15 Websites To Learn Accordion Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Accordion Lessons Online

Learn Accordion Lessons Online

The accordion is a musical instrument used in many categories of music. It was invented in the 1800’s and is classified as a wind instrument. Accordions are quite popular, although not as popular as some other instruments.

There are millions of people in America and the regions around it that play the instrument. Lots of accordionists can be found in the European regions as well. Although they were made in the 19th century, it wasn’t until the 20th century that they became truly popular.

During 1900-1960, the accordion started to become popular all over the world. Eventually they became a big part of jazz, classical and many more categories. This period of time is still referred to as the golden age for the accordion.

It is quite a popular instrument even to this day. There are many different types of accordions and each of them has their own distinct features. For those interested in learning, there are many accordion lessons online.

These lessons can teach people how to play the different types of the instrument. There are lots of websites out there that can help students take these accordion lessons.

15 Websites To Learn Accordion Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn accordion lessons online

Udemy has been around since 2010. It has helped a huge amount of people and many organizations since that time. It is an online learning platform where people can search and purchase lessons for any subject.

Udemy features only the most trustworthy lessons and instructors on their site. Learners can rest assure that they’ll find most of their lessons helpful, no matter the topic.

Udemy also has options for those interested in musical instruments. These instruments obviously include the accordion. Their many accordion topics can help students learn more about playing the instrument.

As mentioned, there are many types of accordions. The lessons on Udemy can teach learners all about these different types.

There is one course that stands out for those interested in learning how to play an Irish Celtic reel. ‘’Learn to Play a Celtic Irish Reel on the Piano Accordion’’ is one of many lessons on Udemy.

The course will help students learn the reel while also giving them helpful tips. All that the lesson requires from the learner is a piano accordion to play on.

2) LessonFace

lessonface learn accordion lessons online

Lesson Face is an organization that looks to provide its students and tutors a platform to help each other. The site features tutors for many different things. There are some that can help beginners with one thing while others can help them with another.

Many of the tutors on Lesson Face focus on music related topics. Students can learn more about music theory, playing instruments and more with these tutors.

They also have a fair amount of accordion tutors on their site as well. These teachers are experienced with the instrument.

Most of them have spent a decade practicing and performing with accordions. Their tutors are quite skilled and some are even professionals. In short, they’re trustworthy and can help starters learn about playing accordions.

Lesson Face as a website is also quite helpful. Choosing a tutor is a difficult task but they try to make it a little easier.

Learners can look up tutors for any topic and learn more about said tutors. Information regarding where they’ve studied, taught etc. is available in their bios.

3) TakeLessons

takelessons learn accordion lessons online

Take Lessons is a place where students can connect with tutors to grow their knowledge. There are tutors from all over the world on the site. All these tutors have studied in different institutes and have learned different things.

Take Lessons can help learners get introduced to these teachers. They can help them study most of the popular topics that they could think of.

Take Lessons want to help students start learning as quickly as possible. This is one of the reasons why they provide many services that can help learners get started right away.

All students need to do is search and schedule the tutor they think is best for them. The history of all these tutors, where they studied and more is present on the site.

Even if all this isn’t enough to help some students decide, Take Lessons can help them in other ways.

Take Lessons provide student counselors for the learners that are having trouble deciding on a teacher. These student counselors can talk to students and help them decide on the tutor most suited to them.

4) AccordionLife

accordionlife learn accordion lessons online

Accordion life is an online school for accordions. Anyone from anywhere in the world can use the site to learn more about the instrument. They have a variety of online lessons suited to both starters and experts.

Anyone can learn a little something about accordions from the site. These online courses are designed to help everyone, regardless of how good or inexperienced they may be.

Lessons aren’t the only thing that Accordion Life features. They will provide learners with articles and news on accordions along with more. They also provide music sheets for those that are looking for materials to practice with.

Students can use all this and more to both learn and improve as every day passes. Learners can purchase these lessons or classes from the shop on the site.

They also offer one on one Skype lessons with tutors. Anyone that prefers to study with tutors can choose this rather than their video lessons.

Accordion Life is an ideal option for anyone interested in the instrument. They can help anyone learn through any preferred method.

5) SuperProf

superprof learn accordion lessons online

Superprof is a company that formed some time during the August of 2013. They are a fairly newer organization and website as compared to some other. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t trustworthy though.

Superprof have been reaching people all over the world through their branches. They have quarters built in many countries and people can teach or learn about all kinds of different things there.

However not everyone has one of these branches near them. Superprof has filled their site with experienced tutors to help those people. Students can schedule any of these tutors to learn about certain things.

All these teachers are part of the Superprof community and have been interviewed. In short, they’ve been tested to make sure that they’re qualified to teach learners.

This is the same for all their accordion tutors as well. Superprof have accordion tutors from all over the world.

Each of these tutors has their own specialties and ways of teaching students. Students can learn more about any tutor they’re interested in by contacting them or looking at their profile.


oaim learn accordion lessons online

OAIM is short for Online Academy of Irish Music. Irish Music is quite popular not only in Ireland but many other places as well. OAIM has been made to help people from the UK and other regions of the world learn more about Irish music.

Many instruments have become a major part of Irish music over the years. Learners can study about the history of Irish music as well as the different instruments and dances that are a part of it.

But history isn’t all that they teach. OAIM can help people learn how to play Irish music as well. Accordions are a big part of traditional Irish music.

They’ve been used to create many popular songs. Piano accordions are also starting to become more and more famous in Irish music.

The many accordion courses on OAIM can have been designed to be easy to follow. Instead of requiring learners to read music, they have MP3 files and music sheets. These files and sheets are very simple to read. This makes it easier for beginners to practice.

7) Tutorful

tutorful learn accordion lessons online

Tutorful are a site that wishes to provide every student with the perfect learning experience. Everybody knows that learning opportunities are scarce.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have studios or academies nearby them to learn about different things. But even the people that do have these opportunities aren’t satisfied sometimes.

There’s no point in learning if the tutor teaching the learners can’t teach them through their preferred methods. Tutorful has been made to help the people that face this issue. The site is meant to help learners find their perfect tutors.

They have a wide variety of teaching that all have their ways of tutoring. Tutorful can help learners that wish to study with tutors online or offline.

They also have many accordion teachers on their site. These teachers are experienced accordionists that can help students learn how to play the instrument.

A majority of these accordion tutors are also good enough to help experts. Getting started is easy. All learners need to do is search for tutors and schedule a class with the one they like.

8) Apprentus

apprentus learn accordion lessons online

Apprentus is a site made by people that wish to help provide learning possibilities for people. There are little to no opportunities for people interested in learning more about music.

Many regions or entire countries have a serious lack of studios that can help people learn. Apprentus looks to provide people with great tutors to make up for this lack of opportunity.

The site was originally created due to the lack of good offline music tutors in some places. However Apprentus can help with more than just music.

They can provide learners with a tutor to help them with certain things. For example they have many accordion tutors that can teach beginners how to use the instrument.

There are many different types of accordions and these tutors can help learners with most of them. The site can help students whether they’re interested in classical, piano or other types of accordions.

A great option that the site provides is the ability to study in different languages. Apprentus has tutors from numerous different countries that can speak many languages.

9) YourSpaceMusicLessons

yourspacemusiclessons learn accordion lessons online

Your Space Music Lessons is a site that can help people interested in playing almost any instrument. They’re a website dedicated to music teaching.

It doesn’t matter what instrument students are interested in. Your Space Music Lessons has enough lessons to help these students learn all they want about it.

This is the case with their accordion lessons which can help learners go from start to master. The site has been around since 2013. They started by providing beginners with one on one classes.

Now they’re experienced enough to help most people learn new things about specific instruments. Their accordion lessons cover both tips that are helpful for beginners and advanced techniques.

Their teachers are able to help people learn more about different types of accordions. It doesn’t matter what technique or type of accordions learners are interested in.

Your Space Music Lessons can help them learn more about it. There are also trial lessons for the people that are doubtful. This trial lesson can help students get an idea of what they’ll be learning.

10) AccordionOnlineAcademy

accordiononlineacademy learn accordion lessons online

It is pretty easy to guess what Accordion Online Academy is about from their name. The site has been around for quite some time now. It has helped many a few people learn more about accordions since its creation.

The site can help students learn all about the wind instrument, regardless of what they might be interested in. Accordion Online Academy can help students learn how to play the instrument or teach them all about its history.

Accordion Online Academy has a tutor ready to help students at all times. The teachers on the site are quite skilled and have experience tutoring others. The site is devoted to teaching anyone about the instrument.

It doesn’t matter how young or old they are, or if they’re a complete beginner. The site can help learners as long as they are interested in the instrument.

Accordion Online Academy also allows people to take a trial class. This trial class lasts half an hour. The tutor will be teaching learners about some basics in this class to get them started.

11) TutorHunt

tutorhunt learn accordion lessons online

Tutor Hunt is an online classroom of sorts. People from any country can come to study with the sites tutors. The teachers on the site are also from around the world. Learners are likely to find a teacher on Tutor Hunt that is from their country.

They have tutors ready to teach about most of the popular topics. These tutors are experts in their respective fields and can help students improve their skills as well.

Tutor Hunt itself tries to make things easier for its students and teachers. They offer a whiteboard platform that gives both teachers and their pupils lots of options.

Both parties can add files and do more with this whiteboard feature. This makes learning more fun and interactive.

They also offer learners the option of studying in their native language. Tutor Hunt has some tutors that can speak most of the commonly used languages.

This is also an option for those interested in learning about accordions. Speaking of their tutors, students can find their preferred ones easily with the site’s detailed search options.

12) CanadaMusicAcademy

canadamusicacademy learn accordion lessons online

This is a site that focuses on helping people learn more about music. They are based in Canada but wish to help people from anywhere. The site can help leaners as long as they have an interest in learning about music.

There are lessons on anything related to music. If students wish to learn how to sing or how to play different instruments, they’ll find something to help them. People interested in learning about music theory can also find helpful lessons on the site.

They have courses for all kinds of instruments, including wind instruments. This also means that they feature accordion lessons on their site.

There are also real time classes that the students can take. Students will be communicating with expert accordionists in these classes. These expert tutors will help these learners study about anything related to accordions.

Learners can take their lessons in 40 different languages. This means that learners should be able to study in their native language. Their lessons are based on modern studies so their information is up to date.

13) LibertyBellows

libertybellows learn accordion lessons online

Liberty Bellows is an online marketplace of sorts for accordions. They feature accordions and accordion related accessories in their inventory. People in some countries can use their site for a number of things.

For example people in a few select countries can rent or purchase accordions for them. They also repairs in said countries. However this isn’t a service that they provide everywhere. This isn’t anything to worry about though.

Liberty Bellows isn’t just a marketplace for accordions. People from around the world can also take lessons on their site. These lessons obviously teach about accordions and how beginners can get started with them.

The site allows learners to book classes with tutors too. Students can take these classes for different amounts of times. There are plans for 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 80 minutes etc.

There are also some free courses for beginners. These free lessons cover many topics that beginners will find helpful. These lessons are always available to take from their site. There is also an option that allows learners to take classes in groups

14) PlayWithAPro

playwithapro learn accordion lessons online

Play with a Pro allows learners to practice their music playing skills with experienced teachers. The site is completely dedicated to music. Music is their passion and they wish to help other people make it their passion as well.

There is a variety of teachers on the site to help beginners and intermediates alike. These tutors are highly skilled at the instruments they play. Play with a pro feature tutors for nearly any instrument, including the accordion.

There aren’t many accordion tutors on Play with a Pro. However the few they feature are quite skilled and capable of helping beginners out.

Most of the tutors on the site also offer free intro classes. These intro classes are short and meant to introduce the tutor to learners. The tutor will be helping beginners learn some basics and more in this trial class.

The actual classes that the site’s teachers offer are much more detailed. These classes are obviously much lengthier. Learners can ask their teachers to teach them about any specific thing once the class starts.

15) MusicLessonsAnywhere

musiclessonsanywhere learn accordion lessons online

Music Lessons Anywhere is a sort of online school for musicians. Students can learn about anything music related on the site. The site was founded by Tracy Rose in 2013. Tracy Rose is the principal of the online school and has a lot of love for music.

She wishes to help everyone interested in music, whether they want to learn about singing or instruments.

Music Lessons Anywhere covers a lot of music related topics, as mentioned. These topics are taught by different experts. There are one or two experts on the site for every instrument. This is the case for accordions as well.

The accordion expert on the site is Stefan Nestoroski. He has been playing the instrument since he was 7 years old.

He has spent much more than half of his life practicing the instrument. He is experienced enough to help most learn new things.

Students can learn more about him from the site. There are videos that show how he plays and how he teaches. Students can book him at any time if they’re satisfied by these videos.

Choosing The Best Accordion Lesson Online

Many believe that the accordion isn’t a very popular instrument. However this isn’t true at all. The instrument has been popular for some time and its popularity continues to rise.

It is quite a tricky instrument to play and maintain though. This isn’t a problem for most students though. Mastering the accordion is easy if learners develop a strong foundation. Luckily for said learners, there are many lessons that help them with this.

The sites mentioned above are filled with accordion tutors and/or lessons. Students can take these lessons at any time to develop and improve their accordion playing skills.


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