Joseph aka Conductor: The Dancing and Singing Conductor

Music director, Joseph R. kick-started his bandleading career as deputy music director at a Capital Theatre in Germany. He has gathered a lot of experience throughout his musical career. From conducting choice operas such as Beauty and the Beast to the Hunch Back of Notre Dame, he has also worked on some Disney productions.

His conducting skills were further honed after he did some productions, one of which won an Emmy award and saw him taking home the prestigious Emmy Craft Citation Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

His love for dancing and singing while leading has endeared him to his fans. Like an “electrical conductor”, this award-winning music conductor creates electrifying performances which alternate between dancing and singing, that leaves his fans euphoric. His concluded project of Wright and Forrest’s “Kismet“ kept his audience on their “toes”, it was a huge success. Joseph brings life to classics.

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