Fluter Scooter Performs Danse Macabre with Multiple Instruments Played at Once

Fluter Scooter stands out as a fascinating live performance act who truly knows how to dazzle her audience with incredible musicianship and creative song arrangements. The artist gave a unique live rendition of the track “Danse Macabre,” featuring flute, organ pedals, and keyboard…played all at once!

Talk about multi-tasking! Some people struggle to excel at a single instrument, let alone using three different ones to create music! Without looking at the video of this exciting live performance, it would hardly be possible to tell that all of these intricate sounds have been performed by a single person.

The track showcase a sparse, yet rich arrangement, where melodies blend in seamlessly with stunning atmospheres and textural tones. On this remarkable recording, the sound of the pipe organ blends in perfectly with the lush tone of the keyboards as well as the mellow depth of the flute.

Watching this artist perform is absolutely awe-inspiring: the way she physically has to move in order to play each instrument, almost as if she were dancing through the sounds! Find out more, listen, and watch the YouTube video below.

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