Italy’s Le Folli Arie Rock The World With New Release

For the fan of pure rock music, Italy is an exotic location to find musical flavor that appeals to the senses of varying music tastes. Yet it’s in Milan where I recently found the sound and styles of Le Folli Arie and have truly enjoyed music that connects on a plain higher than just sound. The Appetizer Radio Show’s review of the album covered the objective highlights of the music’s impact on the greater rock universe.

The music itself is something that leads to the fact that Le Folli Arie rock the world with their new release. With an English and an Italian version of the album, those of us who don’t know the intricacies of the original language are not left in the dimness of intrigue without understanding.

This is so much more than a indie contemporary rock band from Italy. Their single It’s Not Easy is a terrific introduction to the crisp songwriting and instrumentation while revealing a depth to the material that is beyond the surface level. Bringing hints of folk rock, opera, and singer-songwriter all into one song make for some enjoyable listening. Another artist to capture both the musical and lyrical power to reach beyond natural borders is Laura Pausini, also from Italy.

Le Folli Arie pick up the legacy of past Italian music icons and move their mark with a dynamic sound and style that connects with music fans the world over.



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