6 Websites To Learn BBQ Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn bbq lessons online

learn bbq lessons online

Summer is just around the corner, and barbecuing has been in our minds ever since. Be it chicken or pork, eating barbecue food is tantalizing for taste buds and provides a great way to kick back and have some fun in the backyard. You might not know this, but the barbecue actually has a multitude of benefits. The best thing about barbecue is that there are no fats.

That’s because you can use olive oil while barbecuing and serve it with grilled vegetables, which will be highly beneficial for health. The vegetables on the side will be rich with minerals and vitamin while retaining the true essence and texture. The best thing about barbecue is that the moisture will be retained, and butter content will be just right.

All in all, barbecuing is fun and provides a great way of socializing with friends and family. However, people often think of it as some rocket science. Fortunately, barbecuing is very easy as long as you know the right tricks. So, in this article, we are sharing top websites to learn BBQ lessons online, so you won’t have to listen to Gordon Ramsay’s scolding.

All the websites in this article are top-notch and specialized. Their courses are well-designed, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you will become the ultimate barbecuing person for the gatherings. Have a look at websites and start learning right away!

Websites To Learn BBQ Lessons Online Review:

1) MasterClass

masterclass learn bbq lessons online

For everyone who wants to master the art of BBQ, this master website is the ultimate choice. On this website, you will learn the low and slow processes of cooking delicious food. The website teaches about cuts and the right temperatures, so you don’t compromise on the tenderness. MasterClass.com has designed with iPhone and Android apps for higher convenience.

MasterClass.com signs you up for video classes which can be accessed on Roku and Amazon Prime. In addition, students can sign up for live sessions, so you can be face-to-face with the instructor. The best thing about MasterClass.com is that they offer 24-hours free trial. Even with the free trial, the students can access the instructor classes in audio mode.

MasterClass.com provides access to workbooks as well for a better learning experience. The students will be automatically signed up for an all-access pass and annual subscription if they don’t cancel after free trial. Once you buy the membership, you will have access to cooking classes, how-to videos, and more than 85 classes onboard.

This website will provide twenty video lessons, and all of them are of ten minutes duration. The lessons can be accessed on TV apps. Besides, students can access offline lessons. After buying the courses, the students can get a 30-days guarantee.

2) Udemy

udemy learn bbq lessons online

Udemy is one of the most used learning platforms with thousands of video lessons and courses. The courses are available in every possible subject. So, when it comes down to barbecue learning, Udemy.com has got you covered. This website has designed BBQ courses for all skill levels, such as beginners, intermediate, and experts.

As far as the prices are concerned, the students have access to free courses. The free courses are suitable for learning the basic skills. In addition, there are paid courses for people who want to learn advanced barbecuing skills and become the chef. Udemy.com has designed the paid courses with quizzes, practice tests, and exercises that ramps up the learning experience.

The topping point of Udemy.com is that it offers multiple filters, so students can personalize the learning experience. For instance, they can select the video lesson duration that suits their schedule. Also, the courses are available in different languages, so everyone can learn to barbecue. Once you sign up for paid courses, you can access the on-demand videos that address your specific needs.

The students can access the courses and lessons for a lifetime, be it on a smartphone or TV. Last but not least, you can earn the certificate of completion by the end of the course.

3) BBQChamps

bbqchamps learn bbq lessons online

Barbecuing is fun, and the end result is actually good the yummy barbecue. However, BBQ has always been perceived as a difficult task, but with BBQChamps.com, the entire barbecuing experience will be easy. This website is a perfect place for everyone who wants to learn new barbecuing skills. BBQChamps.com has designed video lessons because the results are better.

The students can stream the lesson videos. However, the videos are available in the paid version. Once you buy the videos, you can access them anytime, as BBQChamps.com promises not to terminate the access. The students on BBQChamps.com can access the purchased videos by using the username and password from the confirmation email.

To learn barbecuing on this website, all you need is a robust internet connection. The best thing about this website is that it offers video access and playability on smartphones, tablets, and computers as long as these devices have access to an internet connection. While paying for the premium videos, the credit card information will remain safe because there is 128-bit encryption technology implemented.

All in all, the videos on BBQChamps.com are suitable for everyone because they are very detailed. The students will learn the basics while getting ready to become the expert one.

4) GrillMasterUniversity

grillmasteruniversity learn bbq lessons online

Well, the name of the website speaks volumes about what you will learn. We are guessing that you will learn the basics while preparing to become the expert barbecuing person. With GrillMasterUniversity.com, students can learn to barbecue for backyard fun as well as for the cooking competitions. That’s to say, because this website caters to every skill level.

It is pretty obvious that students will be able to access the BBQ lessons according to their skill level. In addition to online classes, the website offers live and in-person lessons as well. The in-person BBQ lessons are available in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, and many more.

With GrillMasterUniversity.com, the students need to have some supplies to learn BBQ. For instance, you need the grill, charcoal, and chimney starter. In addition, don’t forget the spatula, tongs, and grill brush. In addition to basic skills, you will learn the ideal temperatures and tips to ensure even meat-cooking with this website.

In addition, the students who think they have learned everything can participate in contestants. The contest is hosted by GrillMasterUniversity.com and has steaks in reward. These contests are held every month, so you can show off your skills!

5) MyBluePrint

myblueprint learn bbq lessons online

Some people are always thinking about meat and how delicious BBQ is. Well, believe us, the craze is real because we are hooked to that tantalizing taste all the same. So, if you want to munch on BBQ whenever you want, you can learn how to barbecue with this website. Shop.MyBluePrint.com has designed multiple courses, so you can learn according to your skill level.

The best thing about this website is that it has designed detailed courses, so you can learn different styles in one place. Shop.MyBluePrint.com provides courses to teach barbecue with different city styles, such as Texas and Kansas City. The students will learn about the different woods and how they will impact the flavor of the meat.

With Shop.MyBluePrint.com, the students will have access to additional tips that helps them keep the meat tender and juicy. The courses are designed with multiple videos, each video covering different yet essential steps. In addition, if you need in-person lessons, the website allows you to schedule the meeting with the instructor.

Shop.MyBluePrint.com provides these courses on a subscription basis, so you will need to pay. On the other hand, you can get member discounts on multiple courses. The lessons can be accessed on every device, and apps are available as well. Last but not least, you can access free tips and how-to videos on their YouTube videos.

6) Weber

weber learn bbq lessons online

Barbecuing is the ultimate art that every foodie wants to master. So, if you want to be the barbecuing artist, Weber.com has got you covered. This website has been providing services since 1952, and they have a vast range of products that ramps up the barbecuing experience. In addition, they provide free video lessons and courses for students through Grill Academy.

Weber.com has grill academies all around the world for students who want to learn BBQ skills in-person. However, the videos are designed into different levels, so students can access the course according to their skills. The courses will teach secret tips and techniques that participate in perfecting BBQ. Be it the controlling temperatures or lighting, Weber.com will cover it all.

With Weber.com, the barbecuing enthusiasts can learn charcoal barbecuing as well as winter grilling. Once you sign for the video lessons, you can access some yummy recipes to cook different types of meat. In addition, you can get your hands on maintenance, cleaning, and safety manuals.

Choosing The Best BBQ Lesson Online

BBQ is one of the most fun and delicious activities out there. So, if you’ve always wanted to host the barbecue party in your backyard, now is the time. That’s to say, because with this article, you will learn the secrets of barbecuing and how the tender meat is cooked. So, take that grill out and amaze everyone with your barbecuing skills!


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