8 Causes And Solutions For Guitar Hero 2 Cheats Not Working

Guitar Hero 2 Cheats Not Working
Guitar Hero 2 Cheats Not Working

Guitar Hero 2 is a big name amongst guitar simulator video games. The game gives you an amazing experience because of its top-notch graphics, sound effects, and animations. The gameplay is so smooth that you’ll really feel immersed in the experience.

However, like any other application or game, Guitar Hero 2 can also encounter certain glitches and bugs. These can hinder your performance and also ruin your experience of the game. Cheats are commonly used for more leisurely and flexible gameplay.

There are cheats available for Guitar Hero 2 as well which can help you make your experience smoother and get past those ridiculously tough songs. Cheat codes are a bit tricky to administer in certain games. If the cheats stop working then it usually indicates that there is a problem with the platform or the game itself.

In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to smoothly apply Guitar Hero 2 cheats and work out any glitches that might prevent these cheats from working.

How to Fix Guitar Hero 2 Cheats Not Working

  1. Check the Game Mode

One of the major reasons why cheats might not work on Guitar Hero 2 is the incompatibility between the cheat itself and the mode of the game that you are using. Some cheats work for specific parts or levels within the game. The first step is to rule out this incompatibility.

If the cheat that you are using is made for the level that you are playing then you have nothing to worry about. You simply need to go back and check whether you are typing in the cheat code correctly or not. Once you ensure these things then you are good to go.

  1. Reinstall the Game

Sometimes the installation process of the game may not be fully complete, resulting in an incomplete installation or some error in the overall package. This will hamper your overall gameplay and also cause issues with the cheat codes. In this case, you will have to completely uninstall the game from your device.

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After this make sure that you reboot the device once so that any temporarily stored files are also removed. After you have completed these two steps, then you may proceed to reinstall the latest version of the game that is compatible with your device.

This will help you in ensuring that you have the most recent and compatible game version on your device. The cheats will start working without any problem if this was the issue in the first place.

  1. Check for Cheat Authenticity

Another thing that is of the utmost importance is the source of these cheat codes. When you open gaming forums, you will come across many different cheat codes for all types of games. This does not mean that all of these cheats are authentic. Some of these may be fabricated, in which case they will not work.

So you need to make sure that the website from where you are picking up your cheat codes is reliable and can be trusted. These days playing a game without the help of cheats is quite boring. It can be frustrating if the cheat codes don’t work for you or they stop working all of a sudden.

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You need to rule out all the possible issues mentioned so far to get the best out of Guitar Hero 2.

  1. Reinstall Cheat Pack

Cheat codes are not easy to install. When you pick a cheat pack randomly over the internet, it can end up being incompatible with your game version. As a result, the cheat codes will not work and you will be stuck with a bland experience of the overall game.

If you have exhausted all other options then you should remove the cheat pack and copy it again carefully to avoid any errors this time around.

  1. Be Quick When Adding the Cheats

When you are playing Guitar Hero 2 on a gaming console, you will have a much enhanced overall experience. One thing that you should note while using cheat codes on a gaming console is that they need to be put in at a certain speed.

If you come across a particular cheat code for “hyper speed” or “Head On Fire”, you will notice that they have a sequence of keystrokes that need to be put in for the code to work. However, this code needs to be put in quickly without too much gap between each stroke or the sequence will break.

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Excessive delays simply mean that the cheat code will not be registered at all. This is one of the most common reasons why cheat codes do not work easily for people on gaming consoles. They are usually too slow with it and instead think that there is a problem with the code itself.

  1. Check Your Tilt Sensor

If you are a hardcore gamer and have purchased all sorts of gear for your games then you must have a guitar for Guitar Hero 2 as well. This works based on a tilt sensor which needs to be activated for the guitar to work. For the cheats to work properly in this setup, you need to figure out whether the tilt sensor is switched on or not.

Secondly, you have to tilt your guitar in the right direction for it to work at its best. You will have to turn it at a much lower angle for the tilt sensor to detect your movements.

  1. Check The Cheat Sequence

When you use cheat codes on a gaming console, you will notice that the cheat codes have long key sequences. You need to press the keys in a specific order for the cheat code to be activated. If you are repeatedly entering a cheat code and it does not seem to work then you may be using the wrong sequence.

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You can go back and check from the source of the cheat code whether you have copied it correctly or not. If you were missing out on a key or messing up the sequence then the cheat code will not work. After the required correction, it should work perfectly.

  1. Update To The Latest Version Of Game

A lot of the older versions of this came were not made to be compatible with cheat codes. A reason for this may be that there was a time some years ago when using cheat codes was generally frowned upon. Hardcore gamers liked to play every stage of each game by themselves with their blood and sweat. This made cheat codes redundant.

After that, there came a time when cheat codes became all the rage and suddenly all gaming forums had them listed as the most common games. The latest versions of many of these games support cheat codes whereas the older ones might not. From time to time, developers release patches and new updates.

Some cheats might work, and others won’t. Therefore, it’s imperative that you update your game version first to determine whether the cheat works or not. Conversely, some cheats are often patched when the developers release a new version, which would mean that the cheats won’t work.

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Ideally, you’ll want to check what version of the game the cheats were made for before you add them in. It’s important to note that while cheats put a different spin on the game, it will hamper your experience. For instance, if you’re playing on console and want to get all the achievements or trophies, you can’t get them with cheats.

Whenever you enter a cheat code, the game automatically deactivates all record tracking, so you won’t be getting any trophies or achievements. So, if you’re thinking of going for the Platinum trophy, using cheats won’t be a wise move at all.

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