First Listen To Dawes New Music Right On Time

Indie folk rock has seen a surge in emerging bands since 2008 and the popularity of the genre paired with the rise of the American hipster movement. One band that was a part of the establishment of modern folk rock, participating in the rise of the hipster trend as well, is Dawes, now set to release their 4th studio album All Your Favorite Bands (releasing on June 2nd).

Dawes // Photo by Ben Kaye
Dawes // Photo by Ben Kaye

Making their debut in 2009 with North Hills, and pairing at times with fellow indie rockers Blitzen Trapper, Dawes new music captures a more essential feel to their musical experience. With a sound that captures their live performance and the energies shared from band mates, their new song Right On Time has been released appropriately enough. Here’s a listen to their new music.


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