Fruit N Beef Is More Than A Dinner Option

fruit n beef band
Fruit n Beef might seem an odd pairing at mealtime, but a very nice one in your iPod or stereo. Capturing the California groove of Sublime meshed with a Colbie Caillat vibe, their new single A Little Crazy flows perfectly. In parts the sound is a No Doubt feel with less nasally and more mid­-ranged vocals from front-­lady Henrieta Stepanovsky, Fruit n Beef jam with a solid track I’ll be listening to more and more of this week (and look out for a possible feature on the radio show).

Their single A Little Crazy is anything but that. A title of that nature brings to mind more crazy Californians like Red Hot Chili Peppers. Though that doesn’t mean the song doesn’t rock. Verse builds to an alt­rock styled chorus before mellowing back down. The whole tune provides for a sweet groove.

Their debut single is available for free via their website. 

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