5 Websites To Learn Bluegrass Vocal Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Bluegrass Vocal Lessons Online

Learn Bluegrass Vocal Lessons Online

Bluegrass music is a special genre of music that has an American root. The musical genre has become so popular today and you can learn it by joining one of the numerous bluegrass online classes that focus on teaching its vocals.

As you are looking for the best online Bluegrass vocal lesson to join, there are a few important elements of this musical genre you need to understand that will allow you to make an excellent decision.The major elements of bluegrass vocals include:


This is an essential element that determines whether you will succeed as a bluegrass vocalist or not. This element determines whether you can sing bluegrass in the intended notes. You need to listen to your voice as you sing to get the perfect pitch. Your online lesson must teach you more about the pitch.

Tonal quality

Tonal quality refers to the natural resonance of your voice. You can have it naturally or develop it with great practice. Make sure you find a bluegrass lesson that focuses on your tonal quality.

Word phrasing

The phrasing of bluegrass is different from other genres. This is because the beat usually comes after the syncopated words. You need to master this aspect as you learn bluegrass vocal online.Other important elements of bluegrass vocal include melody, projection, music style, and enunciation.

5 Websites To Learn Bluegrass Vocal Lessons Online Review

1) Artistworks

Artistworks Learn Bluegrass Vocal Lessons Online

Bluegrass Vocals with Michael Daves involves series of dedicated online lessons that are targeted at teaching you how to perfect your bluegrass vocal.

These lessons ensure that the students get access to tons of resources and instructions that help them to get better at bluegrass vocals. They teach bluegrass vocal solos, harmonizing, and tips that can assist you to become a better bluegrass singer than ever before.

During the lessons, you will also learn about classic bluegrass repertoire as well as ear training exercises that will make it easy for you to understand bluegrass music. It is worthwhile to note that Bluegrass Vocals with Michael Daves is not a one-size-fits-all program.

It is designed to ensure that the students can learn based on their level of expertise and experience. As such, the program is categorized into three parts – beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

So, have a self-assessment before joining this bluegrass vocal lesson online so that you can understand where you belong.

This website offers you tons of bluegrass vocal lessons. With these lessons, you will learn several bluegrass voices. The lesson videos allow looping and slow motion. All these factors are combined to guarantee that you can learn everything you need to know about bluegrass vocal at your own pace.

You can also submit videos of your practice session so that the tutor can review your performance. As the name of the lesson indicates, you will be taught by the talented Michael Daves who has worked with several well-known artists around the world.

2) Udemy

Udemy Learn Bluegrass Vocal Lessons Online

​Udemy is a popular website that offers tons of lessons a wide range of courses. Currently, this platform has hundreds of online lessons that are targeted at teaching bluegrass vocals.

So, if you want to learn about bluegrass vocals, Udemy is one of the best places you have to be. This platform specializes in connecting students with skilled tutors; so, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when you are being taught bluegrass vocals on Udemy.

Bluegrass vocal lessons on this website are provided by different tutors. This is particularly advantageous for you as a student as you can take the time to check through an array of lessons to see the best tutors that you can work with.

In addition, the lessons are rated; hence, you can know the level of satisfaction of the previous students of a tutor before joining their class.

Furthermore, bluegrass vocal lessons on this platform come at different prices but you can find a lesson that suits your budget.

A few of the best Udemy bluegrass vocal lessons you can check include Vocal Boot Camp: Riffs and Runs, How To Sing #1: Complete Vocal Warm-ups & Voice Physiology, Vocal Resonance and Tone with Theory, Improv Bluegrass Theory works for Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle, etc., Learn easy Bluegrass + Country licks on harmonica, and lots more.

Join the bluegrass vocal lessons on Udemy now and start learning at your convenience.

3) Lynda

Lynda Learn Bluegrass Vocal Lessons Online

Lynda is a foremost online platform that assists people to learn virtually anything that they want. This website has more than 20 lessons that are meant for people that want to learn bluegrass vocal.

These lessons on Lynda can assist you to know the rudiment of bluegrass vocals in a simple and understandable way. You will also learn the terminology and basic concepts associated with singing bluegrass.

All thanks to the experienced and skilled bluegrass tutors that are on this platform. The lessons are available for beginners and intermediates. A few of the bluegrass tutors on the website include Lari White and Mike Marshall.

The majority of the lessons on this website come in the form of recorded videos that you can watch wherever you are.

This allows you to learn bluegrass vocal lessons online at your own pace irrespective of your schedule or location. While some videos are just a few minutes over 1 hour, others can last for as long as 4 hours.

In addition to the videos, some tutors can offer you additional resources that will make it easy for you to follow up on what you have learned. So, don’t waste your time.

Check out the array of bluegrass vocal lessons on Lynda to choose the bluegrass vocal lesson that best fits your needs. Join other students in the class and perfect your bluegrass vocal today.

4) FlatFootAndFancyFree

FlatFootAndFancyFree Learn Bluegrass Vocal Lessons Online

Singing bluegrass requires lots of near-perfect expertise. So, these vocal lessons have been particularly designed to help polish your expertise and improve your bluegrass vocal skills.

With the aid of these lessons, you will learn what it takes to tune your voice into the voices around you. Similarly, you will be shown some important tricks are undoubtedly great for harmonious singing – whether as duos, trios or quartets.

After understanding the basics of the old-time standard duo, you will learn about other aspects of this musical genre.Notably, the class is based on learning by ear.

Therefore, you need to be attentive as the lessons continue so that you will not miss out on any important aspects. Nevertheless, students will get handouts that contain the notation and lyrics you need to follow the lessons with ease.

The Carter and Watson Families, The Stanley, Louvin and Monroe Brothers are the important materials that are used for bluegrass vocal classes.Generally, there is no specific requirement to join this bluegrass vocal class.

However, being able to carry a tune will go a long way in helping you enjoy the class. Besides, this lesson is available for all singers irrespective of their experience or expertise.

Rebecca Stout anchors these vocal lessons. Each lesson requires 1 hour and 15 minutes.

There are three options available for anyone that wants to join the class. You can do a single private lesson, a package of 6 private lessons or a package of 10 lessons.

5) PrivateLessons

PrivateLessons Learn Bluegrass Vocal Lessons Online

This section of Private Lessons is entirely dedicated to bluegrass vocal lessons. So, if you are interested in learning bluegrass vocals, don’t hesitate to check out this platform to start the process.

This website is based on creating a platform for teachers that are looking for students. Hence, you can look for different bluegrass vocal tutors on the platform, connect with them and start learning.

At this moment, over 60 tutors are always on the ground to teach different aspects of bluegrass. Whether you are an experienced bluegrass singer or you are new to the genre, Private Lessons is the ideal platform to improve your singing prowess.

To use this platform to find the best bluegrass teach for you, you should start by selecting your location. After selecting your location, you will find interested teachers that are prepared and capable of teaching you everything you want to learn about bluegrass vocals.

Some of the seasoned bluegrass teachers on the website include Dennis Bailey, Jamie Anderson, Greg Brouelette, Diana Barton, Mark Black, Dana Caroline, Daniel Carwile, Margaret Green, Greg Burgess, and Drew Cooper.

Other include Chad Cheadle, Christopher Davis, Evan Dickerson, Scout DeBartolo, Francis DiVirgilio, and Alan Frankel. The majority of these tutors have a lot of years of experience and are talented.

Hence, you are likely going to become better at singing bluegrass after the lessons. Also, these tutors are experienced in teaching other genres of music such as jazz, country, classical, blues and lots more.

Choosing The Best Bluegrass Vocal Lesson Online

Regardless of the bluegrass vocal lessons online you want to participate in, you should note that there are three parts in the majority of bluegrass harmony – lead, tenor and baritone.

Formal or classical voice classifications are not used for determining these parts. However, they are based on what each person is playing.

Notably, the lead sings the melody. The tenor plays the next chord tone that is higher than the melody whereas the baritone sings the next chord tone that is lower than the melody.

Although each part is difficult, baritone tends to be more challenging than the other two. During your bluegrass vocal lessons online, you should be able to determine which part you can sing best.


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