8 Websites to Learn Archery Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Archery Lessons Online

Learn Archery Lessons Online

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Archery is a very familiar concept to most, being the sport of using a bow to shoot arrows at a specific target. Bow and arrows have been used for a very long time, the first ever recorded bow and arrow being from around 70,000 BC according to archaeologists.

Archery has been around for many years and has had applications in a variety of different things, being one of the most popular weapons in war before the advent on guns, while being a great thing for hunting, as a bow and arrow is much quieter than a gun and won’t be alarming any animals.

Other than that, they’ve also been used as entertainment, as the best archers from all over the world have competed against one another several times.

Although a bit out of style as compared to a hundred or so years ago, being good at archery is still a great skill. That being said, it is also a difficult one to master, which is where archery lessons step in.

8 Websites to Learn Archery Lessons Online Reviews

1) Study

Study Learn Archey Lessons Online

Study.com is, as its name suggests, a platform for students from all over the world to study about anything that they want to.

As you would expect, ‘’anything’’ also includes archery, which is why there are also more than a few archery classes on the site, as opposed to the usual math, history, physics etc. that you would usually find in all websites of the sort.

Some of these classes may not be exactly what you may be looking for, as they focus on archery throughout history, explaining how it was a vital tool in wars and how different troops made it adapt into their different strategies, while not really helping you much when it comes to learning how to become a archer yourself.

However there are classes that can more than help you with exactly that. These classes mostly take different approaches on the methods that they teach you, meaning that each of them will be helping you learn different things from one another, while working on their common goal which is to make you a better bowman.

Some will focus on improving your stance and the way you hold the bow, while others will help you adjust to the rules of the sport of archery.

2) Online Archery Academy

Onlinearcheryacademy Learn Archey Lessons Online

Recurve archery is the act of practicing archery using a Recurve bow. A Recurve bow is one of the three main types of bows and is widely considered to be the best between the three due to its suitable design that helps not only the archer by making things a bit comfortable, they also help in making the arrow faster and providing it with more energy once it is released from the bow’s string.

The online academy offers learners with a very large list of lessons that can help them become better archers.

These lessons are found in multiple different forms, some being videos that can instruct you as you are training while others are in the form of pictures that can guide you through the basics of Recurve bowing.

There are also many different documents that you can refer to that will teach you about techniques and different types of shots, while also teaching you about rules and guidelines which will help you out a lot.

There are around 80 daily exercises that you can implement to improve your accuracy and technique which will all be taught by the online academy. You can train at a pace that works best for you.

3) Olympic Archery in Schools

Olympicarcheryinschools Learn Archey Lessons Online

Olympic Archery in Schools are an organization that aim to make archery a popular exercise in schools around the world so that today’s youth can grow up to be great leaders and archers.

They promote archery in schools and provide children with the necessary training that they’ll need to grow as both characters and archers.

Although their main focus is on making children in schools familiar with the practice of archery, they also wish to do the same, which is a big part of the reason why they also offer training and guides to learning archers across the globe through the internet.

They have especially designed training modules for learning archers of most skill levels that can help them improve any specific thing that they wish to improve.

These modules are fairly small in quantity, as there are only 8 in total, however they are more than enough to get you started as an archer.

These modules teach their students a different variety of important things, including things like the basics of competing in competitions along with things like basic shooting techniques.

They also provide bowmen with guidelines on how to keep themselves and others safe when practicing, whether alone or with others.

4) Archery 360

Archery360 Learn Archey Lessons Online

As you can see from their name, Archery 360 are a platform that have been made for archers and people that wish to be archers from all over the planet. They can teach you all that you need to know to become a good archer and much more.

They have a variety of different guides on their targets, whether it be an introduction to what archery as a practice is or how you can get yourself ready to practice archery.

Most importantly for complete beginners, they have a very detailed guide with videos that can teach you how to get started with the sport.

They also provide beginners with cheaper alternatives to equipment, lessons and places to practice if you don’t have much of a budget or time to afford lessons or fit them into your daily schedule.

They feature and teach about some drills that they have on their website that can help you become better while also telling you about the great effects that taking lessons with instructors can have on your skills.

They focus on almost all major types of archery, from traditional bow shooting to 3D Archery. They have something in store for all types of different archers.

5) Learn Archery

Learnarchery Learn Archey Lessons Online

Learn Archery are an online platform who solely focus on getting people interested in learning archery along with teaching them once they are ready to do so.

They have easy step by step lessons and guides that can help you in specific departments or can help you overcome specific departments.

They have explained the answers given to commonly asked questions every single day when it comes to archery and have done so people that are beginners can understand and learn from said explanations and become better archers.

The site was created by a single person who got tired of archers facing the same problems every day and wanted to help them by giving them a guideline.

For beginning archers they have simple and easy things that include how to improve your form when it comes to shooting with the bow, along with other simple things such as essential safety.

They also provide several helpful tips that can really help beginners at the sport.

For intermediate archers they have things that can teach them how to prevent any serious injuries, following up on the safety instructions given to beginners, while focusing on teaching them how to practice and perform when they compete in competitions like professional tournaments.

6) Archery Power

Archerypower Learn Archey Lessons Online

Archery power are another online platform that focus entirely on providing students with a simple to follow and easily understandable way of learning the art of archery.

However instead of teaching students how to become better archers, they teach students how the can make themselves and others better at the sport.

This makes this guide a somewhat helpful one for those that wish to become archery coaches as well. They focus on all the main aspects of archery, no matter what it may be and tell you how you can improve yourself in all specific aspects.

For stances they teach you how to stand properly, and how a stance is one of the most important parts of the sport since it greatly effects your accuracy.

They also have guides on arrow knocking and releasing, guiding you in both aspects and telling about the right way to achieve both perfectly.

They have guides on plenty of other things other than this, meaning that there shouldn’t be any specific part of the sport that you can’t refer to on their website.

One of the best things about their lessons is the fact that they are all accompanied by video representations if you prefer those.

7) Take Lessons

Takelessons Learn Archey Lessons Online

Take Lessons are a platform that can help students learn different types of things with the help of personal attention.

They provide you with your tutor of choice as long as they are available and then you can communicate with them to learn what they have to teach regarding your topic.

One of the best things about the platform is that it has offline and online teachers, meaning that you can meet your teacher in real life if you wish to and take lessons from them or you can communicate with them via video chat or anything of the sort.

This allows for there to be multiple options and is a very helpful thing for archery if any of their teachers live near you.

There aren’t exactly many tutors for archery available on Take Lessons at this time, this mainly could be because of the fact that most of them prefer to teach you offline if they live near you, but cannot teach that way at the moment due to recent events and due to the fact that their tutors could be all booked for the near future.

However they usually have lots of tutors available to help you get better at archery.

8) Complete Guide to Archery

Completeguidetoarchery Learn Archey Lessons Online

This is a course for beginners that is available on the website ‘’Complete Guide to Archery’’. The site is yet another online platform for people that wish to learn about archery and how to improve their skills once they’ve already started.

This specific course as mentioned, is for beginners at the sport and people that wish to get an introduction to what archery is.

Although one course, it covers quite some many things throughout its entirety, making people into a little above intermediate players once they’re done with it and have gotten some practice in.

It covers many topics, the occasional ones being teaching you how to hold the bow, how to keep yourself safe when practicing and an introduction to the gear that you’ll be using during your archery experience.

On top of this, they have some very helpful other things added into the lessons, for example they tell you about the type of gear that you should be getting as a beginner and the places where you can get them from, making the ‘’gearing up’’ part much easier than it is.

After this, they’ll also be mentioning things like different perspectives, how archery feels when you are just competing in a competition vs how it feels when hunting.

Choosing the Best Archery Lesson Online

There are many people that say archery cannot be learnt without practicing in real life with a trainer, and while half of that is true, these lessons prove that the part about the trainers is wrong.

If you follow these thoroughly and get a proper understanding of each of them, these lessons can transform you from a beginner to an intermediate archer without almost ever needing a trainer.

As long as you have good upper body strength and a good understanding of different techniques and methods, you will be fine at archery, which is what these guides focus on.

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