How Music Education Improves Brain Development

It has been said many times that music does wonders for the health of the human brain. But where does it all come from?

How does music trigger such a positive effect on our brains? According to some of the world’s top neuroscientists, the brain reacts to music’s multi-sensorial experience in a unique way.

Playing a musical instrument requires many different processes of your mind and on your body to work together. If you play the piano, for example, your hands will touch and feel the keys, you ‘ll think about the pressure you need to apply, you’ll educate yourself to tuning and pitch, you’ll learn the technique and you are developing muscle memory…all of these processes are handled and coordinated by the brain, which in turns, becomes a lot more elastic and flexible.

Think of it as the ultimate brain train! If you want to hear more, check out this fantastic clip!

Music Education and the Brain from Anita Collins on Vimeo.

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