Lazarro 120-NK Flute Reviews 2021

Lazarro 120-NK Flute Review

Lazarro 120-NK Flute Review

Lazarro 120-NK Flute

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The Lazarro 120-NK Flute is one of the high-quality flutes that can be used by beginners, intermediate and some more advanced players. Lazarro is a musical instrument manufacturer that has built a reputation for producing quality instruments for the musical industry.

The sound engineers at Lazarro set out to create a flute that can be sold a lower price point that makes it perfect for organizations to be able to afford to provide quality instruments to the people who participate in their orchestra or musical band. At the lower price point, most groups or music teachers are able to provide their students with quality instruments at an affordable price.

Constructed from ultra sturdy Cupronickel and Silver Nickel materials helps it to produce great the sounds. The Headjoint is also constructed of the same silver nickel and Cupronickel with a Silver nickel lip plate for added comfort. The feel of the all of the keys is what makes it a favorite of many of the different users that have been fortunate enough to try one out.

The configuration of the keys and C-Footjoint are what helps the 120-NK Flute produce the exceptional sound. The closed hole (plateau style) and tight-fitting caps are a big part of why the beautiful sound is produced. The tighter the seal over the holes the better tone quality that can be made. Each of the keys has a replaceable pad underneath that helps to provide the best seal possible.

Lazarro 120-NK Flute Review

Lazarro designed the 120-NK Flute with an external color scheme that includes 10 colors other than the silver nickel and each color can be accented with a choice of either gold tone keys or nickel silver tone keys. The colors include Black, Green, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sea Blue, White and Silver Nickel.

To keep the instrument safe as it is being taken to lessons, band practice and other schedules event Lazarro included a hard shell carrying case. The single padded carrying handle makes it easy to carry it over for a long period of time. The case is large enough to hold all three sections of the flute when it is broken down into the body, Headjoint, and Footjoint. It also has places to put all of the accessories that come with flute. The accessory kit includes; a wiping cloth, grease, gloves, cleaning rod and screwdriver.

Who is the target for the Lazarro 120-NK Flute

The Lazarro 120-NK Flute is a musical instrument that was designed to be played by a person who is on a budget, while still being able to deliver a great sound. The sound engineers chose the materials and configured all of the features so that a wide range of users from young students, band members and even concert flutist would be able to get the best out of it. Its low price point says budget, but everything else puts it on par with more expensive flutes.

Key Features of the Lazarro 120-NK Flute

● Cupronickel finish

● Available in 22 assorted colors as well

● Offset G Key with a Split E key

● Plateau Style (closed hole)

● Replaceable key cover pads

● Cupronickel plated C Footjoint

● Cupronickel plated straight Headjoint with nickel plated lip plate

● Includes a hard shell carrying case

Pros of the Lazarro 120-NK Flute

  • The tones are really smooth for such a low price flute
  • You able to buy it in 22 different color combinations with either silver or gold color keys
  • The hard shell case is fully padded on the inside to keep the flute safe along with holding everything

Cons of the Lazarro 120-NK Flute

  • The key linking mechanism seems to a bit weak and does not always operate

Is Lazarro 120-NK Flute Good?

The Lazarro 120-NK Flute is a quality musical instrument that is designed for a budget-priced flute that is capable of delivering beautiful notes and tones. Lazarro is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality musical instruments ranging from budget to high-end professional grade flutes. This flute features Cupronickel and silver nickel construction which helps it to both look great and produce amazingly smooth tones.

It is pretty amazing to think that a flute at this price point is able to produce this kind of beautiful sound. The C-Footjoint allows it to reach a range of the register down to a low C. The offset G and split E keys and pinned together and operate when either one is actuated. This offset G and split E key configuration is what makes it a good choice for beginners and young children to play it.

One of the things that help to set the Lazarro 120-NK Flute from most of the other flutes on the market is that it comes in a number of other colors beyond the traditional nickel silver color. You can purchase one in several other unique color combinations which include both silver or gold colored keys. The colors include black, white, silver and a few other colors.

To top off the whole package, you get a hard shell case which includes a single padded handle for carrying your flute too and from practice and shows. The interior of the case has three separate fitted sections that are designed to hold each of the parts; Body, Footjoint and Headjoint.

There is also a complete maintenance kit included in the package which has a cleaning rod, a wiping cloth, screwdriver, white gloves, and grease. The maintenance kit also fits neatly inside the case along with the 120-NK Flutes to ensure that you always have everything with you in order to keep up with things with the flute.

If you are looking for a quality flute but you are on a budget, you would be quite happy with the Lazarro 120-NK Flute. To see more information or to find out where you can get one, just click here.

Lazarro 120-NK Flute