9 Websites to Learn Baseball Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Baseball Lessons Online

Learn Baseball Lessons Online

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Baseball is a popular sport that needs no introduction. The bat and ball game was invented well over one and a half centuries ago and is now one of the most famous sports in the entire United States.

Although originally only popular in America, baseball has grown its fan base as time went on and is now a popularly played and viewed sport in over 100 countries. The MLB was the only professional league in the world for a long time, but now Japan and other countries have started their own pro leagues that are widely gaining attention.

Millions of children all over the world play baseball. The sport IS known as the most popular past time in America ever since the civil war, which is for good reason as it is very fun to play. Learning baseball is both fun and somewhat difficult at the same time.

A lot of people tend to join academies that can help them learn how to play baseball. If you don’t wish to train with at a academy you can always take online lessons as well, which are luckily found in abundance.

9 Websites to Learn Baseball Lessons Online Reviews

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Baseball Lessons Online

Udemy provide learners with a variety of lessons regarding multiple topics, and even though the amount of lessons they have in store for baseball may be a little less as compared to what they usually have for topics, there still should be enough to get you started with the popular sport.

There are a total of 74 courses regarding baseball on the popular site, a lot of which are meant for beginners who know little to nothing about the sport. There are courses dedicated to getting started with different things.

For example there are courses that can help you learn and explain to you what pitching is, how to properly swing your bat in order to get the highest possible distance on your shot and everything else of the sort.

These courses will focus on introducing you to the sport and help you develop the proper positioning and stances you will need in order for your throw or swing to be as effective as possible.text here...

2) Coach Tube

Coachtube Learn Baseball Lessons Online

Coach Tube is a good site for anyone trying to learn more about sports. They are an online lessons platform that specific solely on teaching people more about the sports they wish to learn about.

There are 135 baseball courses available on the site that can help you in every aspect. A great thing about the course available to take on Coach Tube is that there is a variety of them for people of every age and skill group.

For example a child would not be able to go through the extreme training an adult would have to in order to keep themselves fit. Because of this they have lessons on their site that have been tailored to suit people of specific age groups.

A good chunk of the courses on the site are also free, allowing you to learn more about baseball if you are a beginner, while there are also a few free lessons that can be suitable for intermediate players.

3) Take Lessons

Takelessons Learn Baseball Lessons Online

Take Lessons is a website where people from all over the world can come together to learn or teach others about specific things through video chat. There are tutors available for you to book that can teach you more about baseball.

These tutors are all different human beings with different personalities, meaning that they will all be a bit different from each other when it comes to their way of teaching. What’s good about a majority of these teachers is that a majority of them are suited to teaching you baseball regardless of your skill level.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner at baseball or an advanced and experienced player, the tutors on Take Lesson can help you grow your skills further.

Their tutors are quite experienced players themselves who have been playing baseball from a young age, while they also have a history of teaching the sport to others as well. Their teachers will be guiding you regularly and helping you grow.

4) Baseball Rebellion

Baseballrebellion Learn Baseball Lessons Online

Baseball Rebellion has a goal that they wish to accomplish, which is to help people such as yourself who are interested in learning about the beautiful sport of baseball.

Their teaching method puts a slight emphasis when it comes to teaching ‘’about’’ baseball, as they will be teaching you about every different technique and stance etc. that you’ll be learning while learning the techniques themselves.

They will firstly get into why and how these different techniques are effective and which one is most suited to you. Their instructors are all full-time and highly qualified baseball instructors who are more than qualified enough to teach you what you need to learn.

They try to provide you with all the knowledge you’d need from the comfort of your home. You can take the classes through your phone, computer or laptop, meaning that you won’t have to miss out on your lessons if you’re ever away from home.

The tutors will be providing you with regular and will help you remove and improve upon the mistakes you make.

5) Pro Speed Baseball

Prospeedbaseball Learn Baseball Lessons Online

Pro Speed Baseball isn’t exactly a lessons site, however it can help you a lot on your journey to become great at baseball. Professional players train and get feedback on their training every single day.

The site attempts to provide people like you who wish to train every single day with that facility as well. They have their own app which can be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet. The basically allows you to record videos and send them to your assigned instructor.

These videos will be of you training and performing specific tasks. Depending on how you perform said tasks, your instructor will guide you by communicating with you through the app and telling you about everything you need to do in order to clear out any mistakes you may be making.

This means that while these aren’t exactly lessons, they can help you just as much and even more sometimes, as getting the right guidance is key to success.

6) Hitterish

Hitterish Learn Baseball Lessons Online

Hitterish is an online platform made for the sole purpose of teaching people more about baseball. As you can probably guess from their name, they focus solely on helping people learn about swinging and striking the ball in baseball.

This specific course on the site can be of great help if you intend to be a hitter for your team. It will have you studying the best players in the world, seeing how they hold the bat and swing it once the ball is in the right position.

Once you’ve properly done you will be made to replicate what you learned. Obviously you won’t turn into the best by studying them for a while and trying to copy them however if you keep training like this for a few months than you’ll be able to replicate their techniques and hit every ball out of the park.

The lesson will also give you examples of the players you should try to copy.

7) V1Sports

V1sports Learn Baseball Lessons Online

Another online platform dedicated to teaching you what you need to know about different sports.

They may not have lessons for a vast variety of sports, however they do have everything you’ll need for the few sports they do feature, including baseball. Their lessons regarding baseball have been provided by their own V1 baseball coaches who are experts at the sport and are trained at guiding students to becoming good baseball players.

Their coaching roster features some widely known coaches that have won multiple awards throughout their teaching careers.

Similar to a few of the other sites mentioned so far, you will be given feedback when taking lessons through video call. This feedback will of course include what you’re doing wrong, what you’re doing right and what you can do to improve the wrong.

Their lessons are good, but what makes them even better is the fact that you can take them without a worry, since you’ll be refunded in full if you aren’t satisfied.

8) Pro Performance

Properformancerx Learn Baseball Lessons Online

Pro Performance is another platform that can make you go from a beginner to advanced baseball player.

They provide students with many courses regarding baseball that can help them play, learn about techniques or help them study rules etc.

They provide high quality instruction through their trained instructors and especially designed lessons that have been made to be both easily understandable and effective so you can learn everything you need to at your own pace.

They provide lessons through their app which can be downloaded on smart phones and tablets. The app allows you to communicate with the best instructors they have through video chat.

These instructors will be teaching you new things, while also assessing everything that you have learned so far. This will be done using the same method as the other sites i.e. by you sending the instructor a video which he/she will then use to guide you.

9) Baseball Utility

Baseballutility Learn Baseball Lessons Online

Yet another online platform that is all about baseball, Baseball Utility will be able to teach you everything you need to know about striking the ball.

The instructor on the site is no other than Adam Rosales, the popular infielder who played for a variety of different clubs during his career, including the Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers, Arizona Diamondbacks and a few others.

He was a popular player during the entirety of his career and given that he was a professional baseball player at a time, it is safe to say that he is qualified to teach you. His site mainly covers lessons regarding hitting.

One of the first things that you will be learning on his site will be the core values of hitting, and how you can improve upon each value step by step to transform your hitting skills from a beginner’s to a pro’s.

The site has everyday lessons that can be taken to improve your skills.

Choosing the Best Baseball Lesson Online

As you can see, popular lesson sites have lessons and tutors regarding the popular sport known as baseball, while there are entire platforms that are made for the sole purpose of providing you with the right kind of training you need in order to become a great baseball player.

There are more than enough lessons and tutors to choose from and each of them will have their own way of helping you grow.

If the sites above can’t help you with what you’re looking for then that’s no problem as there are many more on the internet to choose from.

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