24 Websites to Learn Ballet Lesson Online (Free and Paid Ballet Courses)

Learn Ballet Lesson Online

Learn Ballet Lesson Online

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Dancing Ballet is itself an art in which you as a dancer use your body as an extension to show your innermost feelings, to melodious or dramatic tunes.

Thanks to advances in digital technology, you can now find websites that specialize in providing you with learning and educational materials such as easy to follow video tutorials, mini dance series, or direct face-to-face interactions with professional instructors who are experts in this intriguing and captivating dance.

Gone are the days when you can only learn how to be a ballet dancer by enrolling in a ballet academy or renowned dance theater. Nowadays, from the comfort of your home, you can have full access to courses, training and tutorials on ballet online.

Most of these courses have options that promotes and permits convenience and flexibility, allowing you to complete the training program at your own pace and on any device of your choice.

There are many online platforms that you can learn all the complexities and sensitive techniques common to ballet dancing. These websites cover a wide range of topics that is an embodiment of ballet dancing including poise, elevation, stance, body movement, grace, strength, harmony and balance.

Below are some websites that can help you master the essential skills and techniques of ballet dancing.

24 Websites to Learn Ballet Lesson Online Reviews

1) MasterClass: Misty Copeland Teaches Ballet Technique and Artistry

MasterClass Misty Copeland Learn Ballet Lessons Online

Masterclass is a popular online learning platform offering courses by renowned experts and instructors on a varying degree of subject compromising dance, music, food, sports, film etc.

In this particular course on ballet dancing, talented principal ballet dancer and stage performer Misty Copeland tutors interested participants intricate ballet techniques and skills.

This course consists of seventeen (17) lessons, with each lesson lasting for twelve (12) minutes each. Enrolling for this masterclass will give you unrestricted access to seventeen (17) hours of training materials and practice manuals containing instructions from Misty Copeland herself.

The classes will be via pre-recorded videos in which you will be taught how to find your balance, improve your poise, be graceful and flow to the rhythm. Every lesson on the training program is to help you find and express your own artistic vision through ballet dancing, using your body and gestures as a powerful tool to depict a message.

This MasterClass also has an online forum for students to interact with one another, share ideas, opinions and thoughts on individual exercises or tasks.

2) Udemy Ballet Technique


Udemy is an online learning platform that also caters to the learning needs of a wide range of enthusiasts eager to learn with ease and convenience.

Professional tutors, instructors and individuals knowledgeable on the subject topic will teach every class in the course description.

Ballet dancing is not an exception as Udemy have provisions in place to connect you with choreographers and instructors who will share their knowledge and expertize for a token.

The average cost for a ballet tutorial on Udemy costs between $19 to $30 depending on the course curriculum.

To find the perfect choreographer to assist you on your quest to excel in ballet dancing, input your preferred search terms into the search icon and proceed. To make your search easy, you can also filter and sort out your search results.

Thereafter, a list of different profile will appear on the display page. On each profile, you can preview the ballet course, view what you will learn including the course requirements, course components, course description, course instructor, feedback from previous students and general reviews on the course.

3) Take Lessons


Take Lessons is another online learning platform that focuses on enhancing your experience every step of the way, from finding your teacher to the actual learning process.

Take Lessons also caters for ballet dancing lessons with a broad list of well-trained and experienced teachers who are ready to help you achieve your dancing dreams.

The learning format on taking lessons can either be in person (requires you to find a teacher near your location) or online via a live one-on-one video interaction.

Finding a ballet dancing teacher occurs in three easy steps.

The first step is for you to search for your course of preference and also include your location. A new page displaying all the ballet teachers will appear. You can then proceed to determine which tutor is the best match for you depending on their price, reviews, bios, etc.

The second step is to connect with your teacher either online or in-person.

The third step involves secure payment after which your instructor will start teaching you ballet dancing in accordance to your current level.

4) Skillshare


Skillshare is an online learning community with a simple user interface for increased convenience when you are navigating and browsing through the website’s options.

This online learning platform comprises:

— Teachers: who specialize in sharing their knowledge and intellect by teaching subjects involving video, photography, design etc to earn money.

Skillshare also caters for:

— Students: who are curious about learning and gaining more information on a particular topic of interest.

This dynamic relationship provides you with an opportunity to learn new skills in ballet dancing from professional instructors and tutors.

After following the necessary steps in creating a Skillshare account, you can follow a particular instructors page and receive regular updates.

Skillshare also allows you to view important details regarding a particular lesson such as the class duration, the number of previous students, discussions & comments on the lesson. Each training program also has class exercises for you to work on and improve what you have learned through the main resource materials. You can upload your exercises after completion for observation and correction from your class instructor.

5) Bluprint


Bluprint is a unique dual webpage platform that serves as an online store and a medium for learning a new craft or improving what you have an interest in.

Bluprint is an online learning community of creators, learners and tutors who share a common interest in learning, sharing their knowledge and fostering a harmonious learning environment.

Bluprint is a platform that can assist you in improving your craft with top experts and tutors to guide you on classes in relation to your skill level.

This training program focuses on making learning fun, convenient and a team effort. You can work on your passion for Ballet in Bluprint’s fitness category which focuses on Ballet Barre.

With a long list of different world-class ballet choreographers, you can view each profile to get an overview of the class, including extra class resources and episodes of each class. There is also provision for you to leave comments on your experience of each tutorial.

Bluprint also allows you to experience its online learning programs with a free trial. This comes into effect when you sign up to unlock some videos on your respective course.

6) Cosmo Learning


Cosmo Learning is a web-based platform where you can learn for free including Ballet dancing classes.

Through this training program, they will allow you access to use learning materials rich with practical examples and illustrations by top professional instructors.

This instructional Ballet video series by professional choreographer Eileen O’Brien teaches you on beginner ballet dancing techniques, steps and positions in a 15-course scheme.

Using this easy to follow videos, you will familiarize yourself with all the various topics you need to cover as a beginner ballet dancer. At the end of the 15-course syllabus, you will be ready for the next phase of learning. You can also leave feedback on your experience after completing the beginner level course.

To ensure access only to high-quality pre-recorded instructional videos, Cosmo learning ensures that it’s archives comprise only of learning resources put together by experts with vast years of working experience in that area.

This platforms free learning model fosters a learning environment where everyone can partake in the learning process at no cost, promotes broad participation and increase in skill improvement by interested individuals.

7) Super Prof


Super Prof main objective is to help connect you to the best tutors for private lessons in Ballet Dancing. Through this platform, you can either learn online or in-person with an instructor within your locale.

Most of the tutors offer their first lesson free, to gain your trust and boost your confidence in their process. On each instructors page, you can view their location, teaching method, resumes, qualifications, feedback from previous students, rates and charges.

Most instructors cater for classes on all levels from beginner, intermediate, advanced and even for kids.

With a vast database of professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and experience, you can find the perfect ballet tutor for your dancing goals.

The process of this search takes place in their three crucial stages, which include

— Find: search for a tutor you feel is most likely to satisfy your ballet dancing objectives.

— Book: discuss with your tutor what you would like to learn and confirm if it is within their scope of coverage.

— Keep: if you enjoy your first free lesson, you can then proceed in continuing with your tutor.

8) Tybas Dance


T.Y.B.A.S is from the first letter of each word that makes the term ‘trust your body and soul’.

As a dancing academy, it is available both online and offline. If you cannot attend tutorials in person at their ultra-modern dancing studio, then you can still learn through their online learning program.

On T.Y.B.A.S you can choose a specific class that focuses on the particular ballet skill or technique you wish to learn. You can also dictate the speed and intensity of how your training should proceed.

T.Y.B.A.S objective is to provide you with an avenue where you can be front and centre of ballet dancing with instructional videos put together by top experts in the field.

Your instructor for each class and depending on the class level will teach you how to build strength, maintain posture while improving your balance before progressing into more tricky dance moves such as jumps and other complex maneuvers. There are also options on how you can view the class either with music, explanation or counts.

9) Online Ballet Variation Course


This online ballet variation course focuses mainly on assisting you as an adult ballet dancer to work on and improve yourself as a ballet dancer. Variation or ‘Pas Seul' which means to dance alone is a technique that helps you improve your poise, balance and artistry as a solo ballet dancer.

Since variation can be quite a tough dancing technique to grasp, this private lesson allows you to learn at your own time and pace. After enrollment, you will automatically qualify for

— Full access to a multi-step instructional video teaching you various classical variation in ballet from a certified ballet instructor.

— Vocabulary lists and conditioning routine plans to help track your progress.

— Admission into a private forum where you will be able to interact with your instructor and other students.

— Free assessment and review of yourself practicing by your instructor either through a phone consultation or written review depending on what you want.

— Multiple video playback that allows you to repeat a video until you have mastered the steps.

— In-depth instruction and inspiration as you learn.

10) Dance Dispatches


Dance Dispatches is an online-based dance publication that publishes video content and material from different instructors they feel will be a good fit for your learning needs.

Dance Dispatches basically removes the burden of you looking for instructional ballet videos as they have an exclusive list with links to the individual youtube videos that can help you to learn more about Ballet Dancing.

Dance Dispatches publications on ballet classes can assist you to learn and refine your balance, posture and body movement while gaining exposure to simple ways to master difficult ballet dancing techniques.

As a multifaceted dance digital publication, you will be able to find a learning material that can help you to accomplish all your learning goals. Through this platform, you can also learn more about new happenings in the world of dance and performance.

The team at Dance Dispatches review every single learning material themselves before recommending it to you. This way they are providing you with top quality instructional videos from the web to help you in your quest to learn more about a particular dance routine.

11) Progressing Ballet Technique (P.B.T)


P.B.T is an acronym for Progressing Ballet Technique, an intensive and immersive ballet training program for both students and teachers put together by creative ballet instructor- Marie Walton Mahon who has over forty (40) years of working experience in the principles of ballet dancing.

For you to gain unrestricted access to P.B.T’s learning materials, you need to first sign up as a member of the platform.

The learning format is through regularly updated video tutorials and in-depth notes for each exercise. If you have questions on a particular exercise, you can either view the FAQ or submit a question to get a response directly from Marie Walton Mahon.

Progressing Ballet Technique has a free trial feature for three (3) days. You need to sign up to access this feature, to explore the membership area and experience what P.B.T has in store for full members. If you do not wish to continue with the ballet training program, you can cancel your free membership within the free trial time frame.

12) Thrive Apprentice


Thrive apprentice is an online ballet school where you can learn various aspects of ballet dancing. You can pick any class depending on your current level of dancing.

Every class is described and demonstrated by your instructor or your instructor may choose to narrate the class while using a professional dancer to illustrate the moves better. On thrive apprentice, you can find various classes for adult ballet, pointe work, jumps, barre work, body stretches, center work and even ballet conditioning.

In some courses, you can download a PDF manual to use in combination with the video tutorial by your dance instructor. After completing a course topic, you will have to proceed onto another within the same tab. This is to enable you to get more value out of the tutorial and your subscription.

Some classes are available as a free mini-course without any charges or obligations. These mini-courses sometimes focuses on tips, techniques and hacks. While access to some comprehensive courses requires you to be a customer or logged in user.

13) Online Ballet Class


This online ballet class by Professional ballet instructor and expert Andrew Greenwood comprises four categories namely

— Bronze: The bronze package is free and you get to learn the basics of ballet dancing including slow movements and smaller jumping steps to help you learn proper body fluidity and dance flow.

— Silver: the silver package costs $20 and gives you access to full lessons on essential ballet techniques, vital tips on posture, correct body positions and how to stretch.

— Gold: the gold package costs $60 and gives you access to complete lessons on top ballet dance techniques, more detailed lessons on how to stretch, turnout, coordination & music plus a ‘ballet-fit-me' program.

— Platinum: which is a limited offer with a $65 price tag. With this package, you will get access to correct body stance & positions, comprehensive dancing techniques, complete demonstrations with assessment, additional resources to improve your learning, how to split, complete lessons on stretching, turnout, visual performance, Port de Bra, Coordination & Music and Ballet-Fit-Me program.

14) Ballet Hub


This online platform is a base for Ballet related resources, making it your go-to medium to:

— Find different dance schools or valuable information on ballet.

— Learn more about various ballet terms, the history of ballet or how to write a dance resume.

— Read articles, quotes, columns, contributions and publications from ballet experts and experts in the field.

— Watch thousands of online videos collected from all over the internet, particularly YouTube and Vimeo into a library.

With over seven thousand ( 7,000 ) ballet videos uploaded on Ballet Hub's archive, you can search for any ballet video you want with the likelihood of you finding it or getting a suitable alternative that could just do the trick.

15) Dance Magazine


Dance Magazine is a contemporary digital blog on which you can find appealing a rich collection of dance news, careers, guides and so much more.

In an elaborate article about the best dance training platforms to help you with improving your skill and artistry in ballet, the author recognized the increasing popularity of online dance training platforms, but also mentioned the need for it to be in combination with life in house training sessions.

There were six dance training platforms listed in this article by dance magazine and they were on the basis of their cost, target audience and what makes them unique.

These training platforms include:

— CLI Studios: a partnership training program that gives you access to collaborate and work with leading choreographers through a live interactive class or pre-recorded videos which you can view at your own pace & schedule.

— Dance Plug: an online platform that gives you access to different dance genre from expert instructors. This platform also alerts its users on dance auditions and casting calls happening all around the globe.

— Dance: a subscription-based learning platform which gives you unrestricted access to rich dance videos.

16) Dancio


Dancio is an online website where you can learn new skills, techniques and hacks on different dance genres including contemporary, modern and ballet. Dancio has provisions for teaching both youths and adults through pre-recorded videos.

On Dancio, you can learn ballet anywhere, anytime and at an affordable rate. With a subscription-based payment model, you are given unlimited access to rich and high-quality learning materials. This learning resources in a prerecorded video format is demonstrated and narrated by top-level dancers.

These elite dancers all come from the best dance company in the world including the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. When you choose a subscription option between 1 to 12 months, each with different price tags, you will have unrestricted access to a wide catalogue of ballet dancing tutorials.

During your payment option on Dancio, you can also agree to receive regular newsletters and updates on existing or new products.

Dancio focuses on giving you a seamless learning experience with top experts in the industry.

17) Move Through Life Dance Studio


Move through life dance studio has an online learning program with an excellent discover, decide and dance model.

You can find out what this ballet training program has in store for you through its free offer feature. After you follow the necessary steps to sign up, you will receive the dance starter pack for free. This free package will contain:

— Video lessons on the top three (3) most fundamental ballet body movements including Port de bras (Ballet arms), Batterment tendu (Foot stretching), and Demi Plie (Knee bends).

— PDF (with images) describing the basic ballet positions and directions on how to ace them.

Move through Life describes itself as a one-stop solution to cater for your dancing needs even if you do not live close to a dancing studio, have little free time or an innate desire to learn in your own space and at your pace.

This online dancing platform also focuses on helping adults with an interest in ballet overcome any fear or insecurities relating to age, body size or level of experience and build their self-confidence.

18) Claudia Dean World -YouTube

Claudia Dean World -YouTube

Claudia Dean World is a YouTube channel where you can quickly access easy to follow videos on ballet dancing. On this channel, you can get your hands on videos covering different aspects of ballet dancing.

A quick glance at her most popular videos reveals Claudia Dean as an expert and proficient ballet dancing teacher. As an instructor, she focuses on making the learning process for her viewers understandable by demonstrating and narrating every single ballet dancing moves or positions she performs.

A significant majority of the videos on her channel are relatable with a personal touch to help you flow along with ease. With thousands of YouTube subscribers, it is safe to say that Claudia Dean really knows her stuff when it comes to teaching ballet dancing on this platform.

This Youtube channel also has a playlist comprising of videos on ballet dance tutorials, challenges, advice, intensive dance workouts and quick tips. From this library of pre-recorded videos, you are most likely to find a video that will be of immense value to your learning needs.

19) Dance Channel TV Ballet Academy


The Dance Channel TV Ballet Academy has an online program through which your current ballet dancing level in different categories can be evaluated.

The model of this training program is based on a one on one consultation format where you will send a short video (3 to 5 minutes) of yourself performing either Ballet Barre, centre work, a variation or modern dance routine.

Afterwards, the teacher you selected initially will assess two important areas of your dance style, either technique and artistry depending on the payment option you chose.

After the assessment, you will have to arrange a live interaction with your teacher either through Skype or Google Hangouts. During this period, your teacher can then use your video to correct you on areas of your technique or artistry that requires improvement.

This private and individual assessment can help you to improve and work on mastering the correct techniques along with proper practice to understand the right body movements and positions.

You can also view vital information on any class or teacher before booking.

20) Tips on Ballet Technique


This online ballet training program is run by Kimberley Berkin a former professional ballerina from the royal ballet school who has more than 10years of working experience teaching and dancing ballet.

This ballet dancing platform is inclusive and diverse catering for the learning needs of dance students, adult dance students, dance teachers and any other individual with an interest in learning new tips and techniques on ballet.

As a first-time visitor to the website, you will be given the opportunity to fill out a signup form which will permit you to select any single video to download for free.

All the learning materials on this ballet dancing program has complete demonstrations of each ballet technique, along with intriguing music playing in the background to help you flow.

You can purchase either a single video or a bundle of videos. The single videos run for a period of 42 to 21 minutes and cost £4.79, while an entire bundle comprising of the complete 19 videos or 9 Barre work videos costs £64.99 and £34 respectively.

All the learning materials are available for download as an MP4 video file on any device of your choice.

21) Dance Plug


Dance Plug is an online learning medium where you can learn ballet lessons put together by professional ballet instructors. The classes on Dance plug is wide-reaching and encompasses different ballet dancing techniques and artistry.

Some of the videos in Dance Plug's learning resource library comprise easy to follow exercises, warmup's or combinations on different levels (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) of ballet dancing. This was you can choose a video that suits you best depending on your knowledge of the basic ballet steps, dance terminology or techniques.

Dance plug also focuses on providing a fantastic user experience, with a filter icon to help make your search easy and seamless by refining your results on the basis of class type, level and dance instructor of your choosing.

You will need a subscription to access and enjoy the learning resources on dance plug. Some additional features of dance plug's online classes are:

— Flexible Video Controls: that allows you to pause, rewind or fast forward a video.

— Additional Notes: with extra written tips from your dance instructor for each class.

— Voice over: from your instructor on the dance steps and counts.

22) Integral Ballet School


Integral Ballet is an online platform that offers a training platform to serve as a supplement to any other existing in house ballet training you are enrolled in. It's scheme is designed to refresh and broaden the knowledge of any individual be it a teen or adult on basic ballet language.

Integral Ballet better terminology course taught by Erin Drennan an American Ballet Theatre (ABT) certified ballet instructor. In this seven (7) class course you will be given lessons on

— The foundations of ballet terminology, including an introductory session on the reason why ballet terms are in French and the early history of the dance genre.

— The seven (7) basic movements of ballet comprising: Plier (to bend), Étendre (to stretch), Relever (to rise), Gliser (to glide), Sauter (to jump), Élancer (to dart) and Tourner (to turn).

— Ballet Barre exercise terminology for levels 1 to 3.

— Body directions.

— Descriptive and Directional ballet terms for levels 1 to 3.

— Basic center work for ballet terminology.

— Glossary on Ballet terms petit and grand allegro.

23) Dance Teacher Web


This platform focuses on providing rich resources for dance teachers all over the world.

Through dance teacher web archives, interested individuals can get full access to over 900 dance videos, hundreds of different dance lesson schemes, vital teaching tips and strategies on how dance-oriented businesses or enterprise can thrive.

You also have an opportunity to explore what dance teacher web has in store for its students by using it's fourteen (14) day free trial option. This option gives you access to both the teacher or studio membership.

The fourteen (14) day free trial teacher membership package includes access to over 300 instructional and teaching videos, lesson schemes etc from more than 90 professional teachers.

The fourteen (14) day free trial studio membership package includes access to over 300 business development publications, seminars, one on one consultation etc.

The vast learning materials on this platform provides coverage for all levels of learning such as beginners, intermediates and advanced. This includes different methods and tactics to keep you up to date with the latest articles, videos and publications as a dance studio owner or teacher.

24) Dance Class


Dance Class is an online ballet dancing platform with a focus mainly on adult participants who wish to learn and increase their knowledge of ballet dancing.

Through this medium, you can have dancing lessons in private and in the comfort of your own home.

Each lesson plan covers the basics of ballet and is in a prerecorded video format with demonstrations and narration every step of the way.

The instructor for the class comes from the royal ballet school thereby providing participants with a full dose of excellence in all the ballet movements, exercises or combination.

To gain access to Dance Class lessons is easy and straightforward. Interested participants will have to create an account using their email address and password. After making a purchase, members can stream online or download any lesson they want through the video service provider- Vimeo. Subscribers can have full access to their videos anytime and anywhere without restrictions.

Choosing the Best Ballet Lesson Online

Learning online can be the right fit for you if you wish to study at your own pace, convenience and time. With a good deal of online training programs making provisions for individual skills, techniques and levels of ballet dancing, you can improve your abilities, gain new valuable ballet hacks and be on the right path to achieving all your set ballet dancing goals.

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