Jack White Gives Critics Something New To Cry About

Melancholy and nearly infinite sadness might be used to describe the countenance of Jack White. It certainly has been recently. Since the parody-galore of his tossing the first pitch as a Cubs game a few months back, the uninitiated have taken note only of his (seemingly or otherwise) sad expressions. Does his music tell a different story?

Lazaretto breaks stereotypes and textures visual and otherwise. The latest album from White takes his modern interpretation of psychedelic guitar rock paired with a soul underbelly to reveal that there’s much more behind the curtain of Jack White’s “serious” demeanor than meets the eye.

Singles rarely give reflection to a full album’s glory, and Lazaretto is full of great singles. The whole album jives with White’s ever-flowing creativity of sound textures and vocal challenges to pop culture understanding. The video for the title track attacks us with this thought. And breaks it.


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