Global Symphony: Celebrating the Musical Cultures of the World

‘Global Symphony’ is an ensemble from Germany with a unique concept: bridging the gap between classic and modern by bringing the depth and timeless feel of traditional orchestra settings closer to influences as diverse as rock, jazz, world, and ethnic music. The result? The ensemble set out to offer a fascinating, genre-bending, and open-minded blend of music that defies all definitions, refusing to get stuck in a box.

The talent and skills of each and every single performer rightfully match the cultural scope of this act on stage: from searing lead guitars to exotic percussions and inspiring string sections, the sonic textures are absolutely unbelievable, making for a truly unique stage (and studio) act.

The Global Symphony is an experience; a true celebration of the past, present, close, and far musical cultures of the world. The group is capable to create a magnificent and colorful feast on a stage with an eclectic and visionary approach which does not only translates within the music, but it also finds a great visual outlet within the band’s media networking channel, including their website, which is striking, kaleidoscopic and innovative, much like the ensemble’s ideas, sound and approach.

Visit Global Symphony’s official website for more information.


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