Indie Shuffle Is The Indie Music Answer To Spotify

When Pandora was first released, music curators like myself wondered if the digital trend of a computer making new music selections for human beings was something people would get behind. They did, but only in certain levels until Spotify came along. The benefit that Spotify provides for music streaming (automated endless music streams without a curated playlist or DJ to identify tracks and provide insight information of the band) is the it is a playlist-centered platform instead of a completely automated setup. Both are scant on their variety of independent musicians and the songbooks of established or emerging talent. Thankfully, we indie music fans have an alternative in Indie Shuffle.indie shuffle
Indie Shuffle is a great new blog and curated music streaming site for fans of a wide variety of indie music styles ranging from Hip Hop to Rock to Instrumental and beyond. Individual songs are categorized beyond genre to curated selections of Song of the Day, artist selections, cover songs and more. For music fans who want a hands-off approach to music discovery, or indie music enjoyment without having to search individual playlists, Indie Shuffle is a great choice. They also have a mobile app that allows you to take their selections without a desktop web connection, making the indie music enjoyment even more enjoyable.

Curated music platforms are my preference over computer generated auto play because the human touch is always more specific and emotional in connection with talent than a machine will ever be. This is one reason why I’ve been a staunch opponent to computer-created streaming services and choose music curators like Andrea Young (Aspenbeat), Folk Alley, and Bob Boilen (NPR Music) who are more than colleagues but gifted in their music perspectives to create amazing playlists for any desired listening experience. For individuals who want a purely streaming option, Indie Shuffle is the best of the bunch.

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