Headrush Looperboard Review: Are They Worth Purchasing?

headrush looperboard review
headrush looperboard review

While you are jamming in a studio, recording some tracks on the guitar, or simply playing the tunes for some concert. You will need to make sure; you are getting the right equipment to make sure that you are doing it right. The first thing that you are going to need to get the looping right is to get the right loop station that will help you out just perfectly.

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This will ensure that you are having the perfect experience with all the musical needs that you might have for it. Headrush is one such manufacturer that gets you the perfect edge of enjoying the right looperboard that is not only great in terms of efficiency and performance but is also the best thing you can get to enjoy to have the right feeling and perfection on all the different needs you might have across the board.

The looperboard from headrush also looks great and that is some great aesthetics that you will be getting on it. A few such things that you will need to know about the looperboard if you are planning to buy one would be:

Headrush Looperboard Review


The design is impeccable and unmatched in terms of efficiency and that is certainly something to look forward to if you want to enjoy the right feeling on your guitar. The headrush looperboard gets you to enjoy the perfect feel and it is one of the sleekest looperboard out there that you can get.

The design factor doesn’t only ensure the perfect aesthetics but is also highly efficient at the same time. That would be the best thing to ensure perfect utility and efficiency at the same time. All the connectors and cable ports are designed to be on the backside of the looperboard that will hide the cables from all the equipment.

Oher instruments are going to be completely hidden and you are not going to face any problems at all with the cable management for sure. In addition to that, you will also be getting some great perks with different colors on each switch that will help you to ensure that you are getting the right experience on your looperboard.


The features that you get on this guitar looperboard are certainly unmatched and the best thing is that it supports compatibility with not only the PC but Mac as well and that allows you to have complete control over all the features and you can get the best edge of connectivity on all the different platforms that you might want to use for remixing or looping the tuns that you have been playing on your guitar.

In addition to all that, you also get to enjoy a 7” high-resolution multi-touch supported display on it to have better control over the looperboard and enjoy a better connection with it all. Moreover, you also get over 9 hours of internal storage recording that is more than any other option that you can get out in the market. You also get a recording option for up to 4 tracks, 2 stereos, or 4 mono looper tracks on it that are going to help you out perfectly.


The utility is certainly something great, and you get to enjoy a built-in USB audio interface, including the pro tools and this would be the perfect thing for you to ensure that you can make it work for all the different needs you might be having. The utility on this looperboard allows you to ake it for any of the concerts that you might want to play the guitar at and use it for multiple genres on the guitar without having to worry about a single thing.

In addition to all that, you will also be getting the best experience with the EDM and that is certainly something that anyone would like to enjoy on their guitar playing and looping experience and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything at all with the right looping effects. You also get over 300 built-in drums and percussion loops on the looperboard that are going to help you out with getting started.

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