Finally, an honest look at a classical music recording session

It’s quite rare for the general public to catch a glimpse of a recording session, and when such videos are released, what we get is usually a flawless performance with just a hint of live elements—whether it be a slight static sound or some indistinct murmur or dialogue before the session actually gets going.

However, the Arctic Philharmonic, which hails from the northernmost part of Norway, shows us the most human side of classical music. During a recording of artistic director Henning Kraggerud’s “Preghiera” at the Grønnåsen Church, a double-bass player emits a thunderous sneeze a couple of seconds into the session, and uproarious laughter and good humor ensue.

One of the most active institutions in the promotion of culture in northern Norway—their program ranges from traditional repertoire to contemporary Scandinavian classical composers–The Arctic Philharmonic has an “open door” policy on their Instagram and Facebook handles, where they share the nuts and bolts of their performances.

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