15 Websites To Learn Art Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Art Lessons Online

Learn Art Lessons Online

Art is simply the best form to not only interact with your soul but to present some great ideas behind it to other people. It is believed to be a mystic way that connects one to nature.

Art is a great way to express someone's feelings and emotions and paint them out on canvas. While there are multiple forms of art, colors on the canvas still remains to be the most ancient and most anticipated form of art.

There are different types and cultures associated with the art, yet they all have a long history connected to these colors and all different styles of art. While many believe that art is god gifted and you cannot learn it in a class, it is not entirely true.

There is no doubt that there are creativity and the sense of expression involved that connects an artist to its masterpieces.

However, every ability can be polished and if you feel like you have the love for art in yourself and you can put it to good use if you are able to learn and polish these skills you must learn to take your art to the next level.

There are multiple arts institutions that can teach you how to use your creativity effectively and how to perform extraordinarily with your art pieces.

There are also some great online classes to help you learn the true form of art if you don't have time to go to an actual class. We are going to review some of the top websites that can help you learn art lessons online.

15 Websites To Learn Art Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Art Lessons Online

Udemy is probably one of the most famous names in the world of online learning. The reason for its popularity is the number of courses available on the website.

You can find online courses on every imaginable niche on Udemy.com. Similarly, they present a huge variety of online courses on art that will help you to take your art skills to the next level.

No matter if you want to simply polish your skills, get to a very advanced level or are willing to learn the basics of art. There is a course for you on Udemy.com These courses can be bought according to your choice and then you can access them anytime you want.

The process is pretty simple and alluring that makes Udemy your first choice and gets them the first place in our review. There are no monthly subscriptions involved with Udemy and they also offer certification on completion of each art course.

Some of the top features of Udemy are:

• Lifetime access to the courses

• Certified courses

• Only pay for the course you want

• Highly comprehensive course material that goes through a number of quality inspections

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn Art Lessons Online

Coursera.org is an online content-based platform that allows its members to have access to numerous courses on art they have listed online. The best part about using Coursera to learn art online is that they are offering different styles of art all under one platform.

From abstract art to contemporary art and to satisfy your creativity in the digital form, they are offering courses for creative graphic designing as well. The membership is free and you can sign-up anytime for a free account.

Once you are signed up, there are multiple levels of courses such as beginner, intermediate and experts that you can choose from according to your preference and the learning style you require.

This will help you to learn the right level of art skills and also gives you the ability to polish your creativity the right way.

Coursera presents only high-quality learning content that is approved by several quality checks to ensure the optimal level of learning online. They offer some salient features including:

• Different levels of courses

• Free membership

• Support by an understanding team

3) EDX

edX Learn Art Lessons Online

edX is all about education online. They are a great, passion-driven platform that believes in innovation and wants to take learning experience for all students to a whole new level.

Through edX, you get access to a number of online schools & partners that are participating in their online learning initiative. edX.org presents you with the opportunity to select any school you want and get access to their curriculum online.

They have different types of courses on arts including self-paced and guidance programs that will allow you to get the most impeccable learning experience available online.

There are also some programs and degrees available on the website that you can enroll online and take the classes online on edX.org. You will be learning from the experts and teachers from most reputed institutions online through edx.org.

They offer some great features like:

• A detailed insight on the knowledge

• Professional degrees and programs

• Authentic certifications with courses

• Guidance driven programs

4) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Art Lessons Online

Skillshare is another diverse and versatile platform offering an opportunity for all those who are proficient at a skill or want to learn a new skill. They offer a great initiative that is going to help you learn a new skill.

All you have to do is sign-up for an account and pay the monthly subscription fee to get your hands on some of the best art courses available online. Their courses vary in terms of length, duration, and instructions.

The best part about SkillShare.com is that they also have some free courses listed online on their website. There is also premium content that is listed there by top artists and you can get a chance to learn from your favorite artist living a continent across.

Some top features to use Skillshare.com would be:

• Access to multiple courses with a single subscription

• Learn your favorite art techniques from your favorite artists online

• Diversity of courses and content available

• Multiple course levels according to your requirements

5) Study

Study Learn Art Lessons Online

Study.com is an online platform that is based on one goal and that is bringing studies online. They provide some of the best resources and educational material for all those who want to learn in each field of life.

With that being said, there are some great courses available on the website that you can choose from online to get your hands-on art.

Whatever your goal might be, learning the basics of art, polishing your skills, directing your creativity towards the right form of art or mastering your style of art, they got your back covered.

Their strategy-driven courses are the best form of online study you will found online. Each lesson on the website comes with its own questionnaire so that you can test your knowledge and learnings after each lesson.

Study.com also offers certifications upon completion of each course that is available on the website. The course material is of top quality and they are also associated with a number of schools, colleges, and institutions that will be offering you certifications.

Some top features of study.com would be:

• Partnered with numerous reputed institutes

• Carefully structured course material

• Certification with each course

• Online degrees are offered as well

6) Lynda

Lynda Learn Art Lessons Online

Lynda.com is a multi-purpose online platform that offers online learning through various verified sources.

They focus on spreading the knowledge and their goal-driven approach makes them one of the best options to choose from for those who never cease to stop learning and want to keep learning new skills online each day.

Lynda.com offers a free first month of the trial period that allows you complete access to content available online. After that, you have to pay for a monthly subscription and you will get access to the top content and features available online.

The website has a huge library of video lessons online on art and craft, shaping your creativity and to polishing your art skills. You can watch these highly informative videos on the website and manage to take gradual steps towards your online learning journey of art.

The best features about Lynda.com are:

• A huge library of content

• Free one-month trial period

• Monthly subscription gets you access to thousands of courses

• Packages for corporations, businesses, schools, and government

7) Reed

Reed Learn Art Lessons Online

Reed.co.uk is another UK based online learning platform that is focused on spreading the knowledge online. They take full advantage of the technology and uses it to the best of their abilities for the right purpose.

There are different types of art courses listed on the website that include different levels of difficulty and the expertise you are on.

There are also choices for you based on certifications and non-certified courses that you can choose according to your preference and needs.

There are no complications involved and the sign-up process is simple and easy. All you have to do is, sign up for a free online account that will give you access to thousands of courses.

Once you pay for a course and purchase it, you will get lifetime access to that particular course and you can use it whenever you feel like. They also offer career advice and a job portal so you can find jobs related to your skill including art.

Some top features of reed.co.uk are:

• Easy sign-up process

• Free membership

• Only pay for the course you want to learn

• Get lifetime access to purchased course material

• Hundreds of courses listed online

• No obligations attached

• Certified courses

8) Learndirect

LearnDirect Learn Art Lessons Online

Learndirect.com is a UK based online website that believes in upholding the knowledge and spreading it to all the aspirants.

Working on this cause, they have numerous free courses listed online and it would not be an exaggeration to say that they are serving the community and all those willing to learn by offering the top content courses for free.

There are different employable skills courses and art courses listed on the website that are free to access and you will also be getting a certification upon completion of each course.

They offer a huge variety of courses to choose from on art and you will get a buffet of choices on the website. The sign-up is free and the website is backed up by great chat support that can help you with any questions that might arise in your mind. They offer great features including:

• Free courses

• Certifications along with each course

• Numerous choices

9) OnlineArtLessons

OnlineArtLessons Learn Art Lessons Online

Onlineartlesson.com is a dedicated website devoted to teaching art online. They are offering a free class to try their learning experience if it suits your needs.

You can also find the most suitable class according to your learning needs, your art requirements and your schedule. Online art lessons have a huge variety of arts to choose from that they are teaching online.

They offer classes on Acrylic painting, oil painting, Pastel painting and much more. You can also enroll for the courses that are listed online and get one-on-one sessions with some of the top artists that will help you with your art skills and take your art game to the next level.

Online art lessons offer you to choose the best class and course that will serve your purpose after getting in touch and assessing your skills.

There is a portfolio on the website available as well that you can see for yourself and decide the best for you. Some top advantages of using them are:

• Dedicated website devoted to art

• Multiple forms of art to choose from

• The right approach followed by experts

• A fully guided learning journey online

10) TheVirtualInstructor

TheVirtualInstructor Learn Art Lessons Online

For those who are looking beyond some pre-recorded video lessons and cannot afford or have time to get assistance from a real instructor, this site is a blessing.

It serves the purpose by allowing you the liberty to choose the best suitable time for you and your instructor to get art lessons, assistance, and guidance online. The website serves as a medium between you and your instructor to not only communicate but also learn some great art skills.

This is the right website for all those who feel themselves stuck with online pre-recorded lessons and want to learn first-handedly from a reputable artist. You can connect with some of the top artists online and get their guidance in learning the art through video link.

In addition to that, there are also some recorded lessons available on the website for those who want to practice and learn in their spare time.

There are also some highly insightful and helping resources available on the website that will allow you to learn the art right away. Some great features that they have to offer are but not limited to

• Dedicated and focused attention from an expert

• The right platform to learn from the best

• Access to numerous online resources

• A highly active community that will push you to your best

11) Sparketh

Sparketh Learn Art Lessons Online

Sparketh is one of the top platforms that teaches art online. They believe in not limiting the art to only specifics and provide an opportunity to everyone who is willing to learn the art and polish their skills to focus their creativity in the right direction.

If you are looking for a course for your children to help them focus their attention on art and getting the hold of it, or you are an artist that wants to learn new skills and ways to express your art in a more efficient manner, Sparketh got a solution for all.

They also offer a free 30-day trial period that will help you see if they are the right fit for you.

The retention rate for them is pretty high and people are usually hooked up with them due to their interactive and immersive lessons that are listed online.

Not to mention the huge range of online lessons on various topics and for all the difficulty levels.Some of the best features of this website are:

• Lessons for all ages and expertise level

• No obligations and you can cancel anytime you want

• Free 30-days trial period

• Self-paced learning programs

12) VirtualArtAcademy

VirtualArtAcademy Learn Art Lessons Online

Virtual Art Academy is another website that is dedicated to teaching art online. As the name suggests, this is more of an online institute that offers a variety of learning techniques and programs that will help you get the right hold on art and craft.

They offer you a free guideline that will help you set your goals and work towards them together with the help of this website. Upon completion, certifications are offered by the website.

This website is an institution on its own that will take your art skills to the next level and that too online.

If you don’t have time or resources to join an art school and you really want to get yourself in the field, this is the right website for you. Some of the best features are:

• An online institute

• Guidance on each step

• Multi-purpose online classes

• Goal-oriented learning strategy

• Certifications upon completion

13) Artyfactory

ArtyFactory Learn Art Lessons Online

You might have seen people doing the strokes and thought, "it's not that difficult!" but only to try it yourself to find out painting is no joke. However, if done right, painting can be a great way of relaxing and getting rid of the stress.

In other words, painting can be pretty therapeutic and if you want to start with this, this academy has art and painting lessons for you.

Upon signing up for the painting class, you get instant access to the art classes without leaving your snuggly couch to be in the classroom.

In easier words, there are online classes with a self-pacing system, so you can learn at your own will and leisure. There are painting classes available for beginners and advanced painters all the same because there is always something new to learn!

The courses are well-designed and structured for promising the streamlined learning experience as there are over 190 lessons. The best features to be noted about the website are:

• A dedicated website to teach art

• Art and design lessons

• Each lesson is focused on perfecting an aspect related to your art

14) Artventure

ArtVenture Learn Art Lessons Online

As much as the name sounds fun, the courses are even more fun and interactive with the art lessons.

With these art lessons, your creativity will be polished and the imagination shall stroke the paper. These art lessons are designed to offer an enjoyable learning experience to incorporate artistic skills.

There is a myriad of lessons and techniques available. The courses are carefully structured with illustrations and step-by-step guides to pass you through an interactive learning experience.

If as a kid, you would draw the birds, with this course, you will be able to draw the humans, eyes, and other parts in the most realistic way. Some of the top features are

• Excellent support and guidance

• Carefully structured courses

• Step-by-step guidance

15) ClassCentral

ClassCentral Learn Art Lessons Online

Classcentral is a great online web-based learning platform that allows its users access to thousands of courses on every imaginable niche including art.

This website takes online classes to a whole new level by combining courses from some of the top-reputed real-life institutions. Not only that, but they also offer online courses from several websites and institutions that are teaching online, all under one place.

Simply put, they present you with a combination of numerous choices that are available across the internet on one website. So, you don't have to go for multiple subscriptions on different websites as you can find all the content here on Classcentral.com.

They offer a free membership and you can pay for the course you want to learn online. They are offering degrees and certifications from some of the top-rated institutions as well which makes them one of the top choices to learn art online.

The best features to use class central for your online learning journey would be:

• Access to multiple courses at once

• Access to numerous web-based and physical institutions

• Free subscription

• Pay for the course you want to learn only

• A whole buffet of choices on art

Choosing The Best Art Lesson Online

Art is connected to nature and a person’s creativity. While it is not an easy task to learn art online, there are certain websites that are offering highly comprehensive and interesting programs to teach art online.

If you are devoted enough to learning and want to get your hands on some of the top art lessons online, we have compiled the list of reviews for you.

You can go through these online websites that are offering art lessons and see which will suit your needs best.


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