Google has built an AI piano that can duet with you

Technology firm Google has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) piano capable of accompanying you in a duet.

Unlike other piano-playing computers, Google’s AI plays using neural networks. This means that the programmers did not enter the combinations of notes to be played into the programme, but merely supplied it with music and allowed the neural net to come up with the accompaniment. “I gave it a go, and the results were mixed: Sometimes, it sounded fantastic, like there was a real pianist responding to my music. Other times, it was nonsensical, jarring, or overly simple,” one reviewer commented.

The machine is capable of picking up on the key and rhythm you play, even though it was not programmed to do so. The creation is part of Google’s Magenta project, which aims to create art and culture using AI.

If you want to give AI Duet a try, you can use your computer keyboard or mouse to play, or connect up a keyboard if you’re feeling more ambitious.

Other interesting Google creations include the infinite drum machine and an app that raps about what it sees through your phone’s camera.

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