This Hilarious Conductor Perfectly Captures How Orchestra Rehearsals Go

It’s not easy being a conductor during practice, or so this humorous sketch would have us believe. A great way to get you or your friends to smile in under 3 minutes, this little number from BBC comedy showcase ‘Comedy Shuffle’ is quite witty and well-executed.

In the real world, orchestra conductors have a tough job. Music that involves coordinating a large group of players or singers has always needed a timekeeper of some sort. In Baroque times the orchestra was led by the harpsichordist, and his repertoire of the gesture was necessarily limited.

But nowadays conductors must do many complicated things at once to get the best possible performance from the musicians. Everyone in an orchestra may have a different idea of speed/expression/volume and a conductor controls this. So, what does a conductor actually do in a rehearsal? This clip will leave you both delighted and laughing!

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