Larrivee L-03 Guitar Review- Is It A Hit Or A Miss?

larrivee l-03 guitar review
larrivee l-03 guitar review

With Larrivee guitars moving their production to the US, they have managed to gain more popularity than ever and have increased their production capacity and models as well for guitarists, and that allows you to choose from their inventory according to your needs for having a soothingly perfect experience overall with your guitar playing needs.

Their acoustic guitars are certainly some of the best ones out there in the market and if you are looking to get your hands on some of these, you must take a look at their Recording Series. L-03 is one such guitar from the Larrivee recording series that is exceptional in both aesthetics, looks, and quality and gets you the right vibes while you are playing the guitar.

The guitar is designed to be played for acoustic bass or louder tones with heavy metal, but you can certainly tune it according to your choice and the genre that you prefer. If you are looking for a new guitar, and considering Larrivee L-03 for a new purchase, here are a few things that you will need to know about:

Larrivee L-03 Guitar Review


The guitar is a dreadnought shape guitar with thicker shoulders and that makes it a perfect choice for you if you are looking to get louder tones and play bass-like genres on this guitar. The back and sides are made out of Mahogany that makes the guitar look exceptional and adds a light tone to the overall design.

Iit also makes the guitar solid and durable at the same time. The front is Sitka Spruce that will be getting you the perfect elasticity and the right edge of having a guitar with a light tone and design philosophy that would be an eye-catcher for most.

The dimensions are perfectly suitable for any recordings that you might need to play the guitar for. However, the added depth on this guitar might be something that you wouldn’t want if you play the guitar standing for a concert.

The Larrivee guitar is perfectly suited for a comfy playing posture for the performances and recordings where you can sit conveniently and play the guitar for any needs that you might have on your mind for playing the guitar.


Coming to the performance, you are not going to be facing any issues since you will be getting a compensated Bone saddle with Bone nuts and bridge pins that are perfect for acoustic guitars to produce the right tones as you might be seeking.

In addition to all that, you will also be getting Ebony on the head plate, fingerboard, and bridge and that should be the best thing for you to have the right performance and you can make the most of your experience out of this guitar as well.

You also get Maple binding on the guitar that will help you out with the resonance and tuners are designed just perfect with inlaid dots on the fingerboard so there are no such intonation problems on this guitar that you will ever have to worry about.


Durability should not be a point of concern for you if you are choosing this model since the Bone saddle and nuts will make it perfectly suited for the right durability on the performance parts and moving forward, you will be getting the right edge of durability with the mahogany neck and back and sides on the same time.

The guitar gets maple binding that ensures the right elasticity on your guitar. The guitar’s durability depends greatly on the elasticity since the more tension it can handle perfectly, the better chances it has to stay in the optimal condition.


This one is certainly one of the most affordable acoustic guitars that are available out there in the market and you don’t need to worry about a thing if you choose to go with this guitar.

The guitar will certainly not be breaking your budget and is likely to get you the right experience you can be seeking without having to worry about a single thing. All that would be just the perfect thing for you to be choosing this guitar for any needs that you might be looking to buy a new guitar for.


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