How to Learn Piano at Home by Yourself? 4 Simple Tips to Self-Taught Piano

How to Learn Piano at Home by Yourself

How to Learn Piano at Home by Yourself

Do you want to learn piano? Nothing is fulfilling as mastering the keys and the notes of the captivating instrument. Master it, and you’ll know what the stimulating tunes mean.

Many people assume it’s complicated, thus hard to master, and a person needs a pro tutor to learn it. The assumptions are out of order. Despite the ‘piano’s complexity, anyone can learn it, from anywhere and become a self-taught expert.

If you’ve ample time, a credible tutor, and an excellent music school, you can book traditional classes. But you need not go throughout that hassle while you can turn into a virtuoso pianist right from home. Dizzy Gillespie, David Bowie, and Thelonious Monk stand as some of the most successful self-taught pianists in the world.

So, How Do You Become a Self-Taught Pianist?

Get a Piano

You cannot start your lessons without a good piano. Plus, by getting a piano, you get the motivation to start. Ensure you look for an authentic piece and don’t think of using a digital keyboard. You’re a beginner; you need wholesome experience.

Scout all sources for a piano. Go online and offline, review multiple stores and ask friends for referrals. When buying seek a person who understands the features of a quality piano, leave nothing to chance.

Insist on warranties; they will come in handy when the piano malfunctions or has manufacturing defects.

Ensure you buy from a credible supplier to avoid overpaying or landing on a sub-standard piece. If you cannot find one within your budget, opt for piano rental. You can find credible piano rental outlets anywhere.

Learn the Basics

Before starting your piano learning journey, you must equip yourself with the right skills. You can find beginner guides online in the form of e-books, blogs, and videos.

Learn all basics, music reading skills, chord progressions, majors, and how to play short songs. For better comprehension, use videos.

Use online video sources from YouTube or buy DVDs from your local music store. Videos provide you with visual access to lessons. They are, therefore, better because you can absorb the content fast, and the visual images stick allowing you to keep the memory of lessons.

Blogs carry enriching information for learners on the whole piano playing scene. They offer insights, tips and unlimited guides to piano learning.

Choose Learning Methods

Once you master the basics, choose an appropriate learning method that suits and fits your schedule. There are several methods of learning, and they include;

l Use of Illuminating Pianos

l DIY Books and Videos

l Online Classes

l Piano Learning Software

4 Tips on How to Learn Piano at Home by Yourself

1) Using Illuminating Pianos

The illuminating piano is a technology designed for aspiring piano learners. It suits beginners, and if you’re starting from scratch, you must go for it. Plus, the piano is interactive with flickering colors that guide you’re playing moves.

Use the illuminating piano if you’re looking for an exciting way of learning. You only need to follow the rainbow-like lights as the music plays, and your iPad displays the current song’s music notes. A red light flickers whenever you press the wrong keys.

More, you don’t require a collection of songs to use the illuminating piano, as it comes with over a thousand songs to elevate your learning experience.

2) Online Classes

Learning at home by yourself doesn’t mean you exempt all tutor and mentor resources. Opt to spice your learning with tips and guides from experts in the piano scene. There are multiple e-learning platforms with a bunch of top-notch piano classes featuring elite pianists.

Three e-learning platforms stand out for their credibility, modernized features, and caliber of tutors. They are MasterClass, Artistworks, and Udemy.

For you, we will delve further into two piano lessons; Classical piano lesson by Christie Peery and a Jazz Piano lesson by George Whitty.

Artistworks Learn Violin Online

First, note Christie Peery started piano tutoring from the age of eleven and bagged her first international award at her first orchestra debut. She has massed loads of experience tutoring and performing in multinational orchestras like the Utah Symphony and Samara Philharmonic.

Her classical lesson features over 100 video lessons for pianists of all levels. The course includes Peery training methods, Acoustic guitar tactics, advanced musical training and more.

Artistworks Learn Violin Online

Meet the Emmy award-winning pianist, composer, and engineer; George Whitty. George comes as a tutor plus a mentor. As a jazz pianist, he has seen it all in the music scene orchestrating in top events. George Whitty performed with virtuoso artists across the music scene from Herbie Hancock, to Carlos Santana, to Marcus Miller in 2012 at the Concert of Peace.

From his jazz piano class, you’ll access backing tracks, piano presets, sheet music, improvisation exercises, electric and acoustic piano tips, jazz tips.

Plus, 100 video lessons await before you submit your performance video for an appraisal from the master.

3) DIY Books and Videos

DIY books and videos are popular. They provide step-by-step guides for piano playing. You can find plenty of books online, but you must do your search well. If you’re lucky, you can find amazing books free, but most of the books come at a small cost.

4) Piano Learning Software

If you exhaust all methods of learning, try the new and innovative way of self-learning; Piano Learning Software. Multiple software exists in a range of prices. Plus, you can subscribe for monthly memberships

Piano learning software includes full piano learning curriculum, exercises, multi-track recorders, and skill elevation techniques.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Last, jutting into the internet and taking lessons doesn’t turn into an expert. You must create a training schedule and stick to it forever. Remember even pro pianists train and performing natures their skills.

Practicing tests your character, as you will require exceptional levels of discipline, commitment, and patience. Stay committed to your schedule, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the therapeutic instrument.

Simple Tips to Self-Taught Piano

So, it’s possible to learn the piano at home by yourself. Technology compounded with professionals yearning to share their knowledge provides you with a seamless path to achieve your desired level.

Also, you have the autonomy to plan yourself, choose a learning method and learn at your own pace; like a king.


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