Glory MUS267097 Flute Reviews 2022

Glory MUS267097 Flute Review

Glory MUS267097 Flute Review

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Glory MUS267097 Flute

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The Glory MUS267097 Flute is a high-quality flute designed for students and for parents who are on a budget. The engineers at Glory seem to have gone above and beyond when they created this flute. They made it using much of the same materials that you would find on higher end musical instruments in order to make it possible for those beginners to be able to get the most enjoyment out of their playing it.

This flute was made from a Cupronickel material that is both lightweight and sturdy which helps it to create smooth and great sounding tones as it is being played by even the youngest player. The base model comes in the traditional nickel silver color finish from top to bottom including the Headjoint and lip plate, the body and footjoint as well.

The MUS267097 is a nice little instrument that is designed to be played by young students that are just getting started and by intermediate level flutists that are not wanting to pay out the nose for their flute. The keys are configured in a closed hole configuration (also referred to as plateau style) and feature an offset G and split E keys that are physically tied together. This design is used because it is one of the easiest for young kids to be able to play.

The Glory put together a tremendous value with the MUS267097 Flute since it is being sold at such a low price point, well delivering sound quality that is equal to flutes that are priced much higher than it. This means that any parent who happens to be on a budget still can provide their child with a good high-quality instrument without having to break the bank.

Glory MUS267097 Flute Review

The uniqueness of the Cupronickel material makes for a great, smooth tone and for the Glory MUS267097 it also allows the engineers at Glory to introduce the customer to a wide range of available colors for the outside of the body, headjoint and footjoint. The color will help your youngster to stand out among all other flutists in their classroom.

The soft-sided carry bag is made from a highly sturdy nylon material, with a heavy-duty nylon zipper and extra storage pockets. It comes with two carry handles and a single over the shoulder strap. It also fits all of the accessories that came with the package (white gloves, tuning rod, wiping cloth, a tube of grease and key cover needle spring adjuster tool.

Who is the target for the Glory MUS267097 Flute

The Glory MUS267097 Flute was engineered beautifully to be used by young music students. The overall design was with them in mind with the offset G key, it is much easier for smaller hands and fingers to reach then if it had an inline G style. The sound that is generated is pretty impressive for such an inexpensively priced flute. Despite its obvious budget price, the sound that is produced is not what you might expect.

Key Features of the Glory MUS267097 Flute

  • Cupronickel finish, with numerous alternative color options available
  • Offset G key configuration
  • Leather keys pads provide exceptional sealing
  • 16 Closed hole (plateau style) key design
  • Long-lasting memory needle springs
  • Cupronickel plated lip plate
  • Standard C Footjoint (with an optional B Footjoint is available)
  • Soft-sided, heavy-duty nylon carrying bag with shoulder strap

Pros of the Glory MUS267097 Flute

  • The multiple color options give you plenty of color scheme choices
  • The package includes an accessory kit with a tuning rod, white gloves, cleaning cloth cork grease and needle spring adjusting tool
  • Designed especially with student flutist in mind to make it easier to play

Cons of the Glory MUS267097 Flute

  • The lack of a hard shell carrying case can make it a bit worrisome when your youngster is carrying it so frequently

Is Glory MUS267097 Flute Good?

The Glory MUS267097 Flute is much more than just an inexpensive flute that was designed to be played by a beginner. It was engineered out of high-quality Cupronickel that gives it an amazing amount of strength while not affecting the tone of the instrument. The Cupronickel materials also give it a beautiful shiny look on the outside and it also can be made with a wide range of colors beyond the traditional silver plating.

The key to the great sound is that because of the closed (plateau style) holes and offset G style keys makes it extremely easy for the smaller hands of the youngest musical students to be able to play it. Along with offset G key, it features a split E key and they are tied together.

The C Footjoint that comes standard means that the lowest note that the flute can reach is the low C. If you prefer the low B you can opt for the optional B Footjoint and change the tone of the flute. When fitted onto the MUS267097 Flute, the B Footjoint can make it possible for your child to reach the low B notes that are commonly found in music for more advanced flutist.

It is somewhat surprising that this flute is capable of producing such amazing sounds for any musical instrument that would be considered at the lower end and mostly for people on a budget. One thing that truly sets the Glory MUS267097 Flute apart from most of the other flutes in its class has to be that it can be bought in a wide range of cool looking colors.

The final touch is easy to carry soft-sided, lightweight carrying bag that fits all of the accessories and the flute safely. The shoulder strap makes it much more convenient for your little one to carry it back and forth to school.

If you are looking for a quality musical instrument for your child, the Glory MUS267097 Flute is a fantastic choice. Just click here to get more information and to find out where you can get one.

Glory MUS267097 Flute