Jeff Goldblum’s weird laugh from Jurassic Park transcribed into sheet music

jeff goldblum laughJeff Goldblum is easily one of the most intriguing people to have ever graced the silver screen. In his breakout role in the original Jurassic Park, Goldblum portrayed Ian Malcolm, a mathematician who specialized in chaos theory.

His stark contrast to the scientists (and the attorney) created a comical aspect to the film that was needed in light of the carnage eventually unleashed by the reborn dinosaurs like T-­rex and the velociraptors.

Aside from having some of the best lines in the film series, Jeff Goldblum also showcased a rather iconic laugh, that has been forever enshrined in an imitation through music. That’s right, music. Thanks to Evan Kent, a sheet music translation of the notable Malcolm laugh can now be replicated at will. Written as a duet, this extremely notable work was composed for piano, though it seems perfect for any instrument, especially brass.

jeff goldblum laugh sheet music