4 iRig Stream Alternatives That You Should Check Out

irig stream alternatives
irig stream alternatives

Music creation is one of the most exciting experiences, and sharing it with others has become pretty convenient, accrediting smartphones. Ranging from YouTube videos to playlists and social media, musicians have various avenues for connecting with fans. Having said that, iRig Stream is making it easier for musicians to share their music and let others connect with mixers and instruments. So, if you want some more similar options, we have iRig Stream alternatives available for you!

The Best Alternatives For The iRig Stream

iRig Stream is allowing the users to connect with their favorite apps for connecting with the listeners. The best thing about iRig Stream is that it works with different types of music, such as mono, stereo, existing mix, and live music. It can connect multiple audio sources and direct them to the recording or streaming apps.

It can send the digital output of the tablet, smartphone, or laptop to the iRig, and create a mix with external sources, including keyboards, mixers, and DJ decks. It’s a perfect way of sending three signals back to the device and to the popular social media apps as well as the built-in apps. Having said that, if you are looking for an alternative, we have mentioned some of the best ones!

1. IK Multimedia iRig Guitar Interface

The interface is designed with top-notch engineering, which makes it suitable to use with iOS smartphones as well as digital gadgets. It comes with high-end circuitry that creates high-definition and clear signals. The audio interface comes with contemporary circuitry, which gives it a high-tech and sleek look.

It can be used with active guitars as well as passive guitars. The best thing about this interface is the dual switch, and there is a fourteen-inch input as well as an amplifier output. It comes with an audio and volume slider to help you adjust the input gain. Moreover, it has an amplitude for iPad, iPhone, and Mac, which makes it a portable studio for recording.

2. Korg Audio Interface

Korg Audio Interface is one of the best audio interfaces and is a perfect choice for beginner musicians because it has a beginner-friendly and simple configuration. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is one of the well-defined audio interfaces with a focus on the quality of audio. It has a fourteen-inch studio connector which helps create silent lines as well as top-notch fidelity (the connector has a gold-plated design to achieve this).

The audio interface is designed with an iOS connection and specialized entrance ports for preventing tearing. It comes with input gain control as well as a USB connection that helps charge the iOS devices while using it. The charging feature makes it suitable when you are playing live. Also, this is the MIDI-in device, which can be utilized between the iPad apps and remotes.

3. Apogee Jam+ USB Instrument Interface

This is one of the best choices for professionals and is known as the USB instrument headphone output and input. With the help of Jam+, the users will be able to connect the acoustic instrument and pickup-oriented electric instrument for playing music. It comes with a separate adapter, so you can attach a mic. The best thing about this interface is the mobility and simplicity that helps capture the fine music tunes. All in all, it’s a suitable choice for professionals as well as beginners.

4. Tascam iXZ

This is another interface with the most flexible features. The interface is integrated with the XLR/TRS connector, which can be used for a microphone as well as a guitar. It has the capacity of recording mic signals and line signals. When connected with reliable DAW software, it will be able to record everything you want.

The best thing about Tascam iXZ is designed with a small audio interface, which makes it easy to put into a picket, and it has an XLR connector as well. It comes with the mic/instrument switch as well as a phantom power switch, making it a promising choice for condenser microphones. Tascam iXZ comes with an audio and volume slider for adjusting the gain, and there is a headphone output for monitoring the music.

So, which one of these are you going to choose and use?

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