Sing For The Love Of Puppets

Causes are notably what puts many musicians on the consciousness of the world beyond their musical influence. When Ed Sheeran debuted with the A-Team, a song not representative of the 80s cult TV show, but instead drawing focus on the sex-trade industry, his voice became more powerful than the pop teens singing about unfulfilled romance. Thank God.

We want genuine people to continue making transformative music. We need that. Too much of what becomes popular is so ripe with syrup and sugar and contains little-to-no redeeming qualities. Sing, the latest single from Sheeran picks up on a different jive than A-Team, and one that hits a little closer to home for most people.

It’s love, and it’s silly, and sometimes that’s the way it goes. Sing is whimsical in nature, with an element of the provocative without being over the top. A more upbeat tempo and movement joins with a storytelling visual presence that reveals a more humorous side to Sheeran. Muppets and insurance companies can’t be the only ones to utilize the brilliance of puppets to entertain.

If anything we see the emergence of a non one-hit wonder, a songwriter with diversity, intrigue and guile. No wonder the single (and the video) has caught so much attention.


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