12 Websites To Learn Arabic Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Learn Arabic Lessons Online

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Arabic has been around since the 1st century, making it one of the oldest languages that is still widely spoken today. It is the religious language of nearly 2 billion people over the world that are of Islamic faith. 

Arabic is an official language in 22 countries, including countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. There are actually more than a few types of different ways the language is spoken.

Modern Standard Arabic is the one spoken most commonly nowadays but the other types are also commonly spoken in Arabic countries. Like any other language, learning Arabic is a difficult task.

It is a complex language that has a wide vocabulary and a variety of different sounds. It takes more than a year and a half to become proficient at speaking Arabic according to studies but you don’t have to wait that long.

There are many online lessons designed to make learning the language easier. These lessons make things more fun and comfortable for people such as you who are interested in learning Arabic.

12 Websites To Learn Arabic Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Udemy are an online marketplace of sorts where you can purchase lessons or book instructors. Both their lessons and instructors can be used to learn a lot about things.

The site may not be as old as some others that provide similar services but it is one of the most popular. Udemy has helped loads of people learn more using their instructors and especially designed courses since its creation.

The popular website has been around since 2010 and has made many improvements since then. Pretty much any topic that you would like to study is available on Udemy. The website can help you with everything.

Whether you may be interested in learning more about history, programming or speaking new languages, Udemy features an abundance of lessons for those interested in learning about Arabic dialects. Their site has courses that have been especially designed to help out any and all beginners.

These beginner courses can teach you a lot about the language in little time. They don’t require anything other than your attention and a device that has a connection to the internet.

They have a large enough variety to feature every Arabic related topic that you could think of. This variety of lessons can both teach you how to do something as simple as pronounce single Arabic letters or hold full conversations.

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Coursera feature lessons taught by some of the best instructors from all over the world. There are many topics covered on the site that you can learn more about.

These topics include casual things that you’d want to learn as a hobby or to increase your overall knowledge. Topics that are more serious and can help you choose career paths are also covered by many lessons on the website.

The site has a lot of options for you to choose from between both purchasable lessons and those that are free. These lessons can provide you with hours of video content to teach you. PDF files to revise what you have learned and assignments to perform certain tasks are also given by some lessons.

Some of these lessons follow a schedule which will tell you when you need to study. These lessons are designed to help you learn something as quickly as possible while maintain a comfortable pace.

Other lessons allow you to study whenever you wish to. There are both self-paced and other lessons on the site when it comes to Arabic lessons.

The lessons on Coursera can help you learn more about accents and pronunciations, among other things. The site also allows you to study using your smartphones. This allows people to download their lectures and study when away from home.

3) Preply

Preply Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Preply is a site that focuses on helping people learn languages. The site has been around for a few years and has many tutors to help people learn many languages. There are tutors on the site for English, German, Japanese and many more including the Arabic language.

All you have to do is search for tutors that teach a specific language and the site will provide you with all your options. Their tutors are tested to see if they’re suitable enough. Preply makes sure that their tutors are experienced and skilled at both the languages they teach and at teaching itself.

The website itself is very detailed and makes finding the ideal teacher quite easy. Details about the languages that a tutor speaks and their learning history are provided once you search for tutors.

You can also contact tutors before booking a lessons. This lets you find the tutor you think might be right for you.

They have a good amount of tutors to help you with Arabic. There are Arabic tutors on the site that are fluent in English and other languages apart from Arabic.

This means that you should be able to find a tutor that is fluent at your native language if you don’t speak English natively. Once booked, your tutor will teach you through video calls on Skype.

4) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Skill Share is a website that wishes to help people develop change and growth in their lives. Growth under the right guidance is something that can help us greatly. No matter what it is, everyone is talented at something.

Some people are great at using or fixing machines while some are great at art. These talents are what make us special. Even if you don’t know about it, you’re talented at something as well.

Skill Share aim to provide you with the guidance and materials you need to realize your talents. They have many a few lessons that cover topics such as arts, crafts, cinematography and more. These lessons are both engaging and informative.

They are made as easy to understand as possible to make things easier for learners. Their lessons are provided by teachers that are skilled at inspiring and encouraging students. This is something that maintains a student’s interest in a topic.

In short, they have something to help you with anything you’re interested in. This obviously includes the Arabic language. You will be able to find many Arabic lessons on Skill Share.

These lessons are all up to date and most of them will be teaching you using CEFR guidelines. Skill Share’s video lessons are all divided into multiple informative parts that can make you fluent in Arabic, one step at a time.

5) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Take Lessons have tutors for nearly every subject rather than only having those that can help you with language. There have been many times when someone has wanted to learn new things, such as dancing for example.

However they couldn’t do so because they didn’t have any dance studios near them. Many people’s talents go to waste because they didn’t have the opportunity to learn. The site is meant to be an opportunity for those that wish to learn but don’t have the right facilities nearby them to do so.

While there are many sites that provide courses, some people prefer to study under a teacher. This is because are able to guide students when they fail to understand something or make mistakes.

The tutors on Take Lessons will be helping you in a similar way. The website allows you to take private lessons with a tutor or engage in group classes, allowing you to study whichever way you prefer.

Take Lessons have more than a few native Arabic tutors that can help you learn the language. They’re all experienced tutors that can help people of all skill levels.

Most of their tutors are skilled enough to help people of all ages as well. Even if you don’t know a word of Arabic, their tutors can make you a fluent speaker.

6) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Lesson Face is an organization that looks to provide people with the guidance they need to grow. They aim to provide students with access to tutors that can help them in the best way possible.

All their tutors are trained and experienced enough to be as helpful as possible. Lesson Face feature tutors on their site for a variety of things, from those that can help with instruments to those that can help you learn more about technology.

They also have many teachers that can help you learn how to speak different languages. There are many language tutors on the site that can speak many different dialects, including Arabic.

All of the Arabic teachers on the site are either native speakers of the language or are people that have learnt it from Arabic countries.

The teachers that aren’t native speakers are still fluent and have PhDs or master’s degrees in the language. This means that they are more than proficient enough at speaking the tongue to help you out.

Since there are so many Arabic tutors, the site allows you to find the best one for yourself. Every person has their own preferences. To help you find the teacher that matches your preference, lesson Face have made their site very detailed. You can learn anything about your tutor before contacting them.

7) Reed

Reed Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Reed was created in 1995 as an employment service. The United Kingdom based website has been around for a very long time. It is now a platform where people from all over the world can take lessons as well.

While remaining an employment website, Reed now provides lessons that have been designed by some of the best institutes in the UK. There are many courses on the website that can help you with a number of different things.

The sites courses are especially designed to help students learn without any difficulties. This is something that all students will appreciate, as learning anything new can be difficult at first.

Some of their many lessons also grant certificates that you can print. These certificates are provided by specific courses upon completion and can greatly help you with the site’s employment feature.

For Arabic, Reed has courses designed to suit beginner and proficient speakers of the language. The site provides easy to follow lessons for those that don’t have any prior experience with the popular dialect.

These lessons teach you how to speak smaller and useful sentences that you can use in everyday situations. The more advanced lessons will help you with more complicated things. These include things like learning how to write in Arabic and how you can hold proper conversations in the language.

8) LearnDirect

Learndirect Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Learn Direct is one of United Kingdom’s largest online marketplaces for lessons. The website provides lessons to help you improve your skills. Other than this, Learn Direct also provides employment opportunities in the UK, much like Reed.

The site can help you start your career by helping you with useful skills. These useful skills include things that can come in handy on a daily basis like math, knowledge about technology and much more.

The site has courses specially designed to help you out in a way that you’ll be able to easily understand. You are bound to face difficulties when studying about anything at the start, especially languages. However things are made much less difficult with the courses provided by Learn Direct.

They can more than help anyone interested in the Arabic language. Learn Direct have courses that can help you learn about speaking Arabic in specific situations. There are lessons on the site that can teach you about Arabic in everyday conversations.

There are also some that can help you learn about the Arabic vocabulary you need to spend a day at the workplace.

These sorts of lessons will teach you how to communicate with your colleagues and supervisors in a respectful manner. Both the modern and classical forms of the popular dialect are covered by Learn Direct’s Arabic lessons.

9) Study

Study Learn Arabic Lessons Online

You will be able to find lessons regarding most topics that you could think of on Study. Study is a website that attempts to help the students of the world while also trying to help the people that teach said students. 

They have lessons on their site that students can take to learn more about specific things, including the Arabic language. They also have lessons that can help teachers learn how to teach their students in a way they’ll understand.

When you try to teach a student something new, it is obvious that they will have some difficulty understanding it. No one can expect their pupils to learn everything in a day.

Study has lesson plans dedicated to helping tutors from all over the world with this. They have Arabic lessons and lesson plans for both students and tutors. Study won’t just teach you how to speak the Arabic language.

Their many courses can also help you learn more about its history. The Arabic dialect has quite an interesting history about it and you can learn more about this history using Study’s lessons.

Their lessons can help both beginners and proficient speakers for those that are just interested in learning the language. The Arabic courses on Study also feature things such as interactive games or tests to help you test your knowledge.

10) Busuu

Busuu Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Busuu is a platform created for the sole purpose of language learning. It features courses on 12 different languages that have been used by many people to learn how to speak different dialects.

 Even the name of the site is a language itself. Busuu is an almost dead language spoken in Cameroon. Busuu the website was created in 2008. This was done to help revive the Busuu language and make it more widely spoken so it doesn’t die.

However Busuu isn’t the only language they teach, as there are more languages on the site that you can learn at any time.

They also have their own app that you can download on mobile and take your lessons from at any time. This app is loaded with features that can help you become fluent at a language much faster.

Their Arabic course is quite large and can help anyone learn the dialect in little time. There are many different chapters in their Arabic course. Each of these chapters will be focusing on specific aspects of Arabic.

This includes things such as the tone of your voice, the way you pronounce words, your accent and more. Learning about these kinds of things can make it easier for native speakers to understand you. You can also communicate with others taking the Arabic course as well.

11) Mondly

Mondly Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Mondly is another platform that focuses on helping you learn become a proficient speaker of any language. They feature courses for a variety of languages, including Arabic itself.

Mondly attempt to provide you and others with a fun alternative to offline classes. It is true that learning using offline classes can be difficult for some people as they are always busy and don’t have the time to focus.

This is a big problem as learning any new language requires both time and close attention. This is why Mondly have attempted to come up with a good alternative.

Instead of making you take time out of your busy schedule, Mondly allows you to study for as long as you want to a day. 

You can choose how long you want to study for a day based on your own schedule. Even if you only have 5 minutes to spare on a daily basis, the platform will make a lesson plan that can help you learn as much as you can in that little time.

Mondly have easy to follow and easily accessible lessons when it comes to learning Arabic. One great feature that they allow you to learn Arabic in other dialects if English isn’t your main language. You can learn Arabic in no time, depending on the time you take to study.

12) ArabAcademy

Arabacademy Learn Arabic Lessons Online

Arab Academy is all about helping the people of the world learn how to speak the language. As you can see from the sites name, they focus only on Arabic and helping other learn how to speak it. 

The Arab Academy is a private corporation that only wishes to teach the Arab language and doesn’t focus on promoting any specific way of teaching. Their courses on the language are all differently designed while being easy to follow.

This makes it comfortable for students as they can find the lessons that suit them best. They have lessons for everyone, kids, adults, teens as well as people that are beginners or have experience with Arabic.

On their site, you can find these lessons categorized and separated from one another. The site allows people to start learning the language at a young age.

The courses meant for children are much easier and cover simpler topics so that children don’t have to study too hard.

Overall, their courses for all ages are well designed. Even people that have zero experience speaking the tongue can work their way up slowly and become fluent.

Arab Academy majorly focuses on Modern Standard Arabic; however there are many more courses that cover different types of Arabic as well.

Choosing The Best Arabic Lesson Online

Whether you want to learn just enough to spend a week or two in an Arabic country without any problems or become a fluent speaker, there are many website that can help you. It isn’t easy to start learning a new language.

Even if you study under a native speaker, learning Arabic will take time and focus. All the lessons and instructors on the above listed sites are excellent for anyone looking to learn Arabic.

Including these, there are many more on the internet that can help you become a proficient speaker of Arabic. All you have to do is work hard and follow their steps.

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