Largest ever collection of Mozart’s works to be released

What better way to mark the 225th anniversary of Mozart’s death than to buy the most comprehensive collection of his works ever available.

The International Stifftung Mozarteum in Salzburg has played an important role in bringing together the 200 CDs, which contain over 240 hours of music and will be released by Decca Classics and Deutsche Grammophone.

The collection includes 30 CDs of alternative performances of key works, more than two hours of music recorded on Mozart’s instruments and 600 world renowned artists. CDs 1 to 49 cover Mozart’s chamber works, 50 to 101 include the symphonies, 102 to 152 contain Mozart’s stage works, 153 to 173 showcase his church music and songs, and 174 to 200 bring together incomplete works, fragments and pieces that cannot definitively be attributed to Mozart.

In addition, there will be two books, one of which is a new biography, and five portraits.

A new “K Book”is also being presented, including the new numbering of the latest edition of the Köchel catalogue.

The box set, which weighs 14 kilograms, will be available internationally on 28 October. You can find detailed information about the content of the CDs here.


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