5 Best Fiddle Lessons for Beginners Review 2022

Fiddle Lessons for Beginners

Fiddle Lessons for Beginners

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Music holds a vital place in every culture, society, and occasion. The history of music goes long before the known world and civilization. Over time, certain instruments have been introduced, invented, and have improved, each with its own significant importance for music, its genres, and the artists. The fiddle is one such instrument that has bowed strings that are plucked through a rod in a bow shape.

The fiddle has its roots tied deep into western European and Scandinavian regions and has been an important part of the folk music there for a significant amount of time. Today, the violin is being played for tons of genres including folk, classic, pop, and more.

To learn how to play fiddle is not an easy job as you need to be careful with the positioning, maintaining the right posture, and move your hand with the flow. It requires great practice to be proficient at playing the fiddle. Most students want to learn fiddle as it is one of the highly advanced instruments that are hard to master.

There are certain schools, studios, and other educational institutions that can help you learn how to play the fiddle, but if you don't have the time for traditional methods of studies. Below are some great online courses that can help you learn playing the fiddle at the comfort of your home.

5 Best Fiddle Lessons for Beginners Review

1) Artistworks: Fiddle with Darol Anger

ArtistWorks Darol Anger Fiddle Lessons for Beginners

Daron Anger is one of the most renowned names in the world of music. He has decades of experience at his hand with fiddle and in this course, you are getting an opportunity to learn from the legend firsthand and move forward towards the goals that you have set for yourself. Darol shares his unique playing style that has marked the industry with his distinctive patterns and his experience of playing fiddle professionally in this course for the students to learn from the very best and grow their skills with a fiddle.

With the help of this course, you are going to find fiddle lessons online that will allow you to learn and play not only your favorite songs and tunes but also learn how to pick the pace from a song just by listening to it and recognizing it properly.

The course contains 100s of fiddle lessons that are designed for students to learn at their own pace. You will get to learn all levels and styles and you can move your way upwards gradually towards a successful learning experience with the fiddle. The videos on this course come with a slow-motion & looping feature so you can understand the concepts better and practice along with the videos.

Needless to say, you will get unlimited access to the videos for a lifetime. The course also allows you access to the video exchange library where you can exchange practice videos with fellow students and learn from them. Upon completion, you will be a pro with fiddle and play it confidently in front of your friends, family, or unknown audience on the stage.

2) Udemy: Beginner Fiddle Course – Fiddle Mastery From The Beginning

Udemy 1 Fiddle Lessons for Beginners

To get pro at playing Fiddle, you must lay a strong foundation for yourself, and that is what this course teaches you. The course might be a beginner course, but it aims on making you the pro fiddle player that you dream of. This course by Lesson Pros contains 11-hours of on-demand videos to help you get an in-depth understanding of how to play the fiddle from scratch.

You will have a beginner’s understanding to start with tuning the fiddle. Moving forward, you are going to learn how you can work with a bow and make those wondrous tunes out of your fiddle. There are tons of pre-scale exercise and scales and whole scale exercises that would make your practice worth the reward.

Further, you will also learn how to make your violin sound like a fiddle with some cool bowing techniques. There are also some cool tricks on posture, body placement, and more that will help you learn how you can enhance your fiddle playing experience.

With the help of this course, you can continue to self-study even after completion of this course, and keep learning to improve your fiddle playing skills on your own. All you need to start this course and learn how to play fiddle is a bow and a fiddle. Time and will to practice is a must and you are going to find everything else in this course that would lay the strongest foundation for your fiddle playing journey.

3) Udemy: Learn to Play Irish Fiddle

Udemy 2 Fiddle Lessons for Beginners

Amongst all the playing styles of fiddle, the Irish fiddle is the most popular as it is the originating style of the fiddle. Fiddle's roots are deeply embedded into ancient European culture and you can learn all about them in this course by Udemy. With the help of this course, you will start with learning 10 of the most popular Irish tunes on the fiddle that will pretty much cover all the basics of playing a fiddle efficiently.

Moving forward, you are going to learn how to play reels, jigs, a slip jig, and a hornpipe. The main purpose of this course is to enable students to learn how to play fiddle using one of the most popular fiddles playing styles. Once you have learned Irish tunes on fiddle using this course, nothing else would be a problem for you and you can play any tune of your choice easily on fiddle.

You will also be learning how to develop your hearing skills to recognize a tune and pick up new tunes at Irish music sessions. Starting with some of the most popular and easy melodies of Irish music, you will be growing your skills to get proficient at playing Irish tunes over the fiddle and make those skills count towards learning all the tunes out there.

You will not only be able to play Irish Fiddle but also can pursue it as a career for any genre of your choice and become the artist that you have wanted to be. The course has extensive 5.5 hours on-demand video, 1 article, and 2 downloadable resources that would be enough for you to learn the practice, and excel.

4) Udemy: Fiddle Firsts (Ages 8-14)

Udemy 3 Fiddle Lessons for Beginners

Music is considered to be a great learning activity for kids as it makes their creativity shine and helps with healthy growth for children, and that is why this course is imminent for anyone who is looking to have their kids learn musical instruments. The fiddle is an instrument that is enough for your kids to develop a thing towards music and have something to look forward to each day.

This course by Courtney Morgan is specifically designed for kids aging 8-14 to help them play some simple tunes and have a sense of accomplishment. With the help of this course, they will learn how to hold the violin and bow, and how to practice with Fiddle.

Your kids can decide if they want to continue learning at the end of this course. This will not only help them spend their time in something productive but also will be a great aid for your children’s psychological growth that is going to help them a lot in their feature endeavors. This course can also help you understand the basics of a fiddle so you can guide your kids accordingly.

5) Udemy: Daisy’s Play Violin and Fiddle for beginners – Course 1

Udemy 4 Fiddle Lessons for Beginners

Playing violin and fiddle is only hard until you start learning, and that is what this course is going to make easy for you. You will be immersed in a world full of tunes and music that you would want to jump into learning and have all the skills you can on your hand to play fiddle like a pro. With the help of this course, an absolute beginner can learn how to maintain the right posture, how to hold the fiddle and the bow, and what gestures would serve him the best.

You will be able to learn some basic tunes that would make you comfortable with the violin and you can take it from there. To start with, the course is suitable for all ages and the information delivery method for this course suits everyone who is willing to learn and understand.

This is the first step that you can take towards learning how to play the fiddle and grow your skills with it. There is no fluff, but a straight, to the point approach in the course with excellent practical techniques that would make the learning process a lot easier and fun for you. If you fancy learning the violin and don't know where to start from, this course is all you need to give it a whirl and start playing like a pro.

Choosing the Best Fiddle Lessons for Beginners

These are some of the best courses we could find online on learning to play the fiddle. Each course has been reviewed critically for the pace, targeted audience, pros, and cons so you can have a better idea of each of them. You can choose the course that suits your needs best and start learning the fiddle at the comfort of your home.

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