16 Websites to Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

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Blues Guitar is a rather advanced term of guitars that not everyone can master. It is a style of contemporary rhythm guitar that is built around a 12-bar chord progression.

It is the main component of Rock music and almost every sub-genre of rock music has fragments of blues guitar in it. It is a complex form of guitar music as this is not something that you can learn out of a textbook or by reading some technicalities.

Blues Guitar incorporates feelings and emotions, means that you are learning only the way how it works and then you are to find your own creative ways to express your feelings out through the music.

The only way, you can learn Blues Guitars is that you learn the chords and how to play those chords associated with the Blues Guitars, the rest is all up to your creativity.

Music is an art and all you need is to learn the tools that will help you channel your creativity through the subtle guitar nodes and make those tunes turn out to be magical.

There are certain websites that can help you learn the fundamentals of Blues Guitar online. There are somethings that you will need to require in advance like how to hold and play the guitar if you want to move quickly through the information and being able to play Blues Guitar properly.

However, these are not a must and you can start from a beginner and move your way up to learn the advanced Blues Guitar that you seek.

These websites can be a great help to you if you don't have the time or resources to join a music class. Some top websites that can help you with Blues Guitar lessons are:

16 Websites to Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online Reviews

1) GuitarTricks

GuitarTricks Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

The Blues courses in Guitar Tricks are part of its Core Learning System. To ensure that you lock in all the basics from your first Blues guitar lesson, Guitar Tricks designs its Blues courses into two easy-to-follow levels.

In Blues Style Level 1 series, you will cover the basics of Blues guitar playing. For example, the blues chords and structure, the 12-bar form, the blues rhythms, and more. And to make your lessons more engaging, the blues experts from Guitar Tricks will teach you how to play the blues lead and give setup advice to bring that bluesy effect to your guitar playing.

Once you have the Blues guitar basics, you can further improve your techniques with Guitar Tricks’ Blues Style Level 2 series. From there, you will learn new scales to create new musical strategies and do an in-depth study of the blues legends you adore and their guitar playing methods.

By signing up as a Guitar Tricks member, you can gain basic access to 24 complimentary Blues guitar lessons from the thousands of other guitar tutorials in the Guitar Tricks Library. The basic access is a way for you to experience what Guitar Tricks has to offer before committing to a monthly subscription fee. How thoughtful! You can visit Guitar Tricks for more information.

2) ArtistWorks

ArtistWorks Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

Thinking of learning music at the comfort of your home, ArtistWorks is the place for you. This is a heaven for all those who want to learn any musical instruments up to the level of perfection.

The website is run by a dedicated team that is devoted to music and want to help all who are willing to learn. There is a certain range of online lessons on guitars available on the website like Acoustic guitars, electric jazz, electric rock, and much more.

The website also offers a music certificate program as well as all the major modern music instruments.Artist Works have a great online learning program on Blues Guitars' lesson by Keith Wyatt.

He is a well-known name in guitarists ad his touch on guitar nodes is simply magical. The lesson runs for different plans like 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months plan.

These plans on Artist Works are worth each penny as they entail unlimited access to lessons, workshops, and video submissions to the teacher so they can correct any mistakes you are making.

There is slow motion and looping on videos option available so you don’t miss out on the details and can learn blues guitar perfectly as you want it to be.

3) TrueFire

TrueFire Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

Learning the Blues guitar as a beginner can be daunting. You don’t know where to start and which style suits you. In TrueFire, the education team got you covered. TrueFire’s Blues Learning Path is a compass for you to navigate through the thousands of lessons in the TrueFire Course Library.

TrueFire’s Blues Learning Path lists all available Blues guitar courses according to your skill level: Beginner, Late Beginner, Intermediate, Late Intermediate, and Advanced. So if you are somewhere in between a beginner or an expert, you can always find a suitable Blues guitar course for you to work on.

Plus, as you progress through the later stages of TrueFire’s Blues Learning Path, you’ll find yourself learning the subcategories of Blues, namely Blues-Rock, Jazz-Blues, and Acoustic Blues. How exciting!

TrueFire’s Educators are at your service to make you the Blue guitarist of your dreams. Besides going through the pre-set courses within TrueFire’s Blues Learning Path, you can schedule private lessons with your Educator of choice. Take this chance to have an in-depth discussion with your Educator so you can improve your Blues guitar playing. Learning alone can be fun. However, it’s better to have constructive feedback from a professional to help you reach a greater height.

TrueFire has a subscription-based membership where all members have complete access to all other courses besides the Blues. Register today!

4) Udemy

Udemy Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

Udemy is the home for pre-recorded video lessons on any imaginable niche in the world. Whatever you can think of, if it's possible to learn online, you can find a course on Udemy for it.

Don't make the mistake to think that being a large platform, these courses might be compromised with quality as they ensure to run each course through strict quality inspections, and valued learning is ensured on each of the course that is listed on the website.

They allow you an easy to register process that is free of cost and once you have registered, you will get your own dashboard.

You will have to purchase the courses that are listed on the website and once you have purchased a course, you will get lifetime access to it.

That means you can manage all your courses on Udemy.com in a single place. There are some great courses on Blues Guitars that will help you learn the fundamentals of blues guitar on acoustic as well as electric guitars listed on the website. You can choose the course that suits you best to start the online learning journey.

5) Lynda

Lynda Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

Lynda.com started as an online learning platform from LinkedIn that was focused on teaching the necessary employable skills to all those who want to learn online.

It later on, grew out to be one of the largest websites on online learning that are covering a diverse range of topics and lessons.

The website is the right assistance for all those who don't want to compromise on the quality of online learning. The websites seem to prefer quality content over quantity and their courses are unmatched in terms of information delivery and comprehension perspective.

The website also offers you plans for your Business, Higher educational institutes, governments, or team plans to learn collaboratively and pay conveniently.

The website also offers a wide range of courses on musical instruments that you can get help to learn online. All the courses can be accessed with a single membership on this website and you are also offered a free one-month trial period. 

There are some highly insightful courses on Blues Guitar available on the website that can take you from placing your hands properly to how you can play the Blues Guitar effectively and it can help you with your ambition of achieving the highest forms of guitar playing journey.

6) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

SkillShare is another great initiative that can help anyone learn online. The website has a huge library that almost equals the most major websites like Udemy and more.

The best part is that their subscription is not limited to a certain course and you won't have to pay for courses individually.

Rather, you can just subscribe to a monthly subscription on the website and it will allow you access to all the courses listed on the website on any niche you want.

This platform is great for all those who are willing to learn numerous things online at once and are indulged in online learning processes. SkillShare.com has some highly insightful courses listed on Blues Guitar.

These courses are both Free and premium and you can try the free content to see if the website suits your learning style. If you like the courses, you can opt-in for a paid subscription and take your blues guitar online learning journey forward.

7) Reed

Reed Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

Reed.co.uk is one of the largest online learning platforms available on the internet. Their library is so huge that you can think of a random thing, search for it and you will get a list of options on courses listed on that topic on the website.

Reed.co.uk is a UK based website and works like most major websites for online learning. The difference is that they also help you with job placement and career advice.

The website offers free sign-up and you will only have to pay for the courses that you want to learn from. The courses are of high-quality in terms of learning and you can get support from a dedicated team on the website if you need some guidance as well.

The website also offers some great incentives and promos to help with online learning and not make it hard on the pocket.

There are quite a few courses on Blues Guitars listed on the website that range from courses for absolute beginners to some courses for guitarists who want to learn the edge of Blues Guitars and make their music tones more sense.

8) TakeLessons

TakeLessons Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

TakeLessons.com is another online learning website that is well-known all over the world. The reason of popularity for this website is that there are no pre-recorded courses on the website at all.

The website follows a unique, easy to learn approach and allows you a platform where you can find experts on the topic you want to learn. These experts will charge you per hour and you can take lessons from them directly through online video-link or in-person.

The website has some top guitar instructors available that can help you learn Blues Guitar conveniently.

What other way can be better than to learn from the experts first-hand and they can not only guide you on how to hold the guitar, which nodes to play but also help you cover up any mistakes you are making on the spot.

This is a great way to get help with learning Blues Guitars and you will be playing those magical nodes confidently before you know it.

You even find your favorite band artist teaching on this website and get a chance to learn from them through Take Lessons.

9) Lessonface

LessonFace Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

Lessonface.com is another website that follows the same interactive strategy of TakeLessons.com. They are offering you a chance to book the lessons with some top guitarists that can help you learn Blues Guitars online.

The website has hundreds of experts that can help you learn the skills you want online and that makes it one of the most popular websites over the internet.Lesson Face also has a convenient and easy to use interface that allows you to filter out the instructors based on your choice.

These instructors from all around the world can be filtered according to category of learning, the price that they charge per hour, availability of the instructor and the skill level you want to learn.

While scrolling through the instructors on the website for Blues Guitar learning, you will be amazed to see your favorite guitarists listed online and you can get a chance to learn from them directly on this website.

All you have to do is sign up on this website and the rest will be taken care of by these experienced teachers.

10) Berklee

Berklee Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

Berklee college of music is a private college located in the heart of Boston, Ma. The institute is famous across the world for being the largest independent college for contemporary music around the world and is a dream place for studying music for most music enthusiasts.

However, you might be living in some other state, busy with your life and not able to attend the college, or you can be in another continent where it is not possible for you to attend classes at Berklee College of Music.

Well, this is the 21st century and nothing is impossible. Berklee college of music has started their very own website that follows the same principles of learning that are practiced in the college but online.

The website offers you to enroll in any of the programs like degrees, certificates, and courses online. They are also offering some great undergraduate and graduate-level courses on Blues Guitars and you can not only get yourself enrolled in these courses online but also get the credit hours that will be accumulated for your degree in music.

The website offers semester-based study system and you can join any of the classes online conveniently.

11) BluesGuitarlessons

BluesGuitarLessons Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

There are websites that are online learning websites and offer a wide range of topics, and then you can get access to some music schools online that can also help you learn Blues Guitar.

This unique website is however dedicated to only one niche and that is learning Blues Guitar online.

As the URL suggests this highly enriched website has no other agenda but to teach everyone who has the willingness to learn to get their hands on the right techniques so they can channel the emotions through guitar nodes on the contemporary rhythm of Blues Guitar.

The website is absolutely free to use and has step-by-step guidance that will take you from scratch to advanced levels of Blues Guitar really quick.

The website also offers you an option to sign-up for their newsletter so that you can get access to a whole bund of insights and updates that are going around in the world of music.

12) Guitarcompass

GuitarCompass Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

Music is a part of art, culture and civilization from the beginning of mankind. There are evident reasons to believe that the guitar is probably one of the most ancient instruments and has existed in various forms and features in the past.

This website lets you dive deep in the world of guitars and make you learn how to not take it as an instrument but a part of your body.

The website is about feeling the guitar and using it to channel all the emotions and expressions through the nodes of music.

The website has numerous guitar lessons listed online that you can take advantage from. Once you learn from this website, you are going to get a whole new perspective about guitars, and that will add a new direction to your musical life.

The website is also offering some great courses on Blues Guitars that will take you from the start and help you learn the very advanced terminologies and tricks of Blues Guitar. The courses are designed by Jody Worrell and are free to access.

13) BestBluesGuitarLessonsOnline

BestBluesGuitarLessonsOnline Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

This is another website dedicated to learn Blues Guitar online. It is a blog-based website that is absolutely free to use and contains elaborative information on learning Blues guitar.

The website is a great help for all who are looking to play on stage or just have the compassion to learn the best of Blues Guitar. There are resources like Articles and Videos that are going to help you through your learning journey and make you feel even more confident with your learning.

The website allows you to sign up for a free Blues Guitar ebook as well so you can dive-in deep in the world of online learning for Blues Guitar.

This website is the right choice for you If you are really devoted to learn the Blues Guitar and don’t want to spend a lot on the process.

However, the website will require a lot of self-efforts as you will have to go through the information yourself and help yourself skim the right lessons that suit you best.

14) Activemelody

ActiveMelody Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

Activemeoldy.com is a musical website that has hundreds of musical lessons on a different form of guitars and other instruments.

You will be amazed to see the categories of guitar learning lessons listed on the website that can help you learn the genre of your choice. Whether you are a lead guitarist or a solo player, these lessons can help you greatly in learning all the right skills that you require.

Also, there is plenty of free content available on this website that will help you move easily through the steps and get the idea of basic concepts without having to pay hefty subscription fees.

You can get access to Weekly lessons on the website You can go through the episodes of these lessons as well and get your hands on some lessons on Blues Guitars from the top guitarists that are willing to let the knowledge pass on.

15) LearningGuitarNow

LearningGuitarNow Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

For everyone who has a knack for music and wants to kick-start with creation of music, the guitar seems to be the most suitable choice. Some people opt for guitars because they truly want to learn while some only do it to lose the cool look and chic personality.

No matter which person you are, learning to play the Blues Guitar might be on your to-do list when it comes to music creation.

There is a common notion that playing the Blues Guitar is very difficult but we don’t believe this because all you need is a good instructor and well-designed courses to learn the guitar.

This is the main reason we are talking about this website through which aspirant guitarists can sharpen their skills and hone the finger movement to create music.

On the website, you will be able to find step-by-step courses that teach students about the slide and blues guitars at one time.

In addition, this website has managed to upload over sixty well-designed and fully-integrated courses to optimize the learning experience. So, by the end of the course from this website, you will be able to play Blues Guitar like All man and Clapton!

16) TexasBlueSalley

TexasBluesAlley Learn Blues Guitar Lessons Online

We all know someone who would look all cool with their guitar and wherever they would go, limelight and center of attention became their ultimate companion. In all such instances, you pondered to yourself if you will ever be able to become that famous?

Well, let us tell you that it’s pretty easy because all you need to do is sign up on Texas Blues Alley and learn the intricacies of Blues Guitar.

According to them, mastering the skills on Blues Guitar might be hard but this website will make sure that learning experience is eased and smoothed up for the aspirant guitarists.

On this website, the students can access the video lessons and learn basic techniques like the old tone zone, the stage, woodshed, and more.

With this website, there is learning material available as well to help students understand the concepts before they invest in the Blues Guitar.

The learning material has been designed to offer a top-notch and in-depth learning experience for the students. So, take out some time and learn the Blues Guitar as you have always wanted to!

Choosing the Best Blues Guitar Lesson Online

Blues Guitar is an advanced and complex level of playing Guitar that entails advanced 12-chord techniques and a high level of passion. The rhythm is certainly magical and you cannot just learn it through these lessons alone.

You need to dive in the passion and let your emotions flow through the chords of guitars. However, there are some basics that are needed to be learned and these websites are some of the choices that can help you learn Blues Guitar online, at the comfort of your home easily.

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