Johann Sebastian Bach Pancake

Shrove Tuesday is the day that Lent began. Lent is the time when there were restraint and moderation. Just from the older days, people have used all the available rich foods in their larders. Larders include milk, eggs, and flour for your information. These are being used for making the pancakes, especially on the Pancake Day.

In one of the video recently launched, we can see that a lady has made a pancake in the shape of Johann Sebastian Bach. You should not miss the video if you are a fan of Johann Sebastian Bach. This video was shot and created by the creative group at Saipancakes. They are known for such more beautiful creations and you can go on and check out their Facebook page if you want to be amazed.

If you do not know who Johann Sebastian Bach was, he was the German composer in the times of Baroque period.


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