14 Websites to Learn Basketball Lesson Online (Free and Paid Basketball Courses)

Learn Basketball Lesson Online

Learn Basketball Lesson Online

Nowadays, certain factors cannot be used as an excuse for you not to acquire a new skill, improve your talent or fuel your passion. The internet which is an intricate part of our everyday lives has made everything to be seamless and convenient.

With the vast resources available online, you can easily learn all the intricate details regarding your favourite sport. Many online learning platforms can help you through the use of pre-recorded videos, infographics, live interaction or tutorials to learn more about the game of play involved in basketball.

This gives you an opportunity to tap into the vast database of learning materials rich with priceless information. Online, they can teach you about all the five basic skills every basketball player should be knowledgeable about, including dribbling, shooting, running, passing and jumping.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge of the sport as most online classes cater for all levels of learning, covering the basics of the beginner level to the professional level either as a player or coach.

With the right online basketball lessons, you can become an N.B.A hotshot right from the comfort of your room.

Here are some websites to learn basketball lessons online.

14 Websites to Learn Basketball Lesson Online Reviews


MasterClass Stephen Curry Learn Basketball Lessons Online

In this masterclass, you will be taught shooting, ball-handling, and scoring by top professional basketball player and star athlete Stephen Curry.

This masterclass comprises of seventeen (17) lessons with each lesson running for twelve minutes. Have access to a Total of hours learning material from Stephen curry.

Full access to over 3½ hours of learning materials by the man who is commonly referred to as the greatest shooter in the NBA history costs $15 per month (calculated for the entire year to give a total of $180) or $90 for a single class.

To get a brief hint of what lies ahead in this Masterclass, you can have a preview of the class before deciding on the payment option you want.

The lesson curriculum was put together by the lead instructor and centres on the core areas of basketball including proper stance, ball handling, shooting, scoring plus motivational pieces on overcoming your fears and unleashing your inner strength.

The teaching format for this masterclass is via a pre-recorded video (which you have complete access to and can view at any time you desire).

Additional learning materials comprise a class workbook, interactive exercises, and general activities for you and other participants.



Udemy is a web-based learning medium through which you can pursue acquiring more knowledge from others who are experts in basketball.

Through this platform, you can search for any area of basketball that you may need improvement on. The search results are on the top-ranking service providers. If you are not certain of the quality or performance of any instructor, you have the assurance of getting your money back with the platforms 30day money-back guarantee.

In case you do not seem to find exactly what you want, this platform had taken the necessary steps to narrow down your options. To do this, you will need to answer some questions after which a list of recommendations will be shown for you to pick from.

After selecting an option that best suits you, access to the necessary resources covering the scope of your selected course will be provided for your tutorials to begin.

Most courses on Udemy usually cater to the major skills involved in the game such as shooting, passing, footwork, dribbling, defence and offence. At the end of your training, you are expected to have undergone a transformation from regular to top levels on the subject.



N.A.Y.S is an acronym for National Alliance for youth sport, which is a training program for coaches in youth sports.

Learning via N.A.Y.S, you can broaden your knowledge and understanding of basketball with the latest comprehensive learning materials to guide you in becoming a seasoned team coach.

The Online platform caters for coach training in different sports including basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball etc from which you can pick any to specialize in.

Before you become a member and gain complete access to these programs enormous resources, you need to scale through a thorough screening and testing process.

During this time, they expect you to watch and study a brief training material in video format, thereafter you will answer some review questions in relation to the video content you watched beforehand. If you pass the exam, they will need your consent to the codes of ethics of working as a N.A.Y.S coach.

After completing and passing this phase, they will give you permission to take part in their training courses on the specific sport you have the interest to become a coach.



Hoop Dynamic is a web-based platform that focuses on providing you with outstanding training on the skills, tactics, techniques and drills of basketball.

By the end of this tutorial, you are going to possess some of the vital skills that can transform you into a star player. This online basketball training program observes a daily lesson schedule along with elaborate video clips of different B-ball tactics which are discussed demonstrated detail and demonstrated by Tyler Relph- who is one of the NBA's leading basketball instructor.

This program promises to tutor you on each of the different levels of play in basketball, even if you have any form of experience or not.

Hoop Dynamic's courses are mainly centred on:

— Ball handling: this includes tips on how to dribble with your finger pads, pound the basketball, stay low when with the ball, protect the ball and proper movements when holding the ball.

— Footwork: this includes tips on body movement, speed, agility and momentum.

Others include separation, shooting, passing and every other complete skill set to improve your overall playing capability.

After signing up on Hoop Dynamic, you will be given access to over 200 practice videos with numerous new content released every week.



24/7 Basketball is an online training platform that promises to guide participants on what it takes for them to succeed both on and off the basketball court.

You can watch the welcome video to get an idea of what lies in stock if you decide to partner with them on your training mission.

This online learning program is also unique from other online learning platforms in the sense that other than just guiding you as a basketball enthusiast on the rules of gameplay, they also assist student-athletes to get into college by offering consultation and key points on college placement for free.

The pricing for 24/7 Basketball online classes is also flexible, as you have a means of contacting the organizers to set up an option that suits you best.

The price listing for a single online lesson that lasts for 50minutes costs $100 while an unlimited access to the programs online lesson for the entire month is priced at $375. This allows you access to as many lessons you can handle within the month.

A full access to the programs online lesson for the whole year is priced at $1,250. With the option, you get to save almost 75% on monthly payments.



Cosmo Learning is a free online learning website that focuses on cataloguing a vast amount of learning materials such as videos, documentaries by leading educators, professionals, experts and in the individual field which is spread all over the internet and collect them in an archive that can be easily accessed online by users for optimal learning in a seamless manner.

This archive covers different categories and specialty, including Basketball. The tutorial format for this sport is via a prerecorded video lecture by American former elite basketball player and multiple MVP award-winning star athlete Michael Jordan.

Each individual video lesson is about a specific facet, aspect or skill in basketball such as:

— Mental Preparation: Video lesson on how to get your mind ready for the task ahead.

— Nutrition: Video lesson on the need for a healthy diet and exercise before getting onto the basketball court.

— Offence and Defense Tactics: Video lesson on how to identify and use your competitor's strengths or weaknesses to your advantage.

— Ball Protection: Video lesson on how to use your body to protect the ball and maintain absolute control.

Plus additional tips on jumps, passes, throws and lots more.



Super Prof is an online learning platform that helps users to find the right tutor for the particular subject on which they would love to broaden their knowledge and understanding.

These subjects range from academics, music to personal training in sports. With an easy to use search feature, all you need to do is type in your preferred area of interest and the platform will provide you with a vast list of possible results available.

You can then proceed to browse through the profiles of each tutor, to find your perfect instructor.

All the tutors on this platform have been gone through a thorough screening and vetting process, to ensure that your learning experience is pleasurable and satisfying.

Some of the attractive features of this online learning platform is:

— Majority of the subject instructors offer their first lesson for free.

— An average response rate of under 2hours after making contact with a tutor.

— An opportunity for you to schedule your lessons and discuss directly with your tutor what you would love to learn.

— An ability to choose your learning format, either through face to face interaction or webcam.



OHM Sports Academy or O.S.A for short is a learning medium that focuses on tailoring all their training program according to the specific needs of their students.

O.S.A provides you with an opportunity to become acquainted and familiar with those areas where you may be having difficulties within basketball.

Each lesson takes place for a total of 60minutes. Also, the training program by O.S.A follows three dynamic format:

— Private Lessons: which is an individual tutorial whereby you train alone. This will cost you $60 for a single training session.

— Semi-Private Lessons: which allows you to learn as a group comprising of 2 to 3 players. This way you can train alongside a friend or team member. This costs $35 for each session per player.

— Group Lessons: which allows you to learn as a group comprising of 4 to 6 players. This way you can train alongside your teammates. This costs $20 for each session per player.

All lessons and training from O.S.A will be handled by professionals who are experts in the field of basketball and possess vast years of working experience.



Universal Class is an online-based learning program that teaches you how to be a basketball coach. The program comprises of eight (8) lessons in total with an average of six (6) hours for each lesson, twelve (12) exams & assignments and an opportunity to qualify (depending on your payment option) for a Continuing Education Unit (C.E.U)- which is an affirmation of your participation and completion of the necessary courses in a professional program.

If you have an interest in becoming the coach of a youth basketball team, then you will appreciate the curriculum from universal class. All their lectures are straight forward, simple & easy to learn.

This coaching program covers the following:

— An introduction to Coaching

— Lesson One (1): The Basics of the program.

— Lesson Two (2): Relevant setups for success in coaching.

— Lesson Three (3): Promoting team spirit.

— Lesson Four (4): Drills & how to go about them.

— Lesson Five (5): Proper practice routines & schedule.

— Lesson Six (6): Gameplay.

At the end of your program in learning the above six immersive lessons, your students under your coaching will have the ability to: describe, summarize and demonstrate all that you have taught them.



Wyzant just like other online-based learning channels allows you to learn online (through an interactive live video format) or in-person with an instructor close to your location.

Although this platform is different from others with your unique ‘pay as you go' policy, which indicates that you only pay for how much time you need, instead of a one-time subscription or upfront payment upon registration.

On Wyzant you are able to search its database of numerous private tutors for basketball lessons. On the profile of each instructor, you can read their bio, qualifications, ratings, reviews and feedback from previous students under their tutelage.

Some other interesting features of Wyzant includes:

— Good Fit Guarantee: Wyzant promises to refund your money back to you if you are not happy with your new instructor within the first hour of any lesson.

— An easy to use search icon: Wyzant allows you to customize and personalize your results on the basis of reasons for learning, grade, learning period and availability.

— Customer Care: Wyzant has a customer care line to help you resolve any challenges or issues you may have regarding an instructor or lesson.



Professional basketball instructor Joe Abunassar is the brain behind this online coaching platform which is available online and on-demand with accessibility on multiple internet compatible devices.

Some of this program highlights includes:

— A complete player development package comprising of full unlimited access to more than eight (8) hours of instructional material specifically for basketball trainers and coaches.

Professional basketball instructor Joe Abunassar is the brain behind this online coaching platform which is available online and on-demand with accessibility on multiple internet compatible devices.

Some of this program highlights includes:

— A complete player development package comprising of full unlimited access to more than eight (8) hours of instructional material specifically for basketball trainers and coaches.

— Ability for you as a player to work on & improve your playing ability and physical fitness at a pace you are most comfortable with.

— Access to an archive of over 300 short videos on various moves and techniques on the basketball court.

— Presentation of certificate upon completion of the program.

— An opportunity for coaches to tailor workouts routines for individuals or an entire team to tackle specific challenges.

— Skill development in addition to regular practice and training.



CoachTube is a web-based learning platform that allows you to search for a wide variety of basketball learning material and instructions that have been put together by professional coaches.

Within the search bar, you can customize your search on the basis of pricing or specific sport. Subsequently, a vast list of results will be shown from which you can then view the details and description of each course to find what suits you best.

Each basketball material on coach tube varies with their offers, with some offering gender-specific tutorials, money-back guarantees, award certificates upon completion, unlimited access etc

CoachTube is a diverse online learning platform that gives coaches the opportunity to promote their knowledge of basketball to a specific target audience of enthusiastic learners. This way coaches have a medium to create and publish their courses on basketball online, while you are able to access this learning material with ease, convenience and moderate pricing.

If you have an interest in purchasing any course that fits your needs, you will have to sign up for a Coach Tube account. Thereafter, you will be able to proceed to make your course purchase and commence lectures.



Take Lessons is a multifunctional web-based platform that caters for a diverse range of different subjects. With countless coaches, instructors and tutors available to assist you on your journey to improve your skills, broaden your knowledge and increase your performance on all levels.

On this platform, you can learn more about basketball from coaches in a live one on one interactive video session. Take lessons has made the entire process of searching for a basketball coach on their platform to be easy and convenient.

By providing you with a list of probable options for you to pick from, you can then view the profile of each coach to see necessary details such as their course syllabus, the level they teach, their qualifications, pricing, brief bio, contact information, availability and lesson packages.

You can also ask your potential coach any questions you may have concerning basketball lessons. If the replies are to your satisfaction, you can then proceed to reserve your spot, for a chance to gain access to their knowledge on B-ball.

After rounding up your entire course you can then proceed to leave a review of your working experience.



Fiverr is an online platform that connects individuals with freelancers who offer a varying degree of services. To get started using Fiverr's platform, you can easily make a search query on the search tab for the specific service you want and in this case that will be ‘basketball lessons'.

Afterwards, you will be shown the available sellers who have a gig relating to your search term. To know more about their service offering, you can click on their profile to view all the relevant details and information such as reviews, packages, pricing for each package, availability etc.

If you are satisfied with what you see, you can then proceed to contact the seller and request for more information or sample materials. You can also ask the format in which the lessons are going to be delivered as Fiverr's platform does not have a provision in place for one on one live video interactions between sellers and buyers.

Once you place an order, the seller is then expected to complete the delivery based on the agreed specifications. If you are not satisfied with a seller's performance, the order can be cancelled at the ‘resolution centre' or you can contact customer support for assistance.

Choosing the Best Basketball Lesson Online

With the vast learning resources and materials available to you on the internet, you can easily find that which suits you best in your pursuit for knowledge and intellect on a particular subject or field.

Learning online seems to keep getting better as the day passes, with different mediums and channels coming up with innovative and creative new ways to increase, foster and promote enrollment.

Taking advantage of any of the online learning platforms in this article is a sure bet to help you maximize your potential, improve your skills, pursue your goals and achieve your dreams.


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