouzouki. This online lesson is taught through skype.

The person teaching the online lesson is from Athens, Greece. He uses his own method of teaching one song on the bouzouki per lesson.

Each lesson is 45-minutes long and is done through a video call on skype. You can ask any further question directly from him, using Etsy. The highlight of the online service is that score and audio files will also be available during the online lesson.

8) BouzoukiSpace

bouzoukispace learn bouzouki lessons online

Bouzouki Space is a notable website for learning online bouzouki lessons. They provide a selection of instructional videos to meet everyone’s learning standards. These videos have step-by-step instructions and ways to develop and improve your skill on playing a bouzouki.

The courses range from beginner to advanced, and are taught at the comfort of your own home. They provide one of the most complete bouzoukis learning method.

They have a diversity of options for learning how to play a bouzouki. You can opt for buying a specific course, enroll into an an online skype class, or buy video guides.

All of these options are a great choice for providing you with the best learning experiences. You can go for any of the following course according to your preference.

The website also features complete access to a monthly bouzouki video lesson. You will have access to a number of instruction videos on how to play a bouzouki.

The course will be updated regularly and will feature new lesson every month. You will learn exercises, chords, techniques and methods for playing a bouzouki. You can use these lessons and practice anytime in the day with their superior quality.

9) LearnGreekBouzouki

learngreekbouzouki learn bouzouki lessons online

Learn Greek Bouzouki is founded by Akis Sainis. He has had a passionate love for playing the bouzouki since childhood. He started playing the instrument at just the age of 12, and spent the next 3 years developing and improving his skills on the bouzouki.

Akis Sainis has been playing professionally since the age of 16. He has performed in nightclubs, various concerts, functions, and events.

He has travelled to different countries and performed for a variety of different audiences. He has been sharing his passion of bouzouki through performing and teaching for all his life!

For over 10 years, he has been teaching students of all ages, with different backgrounds, but with the same goal of learning the instrument. He has been in love with the instrument for more than 30 years.

His love and desire for playing the bouzouki has allowed him to teach and share his knowledge, and experience to everyone looking to learn how to play a bouzouki.

He welcomes you with the online bouzouki lesson and inspires everyone who wants to learn the bouzouki to take his lesson. The lessons can be taught to beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners.

You will develop and improve your skills, and discover various techniques and playing styles for playing the instrument.

You will also learn picking techniques, which are very important for a professional bouzouki player. You will be able to identify the different kinds of plectrums, and what type of sound will they make.

10) BozoukiGR

bouzoukigr learn bouzouki lessons online

Bouzouki GR is a website purely dedicated to teaching online bouzouki lessons in a diversity of ways. The website is based in Greece and teaches Greek bouzouki lessons. You can take these online lessons while sitting anywhere in the world.

The online lesson is made for all kinds of audiences. A beginner can start learning the course and discover how to play a bouzouki.

On the other hand, an intermediate or advanced player can also take the lessons for additional tips and tricks on playing the bouzouki.

No matter how much prior knowledge a person has, there is always room for improvements. This online course provides you with unique ways to playing a bouzouki and some advanced playing guidelines.

So, if you always wanted to learn how to play a bouzouki, you won’t be disappointed at this online lesson.

The online lesson is also taught via use of skype. You will also gain free access to some of the most advanced music education software on the website. You can start the course anytime, and learn from a selection of online lessons.

Choosing The Best Bouzouki Lesson Online

The process of finding a new hobby can be a blissful, and fun activity. Learning how to play a musical instrument as a hobby can prove to be a very great experience.

Bouzouki is a very famous musical instrument, and quite easy to learn. Being able to finally play a musical instrument can develop a fine appreciation for music.

After giving a brief analysis about the websites mentioned above, we have come up with the conclusion that these websites offer the best online courses for learning how to play a bouzouki. You can choose from any of the given websites, and start learning in one of the best online learning methods.


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